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Outdoor Executive Portraits

Editorial-style executive portraits on urban locations of Boston to capture your leadership & vision. Also for authors & scholars. Weather-dependent.

Small businesses and solo practitioners heavily depend on professional bio, personal branding, website presence and digital marketing. We recommend integrating photography with your branding and marketing strategy, rather than dealing with them separately.

Photography should reflect your brand, and convey a compelling story about your expertise.

Photography should also be made with your marketing media space in mind. Photographs are shot differently whether it’s only used for print media or multimedia integration. Available media space can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. If you integrate photography and digital marketing strategy, you’ll get a tight set of images that can meet your needs. Many people make a mistake of trying to photograph many scenes with the hope of at least some working out well. In the latter approach, usually few good pictures come out, and most are wasted. Photography budget should be balanced with the cost of building your website and buying media space.

This website (BEAUPIX) embodies our marketing strategy, web strategy, search engine marketing and photography/image strategy. We handle all these aspects internally and don’t outsource.

Personality portraits are perfect for your business story or biography. This type of pictures shorten the distance from the audience and make you more approachable and relatable, especially if you carefully analyze your target audience.

Documentary style or candid photography captures the moment, and ideal for creating a narrative of your customer/participant experience, or highlighting your strength in more objective viewpoint.

Corporate headshots, are perhaps a bit too traditional look to some, but still a great tool to establish credibility for people who do business in the traditional industry. We also have examples of corporate style headshots using more futuristic or organic backdrops.

Limited Availability in Winter

Spotlight portrait is always done in the late afternoon, and we can work with only one shoot per day, at most. It is also weather-dependent, and we avoid windy, rainy and very cold days. The best time for this type of work is April through June, and then late August to October. (Guideline: “feel like” temperature between 9 °C and 27 °C, wind and wind gust below 20 km/h, precipitation chance less than 40%.) Forecast changes and is unreliable more than a day or two away; expect some frustration when coordinating with the weather, and we recommend you wait until spring unless your work schedule is so flexible that you can drop all else when good weather and availability happen together.


BEAUPIX is Boston-based, but we routinely travel to locations all around the New England and New York City.


If your project is very simple and can be handled in the scope of corporate headshot packages, the pricing is usually 800 to 1000 range. If your project is a combination of headshots and simple personality portraits, the price starts at 1000. Both of the above are for the case of one founder/owner, For more complex cases, and projects that require deeper market analysis, fees are estimated based on the brief provided by the client. The majority of cases fall within 800 to 4000 range. Please use headshot inquiry form to book a short telephone consultation.

Sample Work Gallery

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I went to Beaupix because I needed pictures for various websites. I normally photograph poorly, so it was not something I was looking forward to, and I was nervous. Thanks to Ryuji, it ended up being a really fun and energizing experience. He is not only an extremely talented photographer, but a master at helping people relax and enjoy the experience. Halfway through the session he started reviewing the pictures he’d taken with me, and I was totally blown away. In those 30 seconds he showed more great photos of me than I’d seen in the rest of my adult life combined (30+ years). .. no exaggeration. Going into the session I thought I’d be lucky if I came away with 1 or 2 half-decent pictures. In the end, there were dozens of pictures I loved and it was really hard to choose which ones I liked best. I can’t say enough about Ryuji and the entire experience, and honestly look forward to the next time I need pictures and can go back.

– Howie L on Google+ Profile

Ryuji is an outstanding photographer! He is very patient, has an eye for detail, and displays a keen knowledge of aesthetics. I was impressed with his professional demeanor when I was scheduling the initial consultation and photo-shoot appointment. He answered all of my questions and concerns. He made my first photo-shoot experience fun and stress free; he provides guidance throughout the shoot and has a great sense of humor, which helped me to relax and have fun! During the shoot, he asked me questions about my preferences for the look and lighting. He also showed me the digital images he was taking and asked me for my feedback on them—-I really like that he involves you in the process of narrowing the photos you want to keep. He also provides fast turnaround for your finalized photos without ever sacrificing quality. On top of it all, I also paid a very reasonable price for my shots, which are of extreme high quality. I could not be happier!

– Olu I. 8 Dec 2013, review sent by email

Add-on options

Magazine-quality retouching is very effective for the publicity photo, as it can significantly improve your impression. It removes temporary skin blemishes, lightening under eye circles and wrinkles. The price starts at 60/image. We usually perform retouching while you watch, a very detailed work that you won’t get bored watching. Since BEAUPIX does a lot of demanding fashion and beauty photography with in-house retouching, we have the level of skills that very few headshot photographers have. If you are particularly conscious about your facial features, a heavier retouching, such as facial contour correction (e.g., slimming face or fixing double chin) is also available.

For female professionals, good natural look makeup is essential. If you are comfortable doing makeup yourself, it is usually sufficient, but otherwise, the studio can arrange an experienced makeup artist for your session at an additional cost, starting at 200.

It is possible to take your headshot in the studio, and swap the backdrop with another picture, for example, a scenic image. There are pros and cons of this approach, so if you think this is your route, please make sure to discuss this option with the photographer in advance.

Retouching to Perfection

Retouching to Perfection

Magazine-like retouching makes your headshot flawless, while maintaining natural skin and realistic finish.

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Professional Makeup in Studio

Professional Makeup in Studio

A professional makeup artist enhances your experience & the photographic outcome. The difference will show for years.

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Backdrop Composite

Backdrop Composite

Studio headshots get organic backdrops through image-composite techniques. It can eliminate weather and logistical issues.

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