Boston Headst studio with professional makeup artists

Professional Makeup in Studio

A professional makeup artist enhances your experience & the photographic outcome. The difference will show for years.

Professional makeup brings a significant improvement to the quality of headshots and personality photos, in particular for actors and publicity headshots. This is why we offer in-studio makeup service provided by experienced professional makeup artists. If requested, we’ll choose and book a makeup artist who is the best match for your goal.

The makeup artist we assign for your session is experienced with makeup for photo shoots, and they check test exposures at the beginning of the session to make sure your makeup looks perfect. You can go to a beauty salon or a retail store to get makeup applied if you know a person who is good at makeup for photo shoots, but you’re on your own when you need to touch up.


Our makeup artist is experienced in photo shoot assignments, and we have long-term working relationships. They typically charge $200 for in-studio makeup for headshot photography, and $275 including basic light hair styling. Unless you are very experienced in applying makeup, professional makeup application is recommended for women, in particular, actresses and those who are shooting publicity photo and beauty headshots.

Professional makeup is also recommended for personality photo, especially when a polished professional look is desired. For online dating profile pictures, professional makeup is less important, but this depends on your personal style and judgment.

Below, you’ll find brief bio and service descriptions of the makeup artists, who are available through and recommended by the studio. These makeup artists are not only experienced from their training, but they get constant feedback from the photographer.

Rose Fortuna

Rose Fortuna has been working in Boston for over six years as a make up artist. She has been formally trained by MAC cosmetics in Boston and New York. Her fine arts degree truly gives her a creative edge as well as a poignant understanding of color theory, texture and light. She focuses on producing commercial, fashion and editorial work with top industry photographers and models, but also accepts individual client work. Rose is often seen behind the scenes at fashion shows and works with designers like Michael De Paulo and Sam Mendoza. Rose is also a beauty and creative contributor at, an acclaimed Boston based fashion blog. Rose has worked at Beaupix Studio regularly in the past four years.

Christina Silvia

Christina has been practicing makeup artistry for almost eight years. She specializes in weddings, headshots, fashion, commercial, and boudoir. Her work can be seen in clothing catalogues, advertising, various websites, and corporate and entertainment brochures. She attends events regularly to keep her skills fresh and modern. She has been trained by celebrity makeup artists, including Chantel Miller and Patrick Eichler.

Christina keeps professional relations with talented photographers and hairstylists in the industry. Ryuji Suzuki of Beaupix Studio is one of the top photographers with whom she works. They have worked together for almost five years and have become an excellent team.

Christina uses MAC cosmetics. She pays great attention to the cleanliness of all her brushes and tools, sanitizing after every use.

During a shoot makeup gets applied first to a clean, bare face. She starts all applications with a moisturizer or skin primer. Christina stays throughout a shoot to touch up your makeup as you go.

If you have skin allergies Christina will go over the ingredients with you to make sure the products being used won’t irritate your skin and will conduct a patch test if you are unsure. She keeps AVEDA products on hand as a second option to MAC. Many AVEDA products are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. She discards all products deemed stale. She also chooses products containing less pigment such as lighter, earthier tones on the eyes, as higher pigment can irritate sensitive skin. Black mascara and pencil liner (rather than liquid) also contain less irritants.

Christina loves her job and working with various types of people. Seeing people smile and feel more confident after a makeup application are what inspire her most.