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About Photographer & Studio

Boston photographer specializing in personality portraits and headshots, with a studio in Fort Point / Seaport.

The studio’s core concepts

1. Empower people: make them look inspiring and successful

Your audience needs a reason to like you. Let’s show some in the forms of enthusiasm, personality, and determination. However, the world is full of bad portraits. People look stiff, try too hard, forced smiles, look apathetic, disengaged, unlikable, and show they hate their jobs or life. Even worse, they make their insecurity even more apparent by trying hard to hide it.

I continually study the art of portraits to find out more ways to capture people’s strengths. If you are a miserable middle manager at a large corporation, for example, and try to make some changes, your headshot could be one place to start and let self-fulfilling prophecy work to your advantage.

(In fact, I hear back from people who got jobs they wanted, won better respect from their coworkers, networked with valuable people in their industry, and people who found the right person through an online dating profile. I can’t guarantee any of these outcomes, but my service is designed to maximize your potential when you are ready for a change.)

I also explore creative approaches to counteract social biases, as evidenced by the diversity of people represented in our sample images.
It’s not a huge creative challenge, but it requires creative problem-solving skills and photographic experience. That’s why I still enjoy shooting headshots after doing this for many years.

2. Real people, genuine character, and authentic image

Sample images on this website are 100% genuine work. Many people had jobs like yours, with bosses that aren’t very nice. Many others needed a job or an upgrade. Many people start our first conversation by telling me that they never liked having pictures taken (but then many of them happily approved to have their photos on this website).

The world is looking for real people showing a bit of their genuine character, and that’s what makes people trust you. I find this to be a very creative process for myself as well as my clients, and I encourage everyone to go one notch further.

(There are photographs of actors, models, musicians, and other creative professionals on pages that describe services for those specific professions, but other pages feature mostly professional, academic, and corporate people within the styles appropriate for their industry roles.)

3. Amplify clarity

Hazy soft-focus portraits are long out of fashion, but people increasingly hide behind blurry concepts and empty communications. I solve problems by understanding your situation, amplify clarity and execute the work to produce compelling photographs.

3.1. Feed-forward information

“Feedbacks” work only after things are done. What if you do a thing only once? Would you like to pay me twice? So I encourage people to tell me about them in advance, and I tell them about how I work in advance, giving them plenty of guidance on preparing for the photo session.

3.2. No pricing game

My pricing is as simple as restaurant bills: add what you ordered. There are no discount programs, complicated pricing mechanisms, or upselling tactics. Those things are a form of obscurity against my clarity goal.

Boston Photographer Ryuji Suzuki of BEAUPIX Studio for Headshots and Portraits SILVERGRAIN

Ryuji Suzuki

I’m a conceptual and personality photographer who shoots primarily in Boston and New York City. I shoot commercial work for corporations, professionals, and the creative industry. I also shoot fine art photography. I enjoy visually connecting conceptual dots.

I’m available for expert interviews on any photography-related topic mentioned on this website, for a blog, and other media writers.


Best of Advertising Photography and the Judge’s Choice awards in the 2011 annual image competition of CIPNE, Commercial and Industrial Photographers of New England. The jury panel consisted of Christine Tieri, President and Creative Strategist at Smith & Jones Idea Agency, Bruce Hudson, a Mastercraftsman of the Professional Photographers of America, and Len Lazure, the photo editor of Telegram & Gazette.

Grand Prize of 2006 Vortex by Blue Man Group. Juried by Nora Donnelly, senior registrar at Institute of Contemporary Art, Ricardo D. Barreto, director of UrbanArts Institute at MassArt, Chris McCarthy, director of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (neuroscience)