Boston photographer for headshots and portraits: helping real people's career and life.
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Professional Boston photographer specializing in personality portraits and headshots

People “know” so much about you by looking at your picture.

What people see in your picture is what you consider to reflect well on your professionalism, personality or lifestyle. What visual elements and quality lead your audience to believe you are of significance? How do you create those elements and encode the right attitude in the picture?

Creating images for your goals

Our photography work is to translate the knowledge on the mentality of intellectual people in a wide range of industries and of cultural backgrounds and create portraits targeted at your most valued audience. That is to create portraits that elevate your presence in your career and life by deepening the connection with your audience.

To that end, our core concepts include:

  • Making your professional role inspiring, and personal life well-filled

Today’s standard is to feature a bit more personality and enthusiasm, adjusted to your industry. The facial expression and posture in the photo are critical as the corporations increasingly over-analyze limited information they gather. They also value emotional intelligence. Give your audience some reason to like you.

  • Real people, genuine character and authentic image

We know real people have insecurity. BEAUPIX is a place for real professionals who want to enhance something in their career or life.

Sample images on this website are 100% real work. Many people had jobs like yours, with bosses that aren’t very nice, or they needed a job. (There are photographs of actors, models, musicians and other creative professionals on pages that describe services for those specific professions.)

  • Empower people

The vision to realize the above goals is by empowering people and encouraging their curiosity to make things a bit more interesting. We also explore creative approaches to counteract against social biases, as evidenced by the diversity of people represented in our sample images.

Boston Photographer Ryuji Suzuki of BEAUPIX Studio for Headshots and Portraits SILVERGRAIN

Ryuji Suzuki

I’m a conceptual and personality photographer, who shoots primarily in Boston and New York City. I shoot commercial work for corporations, professionals, and creative industry. I also shoot fine art photography. I enjoy visually connecting conceptual dots.

Social interests

Bob Dylan, Glenn Gould, Erik Satie, traveling, swimming, calligraphy, cycling, cooking, Sangiovese wine, dry processed Ethiopian coffee, modern art (especially conceptual art), neuroscience, Goorin Bros hats, political documentaries


Best of Advertising Photography and the Judge’s Choice awards in the 2011 annual image competition of CIPNE, Commercial and Industrial Photographers of New England. The jury panel consisted of Christine Tieri, President and Creative Strategist at Smith & Jones Idea Agency, Bruce Hudson, a Mastercraftsman of the Professional Photographers of America, and Len Lazure, the photo editor of Telegram & Gazette.

Grand Prize of 2006 Vortex by Blue Man Group. Juried by Nora Donnelly, senior registrar at Institute of Contemporary Art, Ricardo D. Barreto, director of UrbanArts Institute at MassArt, Chris McCarthy, director of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (neuroscience)


American Photographic Artists

Social Media


Social portfolio of creative advertising, fashion and editorial work on Behance

Ryuji Suzuki on Google+

I’m also available for expert interviews on any topic mentioned on this website, as well as other photography-related topics, for a blog and other media writers.

Boston Globe piece on Melania Trump’s official portrait featured my analysis and comments. (Apr 2017)

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