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On-Site Headshots

Convenient headshot session at your site, available for about 8 or more people.

When you have about 8 or more people to photograph in a session, on-site headshot option is most convenient and cost-effective. We will set up a small temporary studio in your empty office, stock room, conference room, or the end of a hallway, and photograph each person in order. The process is fast-paced but built on years of experience to maximize the quality and your employee’s satisfaction level for any given situation.

Typically, 10 to 15 minutes per person produces well above standard quality corporate headshots. If needed, the process can be sped up to 2 to 6 minutes per person but at a compromise in quality.

Common problems that arise in this type of work are: the image proofing and selection process takes unexpectedly long time, some employees don’t like any of their photographs, the images don’t work with your website (for a design or technical reason), and some employees missing the session. We have solutions for each of these problems. In fact, our clients often bring up these issues they had with their previous photographers, and we are often hired only weeks after to re-shoot.

Selecting a backdrop is one key factor. If you are in a traditional industry for which a neutral gray backdrop works well, the choice is trivial. But if you are trying to capture people with a more organic backdrop like your building interior, office scene or outdoor scene, this can be a significant trade-off. For example, if you use a neutral gray backdrop, your future employees can visit our studio, and you can keep your set of headshot always up-to-date in the consistent style. However, if you use an organic backdrop, you may limit future flexibility. Also, the quality of natural light from the window can change fast, and if you have many people, it is hard to keep highly consistent lighting throughout the session. So, it is best to discuss the range of practical options based on your actual project outline during the telephone consultation.

Another key to success is communicating with your employees about the preparation. We’ll also need to coordinate with your office manager to make sure your space works for this project. Once you decide to move forward, we’ll discuss these points using a checklist.

Good business portraits are a result of a process starting with the preparation and ending with the post-production editing. Our usual goal for corporate headshots is to capture natural, authentic expression that shows enthusiasm. When each person only has 10 to 15 minutes (rather than a full hour), everything that can be prepared in advance should be done so to maximize the time for the shooting, which has a direct impact on the kind of facial expressions. The standard for corporate headshots has risen in the last decade. Stiff, serious faces, common in the past decade, reflect poorly. While a calm or enthusiastic expression is good, an apathetic or low energy expression is bad. Furthermore, many people have insecurities about how they look. Facial expressions cannot be controlled like a machine, so the whole process is a small non-linear problem solving; it takes time to evoke and capture the right expression.

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Environmental or neutral backdrop

Traditional headshots use a neutral gray backdrop. Most conservative industries, where dark suit and tie are the norms, such as financial services, law firms, management consulting firms and large pharmaceutical companies are perhaps more likely to use darker gray than off white or white backdrop. Lighter gray or off-white backdrop is more typical for a bit more casual industries, also an excellent choice for image extraction work, where the foreground is separated and later merged with a different background image.

Increasingly popular, particularly among less traditional companies, such as startup and creative industry, is environmental portraits or portraits captured in the real environment relatable to the person. This type of photography is perfect for editorial, PR and website applications, and it is an excellent choice if your building offers charming spaces to use. Conversely, a neutral backdrop is still a good option if your office building is insipid and doesn’t add to your executive portraits.

If you opt for a neutral background, think whether you prefer darker gray or lighter gray. We have backdrops in several shades of gray and white and sizes. These are typically set up in a conference room (furniture removed to make enough open space) or an end of a hallway with no traffic. In large office buildings, the building manager may be able to arrange an unleased space for one day. Such a space can be raw, without floor finishing or a drop ceiling, but it is perfect for a photo shoot.

The absolute minimum space to do a decent job is 8×12 feet. However, 10×20 feet or larger is much better.

If your executive headshots are primarily used for organizational charts, professional bio on print publications, or internal directory, you might want to stick with a gray backdrop for a clean-cut look when printed in small size by a document grade printer.

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A few examples of on-site headshot setup in a stock room, training room, and conference rooms.

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