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Headshots of your leadership team on site.

Case Study: Executive Portraits with Personality on site

This startup company is growing fast and needed to update their website. They wanted the executive portraits to look confident, approachable, energetic and fun people to work with, in a rather consistent, unified style. They also needed some more portraits of younger people for their careers page. They had just secured their future office space, and it was before they started building out, so we set up a temporary studio in this open, raw space with no walls (nor electric powers), and captured everyone in one session. They wanted the portraits to be associated with the river and the highway bridge behind them, rather than plain white or gray backdrop.

Before the shoot day, we consulted on the dress/styling guideline, time allocation and logistics, so that everyone is well prepared. During the shoot, we had a system to review the images with each and the art director, so that we knew when we had enough choices. Those images were marked to guide the editing process back in the studio, where the images were enhanced for color, contrast and exposure. A few of the images were retouched to clean up the skin problems, and all the finished images were sent over to the website manager via a download link. Above is a typical workflow for an on-site session of this scale.

You can see the results on their website par8o company and par8o careers.

Boston corporate photographer for executive headshots

Other Cases: many of our clients tend to be motivated to have their exec portraits to demonstrate that they are fun people to work for, enthusiastic about their work and emotionally intelligent. We developed experience in bringing positive attitude from real people who work in a wide range of industries, where our clients include technology companies, financial services, real estate developers, law firms, and healthcare providers.

Dull portraits hurt your company image

The standard for the executive portraits has risen in the last few years, even for traditional or conservative industries. Executives are still expected to look confident and approachable, but increasing number of companies want their pictures to show personality, look emotionally intelligent and look like they loved their work. Authenticity is the keyword of the time, and people judge based on whether the person is real, rather than pretty or ugly in the traditional sense.

This change is often welcomed by the human resources department since young talents seeking employment are sensitive to whether the company execs are authentic people with real personality. Some companies even try to infuse a bit of the rock star feel in their exec portraits.

The above is a small paradigm shift for those who hate having pictures taken, as well. If the image shows the fact that you don’t like having pictures taken, or staring at a camera or a stranger, you won’t look authentic, or enjoy working for your company. We photograph these types of people routinely. We also often get hired by companies that previously tried less experienced photographers and didn’t like their results.

Environmental or neutral backdrop

Traditional headshots use a neutral gray backdrop. Most conservative industries, where dark suit and tie are the norms, such as financial services, law firms, management consulting firms and large pharmaceutical companies are perhaps more likely to use darker gray than off white or white backdrop. Lighter gray or off-white backdrop is more typical for a bit more casual industries, also an excellent choice for image extraction work, where the foreground is separated and later merged with a different background image.

Increasingly popular, particularly among less traditional companies, such as startup and creative industry, is environmental portraits or portraits captured in the real environment relatable to the person. This type of photography is perfect for editorial, PR and website applications, and it is an excellent choice if your building offers charming spaces to use. Conversely, a neutral backdrop is still a good option if your office building is insipid and doesn’t add to your executive portraits.

If you opt for a neutral background, think whether you prefer darker gray or lighter gray. We have backdrops in several shades of gray and white and sizes. These are typically set up in a conference room (furniture removed to make enough open space) or an end of a hallway with no traffic. In large office buildings, the building manager may be able to arrange an unleased space for one day. Such a space can be raw, without floor finishing or a drop ceiling, but it is perfect for a photo shoot.

If your executive headshots are primarily used for organizational charts, professional bio on print publications, or internal directory, you might want to stick with a gray backdrop for a clean-cut look when printed in small size by a document grade printer.

Be confident when you hire a photographer

Most clients are confident in hiring BEAUPIX for their corporate photography project after reviewing this website, sample work, and reading testimonials.

If in doubt, we welcome you to sign up for a studio corporate headshot session first. If you hire us for your larger corporate project within one month, the cost of the studio session will be credited back. This way, you can confirm our experience and results to validate the plan at no additional cost before committing to a larger work.

Headshot booth at an event or convention

Some trade shows and industry meetings request a headshot booth to operate in an assembly line operation. BEAUPIX is set up to shoot a large number people efficiently. Since the headshot will be taken under greater time pressure, and a huge volume of post processing work needs to be handled rather quickly, careful planning is critical in making a realistic project proposal.

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A few example of temporary headshot studio in a stock room (above) and conference rooms (below).

Boston Corporate Photographer for onsite Headshots in Boston