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Corporate Photography Overview

A range of on-site corporate photography services in the greater Boston area.

Photographic memory can be created

Photographs are among the first elements to be seen and understood, in a matter of seconds, by visitors of your website. They instantly form their first impressions and will influence how they read the remainder of the page. Corporate photography may only take hours to shoot, but it is the years of lasting impressions to your prospective clients, investors, and employees that makes it warrant careful planning and execution. Thoughtlessly created photography can be detrimental to audience engagement. Also, bad photographs may demoralize your workplace. We think of corporate photography functionally, and this article outlines our process.

How we work

Our job starts with understanding what works for you, then working with you to prepare for the shoot. After shooting, we edit the images for a contemporary or classic corporate look and perform detailed retouching if required, all in house. In each step, we have our original process using the latest technology designed to make the work effective, remove room for error or failure, and ensure a good outcome.

We work with both experienced marketing teams/agency and people who got assigned ad-hoc to lead a photography project. We also work with a remote marketing department through a coordinator in their company’s local office. Sometimes, we are involved in the discussion of shaping the project from an early stage; other times, we are given a photo brief or shot list.

The best way to start a conversation is for you to gather all relevant parameters in one package. Where do you use the images? Who is your primary audience? How many people and scenes need to be photographed? Do you have any sample or reference image that illustrates the feel or style of the photos? (Creative professionals typically make a document collecting those pieces of information, called photo brief. If your company has one, please send it for review.) Then fill out the inquiry form, and include the information you gathered. After we digest the information, we’ll talk on the phone about the plan, timeline, and a price estimate.

Quote collectors, please pause and think! Photography industry is over-saturated with low bidders (i.e., inexperienced and probably desperate). I can hear you talking about disruptive innovations, but inexperienced labor, AI algorithms and a mobile app combined are still far away from replacing skilled, experienced photographers. BEAUPIX continues to stay in business for many years, working with best companies because we invest to stay current in technology and style, and continually develop our own best practices and aim for excellent results at a fair price. It’s almost like a behavioral economics and neuroscience practice because a portrait is essentially a record of the state of the subject’s mind under creative and psychological control. Many people saw the difference, as evident by 300+ five-star reviews. Incidentally, we are very familiar with the pictures taken by the inexperienced people, whose minds are occupied with the equipment and techniques only, because we are often hired to re-shoot them. If you don’t think our decades of experience makes much difference, try a different one first!

Our corporate photography is frequently published in business publications, such as Boston Business Journal, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, several international magazines, and many trade magazines, in-house magazines and countless press releases. See client list, Notable people we photographed include governor Charlie Baker and Doris Leuthard, former president of Switzerland.

Types of corporate photography: decision factors

An essential component of corporate photography is executive headshots for their bio on “About Us” or “Leadership” page of the company website. Many consulting firms, law firms, and wealth management groups include all customer-facing professionals on the website, and the number can range a few to several dozens. One decision point is the backdrop. A neutral gray is most common for its versatility, when you need more than one session in a consistent style for your future hires, future offices and remote offices. A light gray is clean-cut and gives the fresh feel, popular among technology and service professionals, including urban wealth managers, while dark gray adds conservative touch, commonly used by traditional corporations, banks, and suburban wealth management offices. Shooting against your office interior or possible window view is common among companies that have an elaborate interior design. Window light fluctuates over time, and the lighting effects may vary, especially when photographing many people. See on-site headshot page for more. If any of the above options work well for your company, that’s great. However, there is yet another option of photographing against a neutral backdrop for consistency in future updates and then replacing the backdrop in post-production with an organic or natural scenery.

Another question is where to shoot the headshots. If you have 6 or more execs to photograph in one session, it’s convenient to shoot in your office. However, studio session becomes a valuable option in several cases. We can make individual sessions for those who missed the headshot day, and your future hires. Also, many startups that work out of a small/home office, or co-working space may find it easier to shoot in our studio.

Executive portraits taken outdoor look authentic, relaxed and simply look great, but logistics may be burdensome, like the New England weather and time of day (last 2 hours of daylight is best), so they are best reserved for individual session (one person or a few people a day, and the project may span multiple shoots).

A group photo, is most practically photographed around or outside your office to gather people, against a real scene or building interior, since there’s no solid backdrop large enough for a group. Group photo has its own factors to be considered (see above link).

Candid shots, staged action shots, and interaction shots are typically used to illustrate workplace culture, teamwork, and play time, often used on “career” page or other organizational introduction pages of the website. These have much wider room to vary in style or pose than the headshots or group shots. But never call these “creative” shots because it will miss the point. Observe how people work in your office, think what looks appealing to your audience, and identify what you want the reader to take away from these pictures. It is a deliberate design process.

Creative corporate photography, however, exists, and it is conceptually driven marketing and advertising photography. It is such an elaborate and detailed process that typically involves a creative department or an outside agency. We are happy to work with them.

Space, timeline, and the backdrop are the bone structure of photoshoot planning because they must link to each other to enable the visual proteins. What should people wear? What do people need to do to prepare? What kind of facial expressions would work the best and how do you capture them? We have the answers (in the forms of guidelines and checklist), and we’ll discuss them all once the shoot is booked.

Think communication functionally

Evocative photographs are a vehicle for thoughts. What do you want your audience to think when they see the pictures? What kind of subject matter, style, expression, and creative effects would influence the viewer to that end? That’s why we think of corporate photography functionally. It starts with keeping your job’s hat but getting in your audience’s shoes. Do you want them to take an interest to learn more about, work for or buy from your company? What’s the part of corporate vision you want the viewers to bring home? If you already have a website or publication designed, the text should convey the same message as the pictures. It’s an art and semiotics, not magic. The key is to understand your company and your audience well, and that’s a unique strength of BEAUPIX because the photographer is familiar with today’s data-driven marketing, consumer demographics and a wide range of industries. We understand the creative and practical choices made by corporations so that you start your stories and we’ll finish your pictures.

That all may sound unsexy and possibly boring, but this approach is very effective. It helps you avoid pitfalls and costly frustration. For example, someone wanted to shoot cool, fashionable pictures for their company, and shot precisely those, but can’t figure out why the images didn’t serve their purpose. Why? A similar problem occurs with stock photography, too. Do you know why stock photography looks inauthentic and reflects poorly on your company image despite the images themselves look great? That’s because stock photos, which are often generic enough to fit many contexts, are used to fill some spaces and provide a place for the viewers to rest their eyes but disrupts the functional design of the communication. Unthoughtful images can damage the more important objectives of the communication.

Inquiry and Booking

Are you just asked to arrange a corporate photographer for your company? You found the right place, and we can assist you with a wide range of projects. I hope the above information helped you to shape up the scope of your project. If you are doing a preliminary survey for your team, please feel free to share this page for that purpose. Once you have an outline of your project, we are happy to discuss options in more concrete terms, and estimate the price.

This form is the best way to contact the studio about your photography so that the studio can stay organized and keep track of our conversations. After that, please feel free to send a separate email directly to the photographer, if you have additional information, sample images or photo brief.

Editorial / PR Photography

Editorial / PR Photography

Attention-grabbing portraits inspire the readers of your editorial stories & PR/advertorial campaigns. Also effective for your corporate image library.

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Executive Portraits on Location

Executive Portraits on Location

Stunning portraits of executives photographed at beautiful Boston locations, variety for each member while keeping a consistent style.

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On-Site Corporate Headshots

On-Site Corporate Headshots

Headshot session in your office for many people in a single session. Also, consider the studio options for quality & flexibility in the work-from-home era.

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Corporate Team Photo

Corporate Team Photo

Group portraits for solid teams. The style varies widely depending on the team size, space, etc.

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Medical/Dental Practice Photography

Medical/Dental Practice Photography

Focused on the authentic personalities of the owner, providers & staff to amplify patients' trust. Quality interior photos increase approachability & comfort.

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Corporate Event Photo (Documentary Style)

Corporate Event Photo (Documentary Style)

Photojournalistic approach to capture the decisive moments and excitement of your event.

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Testimonials from Corporate Clients

I recently needed last minute corporate headshots for a press release [of a nation’s top 30 law firm, where she coordinated the shoot for their marketing department and executives]. Ryuji Suzuki at Beaupix Studios was able to accommodate the request with less than 24 hours notice. Not only was Ryuji professional, but he made the process easy and seamless. He responded very quickly, agreed to do an onsite shoot and provided me with all the information and expectations for the photo shoot the following day. He also took the style guide provided by our marketing team and matched it perfectly in his photographs. He was able to expedite the editing process, so we were able to make our press release deadline. The whole experience was flawless and he put my mind at ease every step of the way. The executives also enjoyed working with him as he was patient and flexible with their requests and feedback. I highly recommend this studio and Ryuji! – Brooklynn T. on 4/23/2019

Great photographer. Friendly, calm, very professional. Able to actively identify ways to improve the photograph, provide feedback, and adjust the plan accordingly. – Vikram M. Boston, MA on 8/27/2018

Ryuji is by far the best photographer with whom I’ve ever worked. Yes, his work product was exceptional, but more than that, he was an engaging, thoughtful professional. It is rare to find his level of talent, especially in a person with his caliber of character. The easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given. – Justin M. 3 Nov 2018 (His law firm sends every new attorney to BEAUPIX to update their website.)

It was a pleasure working with Ryuji for my corporate headshot. He is an excellent photographer and made me feel very comfortable through the process. Super easy to communicate with and was very timely in accommodating my appointment request. He is dedicated to making sure the photo comes out perfect and took the time to review all my photos with me. The end result was exactly what I wanted. His editing skills are impressive! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional experience with a talented photographer! – Colleen O Boston, MA on 5/24/2018 (Subsequently, her company’s marketing department hired BEAUPIX to photograph their execs for their website and marketing materials at her recommendation.)

I needed a picture for a press release and I dreaded getting my picture taken. Colleagues recommended Ryuji as the organization has worked with him before for headshots of past executive directors. Ryuji was truly wonderful to work with for a great headshot. He made me feel welcome, important and I was so involved in the interesting conversation that we were having that I forgot that I was a photo section so I became relaxed and pretty soon we were laughing and the shooting session went by really quickly and before long we had the top three photos to chose from. I would highly recommend Ryuji to anyone looking not only for a first class photographer but also someone that takes prides on the end results and does magic with the subject in front of him. Thank you Ryuji for such a great experience. I will be back! – Myriam J. Natick, MA on 11/20/2015

Ryuji is absolutely the real deal. For a slightly higher price point, you are guaranteeing the highest level of professionalism. During my shoot, Ryuji was a fantastic conversationalist, but most importantly, he is incredibly honest about what works and what doesn’t work and will target his feedback to your goals for the shoot. He is meticulous, brilliant and really knows his work well. I would not go to anyone else for professional photographs in Boston after my experience with Ryuji. – Jeremy B. Philadelphia, PA on 6/27/2018

Excellent experience, product, and value – I highly recommend Ryuji. I was in need of a conservative professional headshot. After looking into other photographers products and prices, Ryuji’s was the best of both. The price is reasonable and the end product was worth every penny. I was concerned that any retouching would lead to a photo that looked too perfect/not like me. Ryuji’s talent with retouching amazed me. My photo looks like me on a very good day. The retouching was done with my input, and after a couple hours I had a photo that was the exact tone/style I was looking for. I couldn’t give him a higher recommendation. – Elizabeth M Jul 4, 2018

Couldn’t have had a more positive experience, from beginning to end! Not only is Ryuji an amazingly skilled photographer, he’s absolutely hilarious and a fascinating individual. I needed a corporate headshot for my company’s website and the results truly exceeded all expectations. I’m not someone that generally enjoys having my picture taken, so naturally I wasn’t looking forward to this appointment. It turned out to be such an enjoyable experience and I had a great day. Ryuji is extremely talented and his ability to connect with people on a real level makes him exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional photographer that truly listens to your vision and executes on it. I also had my makeup done before the shoot with Ryuji’s makeup artist; I would highly recommend using her! They are a great team! – Stacie M 14 Mar 2019

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