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Retouching to Perfection

Magazine-like retouching makes your headshot flawless, while maintaining natural skin and realistic finish.

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Hover over the picture above to see how retouching improves your headshots.

Few headshot photographers offer magazine-quality retouching.

Your headshot looks confident, experienced, approachable and well polished overall. But sometimes, the perfect expression comes at a cost of more noticeable facial lines. Furthermore, most people have some skin imperfections, which you may want to tone down or diminish before anyone else sees your headshot.

Retouching option at BEAUPIX is very unique; you get to see the whole process of retouching performed by the photographer, so that the retouching is done to the degree you are comfortable. Our experience is backed by numerous commercial photography work performed for magazines, advertising agencies and other media, and we do not outsource headshot retouching work.

Usually, our headshot retouching is done to a somewhat subtle and more natural side, rather than heavy. In particular, great attention is used to preserve the natural skin texture when removing blemishes, wrinkles and other areas. Most “headshot photographers” do not have the right retouching skills or outsource this step, and you might notice they make skin look like a plastic bag, or unrealistically perfect under eye. Yet our subtle retouching can minimize the distraction and enhance your impression significantly.

Retouching service offered at BEAUPIX is very detailed and customizable. The range of corrections can be applied but we discuss the strength of the correction to ensure the result is realistic and appropriate for your applications.

  • Skin blemishes erased one by one
  • Wrinkles filled or lightened line by line
  • Under-eye circles reduced or removed for fresh, healthy look
  • Eyes reshaped and made vivid
  • Reshaping chin and jaw lines
  • Teeth color matching
  • Clean up other distracting elements

If you have a concern about your skin/face that could use retouching work, please discuss your concern with the photographer during telephone consultation. Retouching is a very useful tool to bring the picture close to perfection, but retouching is not the solution for all problems. A sign of fatigue or stress cannot be removed completely.


The headshot retouching is usually 60 to 120 per image added to your photo session cost, depending on how much retouching work is needed. The price varies depending on the amount of wrinkles, blemishes, etc., skin exposures (arms, hands, etc.) and the number of faces per image (if group shot).


Retouching is recommended for actors headshots and publicity headshots, at least for the primary photo. For professional or corporate headshots, if you are primarily using the image for Corporate portrait or LinkedIn bio, the retouching is probably optional. However, if your headshot is used to promote your speaking engagements, publications, or other opportunities, retouching is a worthwhile addition. In all above situations, retouching is recommended for both men and women.