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Actor Headshots

Audition headshots show you are a successful actor: determined looks and subtle hints of a range of characters you can perform.

Successful actor headshots make you look credible; the casting director needs to see beyond the photograph and feel your character. That’s why we craft actor headshots to make you look natural and confident, and to show a bit of personality and the right attitude.

For actor headshots, we pay much closer attention to your posture and expression to fine-tune the results. Your expression is a constellation of eyes, brows, lips and shoulders, and we have a process that helps you learn how to play with your face parts to be expressive. Our actor headshot session is interactive.

BACKDROP: we shoot actor headshots against gray, white or textured silver or subtly colored backdrop, just like high-end New York headshot photographers. Sometimes, also shoot against the building exterior out of the window for a more organic look. Casting directors appreciate your facial features with clean-cut, distraction-free backdrop. Another reason: there are more things we can do to control the strength of your jawline, skin tone and how your hair will look. We can also shoot actor headshots outdoors, but people usually create better expressions in the studio, so outdoor shots are more common for news reporters and other TV personalities where such contexts could be advantageous.

CLOTHING: the goal is to make your actor headshot look like you, so don’t choose clothing that could overpower your facial expressions. Basic, clean-cut style appropriate for your age and character, without busy designs, would be a good starting point. Clothes should be in good fit size and fresh, clean fabric and wrinkle-free. Use your favorite colors and style because you probably want to wear the same or very similar clothes when going to auditions. We also recommend to include a tank top as one of the outfit looks, as it shows your neck, collarbone and shoulders. You’re welcome to bring a lot of outfit options, and we can choose which ones to shoot in the studio.

BEAUPIX recognizes actor audition headshots as your professional tool. Know what casting directors care about, and show only what matters, in the best light. One common mistake is trying to make the pictures look fancy, like in the outfit and the backdrop.

RETOUCHING is optional. Wrinkles, skin blemishes and other temporary skin problems can be vanished or lightened; for actor headshots, the objective of retouching is to minimize the distraction and make your headshots look appropriate for who you are and what you do, rather than making the headshot look like someone else. Mature actors might want to show wrinkles to prove experience but only lightly. Young actors might want to make sure your headshots to demonstrate the range of character ages you can play. Not everyone benefits from retouching; we can decide after reviewing images.


The headshot sessions at BEAUPIX is different from other photographers in a few ways. First of all, we pay attention to your individual personality and try to get the right amount of character in the picture. You will look confident, comfortable and connecting. Years of headshot experience deliver consistently high-quality results without trying very hard. Secondly, our session includes a few image reviews in between shooting rounds. We also do a thorough review at the end of the session to choose the best pictures together, which is a lot easier than you having to do this at home. This process is a lot easier and effective with the photographer’s help. Overall, our headshot session is an interactive workshop to craft headshots together.

Package 1: a studio session, photographing up to 3 outfit looks. We’ll take many shots, with a few breaks during the session, reviewing the images to give you visual feedback and make sure we are on the right track. A typical session will yield 30 or more excellent pictures, and several of which have distinct expressions, style and characters. This session takes about 2.5 hours. The session fee is $500 (including 30 images without watermark). Professional makeup (including light hair styling) is $150.

Package 2: a studio session, photographing up to 6 outfit looks. We’ll take many pictures, with a few breaks during the session, reviewing the images to give you visual feedback and make sure we are on the right track. A typical session will yield 60 or more excellent pictures, and several of which have distinct expressions, style and characters. This session takes about 4 hours. The session fee is $800 (including 60 images without watermark). Professional makeup (including light hair styling) starts at $150.

Natural look retouching is $80–120 per image. You can decide retouching option after reviewing the pictures. You will be watching the retouching process in the studio, and you will have the opportunity to discuss which elements to retouch.

A smaller package is available for actors who previously shot at BEAUPIX returning for updates.

Payment for one-half of the session fee (plus makeup fee, if selected) is required at the time of booking your session.

Request a phone consultation, then book your session with confidence.

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I am an opera singer and contacted Beaupix studios for some updated headshots for the upcoming audition season. I go to NYC frequently for lessons and coachings and could have easily booked a session for a photoshoot in NY. I decided to try a local Boston photographer that was more accesible and convenient for me so I wouldn’t interrupt my musical studies with my limited 2 days per week in NYC. After some careful research and reviews on Ryuji, I decided to to give him a shot. I was completely astounded by his vast knowledge in the art, and his passion for what he does. There is a meticulous and methodical approach to his work even right up to the selection of the best photographs. He is also extremely encouraging and coaches well to help you shoot the best. He gave me so many pointers on improvement for an even more successful and efficient future shoot. For someone like me who did not have much of a clue about photographs, I was well informed to give me the confidence to have an excellent shoot. I will most definitely recommend anyone to Ryuji, especially if headshots are needed. You will not regret it and enjoy shooting pics more than ever!
– Joel E. Randolph, MA, 8/5/2012

My headshot session with Ryuji went super well, and I’m so pleased with the results. He really cares about capturing a person’s emotion, which is great in any picture but especially important in actor headshots. I felt so relaxed and had more and more fun in front of the camera the more the shoot went on. I also liked how he showed me the pictures often during the session, so I knew how I was doing and which shots I wanted to go for next. I left with so many usable, dynamic pictures! My friends and family love them too. If you’re looking for very high quality actor headshots at a very reasonable price, you’ve found your guy.
– Sam E. 9/19/2014, Jamaica Plain, MA

Ryuji’s passion and dedication to his craft shines through his photographs like no other I’ve seen. Ryuji is, from my experience, the best headshot photographer you can find in the area, with an eye quality that exceeds his price-range. He’s also a great guy to boot! Fun to talk to and great at making you feel really relaxed.

From working with Ryuji, as well as looking at his past work, it’s clear he has an amazing ability to really capture the personality of his subjects, showing each individual in their own unique way. Ryuji’s process also involves going through each photograph he took with you and picking out the pictures that you like the best, guaranteeing that you will be happy with your end product. There’s no waiting involved, no stress, just a quick process that you oversee yourself.

For any anyone looking for amazing quality headshots and a great experience I would highly recommend Ryuji.

– Adam Q. Cambridge, MA on 2/6/2014

I am an actor who needed to get professional headshots taken for upcoming auditions and graduate school applications. I researched multiple Boston-area photographers online, looking for someone who took clean images that would make my features stand out and for a studio that is easily accessible by the T. I was pleased with the work I saw featured on the Beaupix Studio website and the studio is a short walk from the Broadway Station on the Red Line, so I decided to book a session with Ryuji.

The photo-shoot was extremely successful! Ryuji was very friendly and the atmosphere in his spacious studio was very relaxed. Before the shoot, we sat down and discussed more in-depth what I wanted and he gave me a helpful overview of how the day would proceed. We took hundreds of shots in three different outfits, and throughout the shoot Ryuji gave small tips on how to improve my position and also asked me questions that prompted responses leading to more natural looking facial expressions. We immediately looked through all the photos together and it was very difficult to narrow it down to three photos because many of the shots were quite beautiful and expressive. After we chose the final images, Ryuji immediately retouched them and saved them on a USB drive I provided so I could send them to be printed right away.

Rose did my hair and makeup, and she did a wonderful job accentuating my features in a way that still looked natural. She is also very friendly and stuck around during the shoot to make any necessary minor adjustments to my hair and makeup.

Overall, I was very pleased with the final results and I highly recommend Beaupix Studio to anyone in the Boston area who is looking to get wonderful new headshots taken at a reasonable price!
– Christine M. on 12/29/2012

Add-on options

For actor headshots, light retouching can significantly improve your impression. It removes temporary skin blemishes, lightening under eye circles and wrinkles, at 60/image. We perform retouching while you watch, a very detailed work that you won’t get bored watching. Since BEAUPIX does a lot of demanding fashion and beauty photography with in-house retouching, we have the level of skills that very few headshot photographers have. Please note that heavy retouching, such as facial contour correction (e.g., slimming face or fixing double chin) is considered deceptive and not recommended for audition headshots.

For actresses, good natural look makeup is essential. If you are not comfortable doing makeup yourself, the studio can arrange an experienced makeup artist for your session at an additional cost, starting at 150 for one look.

Retouching to Perfection

Retouching to Perfection

Magazine-like retouching makes your headshot flawless, while maintaining natural skin and realistic finish.

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Professional Makeup

Professional Makeup

Professional makeup artists are a key element of great headshots.

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Composite Headshots

Composite Headshots

Studio headshots get organic backdrops through image composite techniques. No need to worry about weather and logistics.

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