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Natural Light Portraits in Studio

The most natural & youthful look of all studio options. Casual portraits using organic backdrops & the window light. Unaffected by weather.

Natural light brings a naturally youthful look and familiar soft quality to your portraits. Such portraits are an excellent option for casual, relationship-based business or personal branding. These pictures are relaxed, a bit more personal than typical “studio look” or corporate power shots.

Our Boston photography studio has many large windows, which lets in very soft, diffuse natural light. This light renders the skin freshly bright and produces a more youthful look, reducing visible wrinkles. It may also reduce the need to retouch, although it remains a potentially useful option. It is also recommended for people who prefer to avoid flash lighting.

For a clean-cut professional image, the backdrop can be a neutral backdrop of a light off-white color to produce images similar to professional headshots, with the benefit of having natural light. With such a backdrop, it may be appropriate for a LinkedIn profile or a bio headshot.

Natural light hours: this style is photographed in mid-day to early afternoon for the best light quality. Please be sure to request natural light option during your consultation call. It is unaffected by the weather and available throughout the year.

Some eyeglasses are glare-prone. Natural light cannot be controlled to diminish the eyewear glares. If you must wear glasses, and your glasses may be glare-prone, this is probably not the best option unless you have a plan B. An ideal solution is to prepare a glass frame without lenses and wear contacts to make your eyes look comfortable.

Mixed style session: natural light portraits and conventional headshots in one session. One or two natural light portraits plus one traditional or professional headshot (packages 2 and 3) to have one safe, conservative option and one or two casual options. Natural light technique can be used as a part of corporate headshots, professional headshots, actor headshots personality portraits at no extra cost (it is simply counted as an additional look).

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Service & Pricing

Shooting portraits at BEAUPIX is easy and painless. We routinely work with people of a wide range of experience with photographers.

Our sessions are a unique, interactive process, which keeps you relaxed, engaged, and informed. You’ll get visual feedback during the session, and we’ll choose pictures together, based on both your and our opinions, so that you will feel empowered with the process facilitated by professional guidance.

Package 1: for people who need one picture for a bio or LinkedIn, photographing 1 outfit look. We’ll take a couple of dozen photographs with a quick image review to give you visual feedback and make sure we are on the right track. We’ll choose one of the best images from the session and enhance it with color correction, exposure/contrast adjustments. You’ll get the selected picture in a high-resolution JPEG, as well as a second copy in low resolution for online use. This session is quick and takes about one hour. The session fee is $400 (including the image without a watermark).

Package 2 (most popular): for people who wear multiple hats in the business world, photographing 2 outfit looks. You’ll have a choice of neutral studio backgrounds (gray, white, or dull silver metallic) and more organic backgrounds (brick wall, vintage steel door with subtly distressed texture, etc.) The portraits with the latter background may use natural light. We’ll take several dozen photographs on a few occasions to review the images to give you visual feedback and make sure we are on the right track. A typical session will yield up to 6 excellent pictures in a range of expressions. This session takes less than 2 hours. The session fee is $650 (including 2 to 6 images without a watermark).

Package 3: for people who like variety, photographing up to 3 outfit looks and a typical session yields 10 or more excellent pictures in a range of expressions. This session is similar to Package 2 but takes about 3 hours. The session fee is $850 (including 5 to 10 images without a watermark).

Retouching is less likely necessary with natural light portraits but still available starting at $150 per image, depending on the work needed. You can decide on the retouching option after reviewing the pictures. You will be watching the retouching process in the studio, and you will have the opportunity to discuss which parts of the image to be retouched.

Professional makeup is available for packages 2 and 3 for $200. The makeup artist will provide custom natural look makeup. ($275 including light, finishing hair styling.) The latter is not meant to substitute your routine hair appointments like trim and coloring. We recommend you go to your regular hairstylist first; if the hair gets messed during your travel, the makeup artist can finish the hair in the studio. If the session takes longer, you have an option to pay for the extra time or release the makeup artist.

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