Boston Photographer BEAUPIX service policy

Service policy

Policy on booking, rescheduling, fees/prices and privacy

We focus on doing the basic things very well

BEAUPIX Studio is a small, tight operation. We pay close attention to the work, and where it matters the most is the photography sessions and scheduled consultation calls. We have limited capacity to handle unexpected changes or requests, and just like you do, we avoid chaos and drama. Good results come from good planning, preparation, and full engagement. So, we use a minimum amount of policies to maintain fairness and the quality of service.

No walk-in service

All of our services are strictly by appointment only (although last-minute appointments are often available).

We respect privacy

We use the inquiry form to collect information relevant to understanding your needs and providing high-quality service. The information will be used for the studio operation only and not furnished to third parties.

We use an external service, Acuity, to manage consultation call appointments. Acuity collects your name and contact information under their privacy policy. This information is used for setting up your photography consultation and is not furnished to any other entity.

We don’t have any mass-email campaigns at this time, and it is unlikely that we will bother to do such a thing in the future, as we are already fully booked. This website publishes relevant service information, updates, and other informational resources.

If you filled out the inquiry form but never created a consultation call appointment or followed up, the studio may call or email you several times. If your plan changes and the service became unnecessary, please notify us by email, and we will remove you from our follow-up list.

Advance payment is required

An advance payment, one-half of the estimate, is required to book your photography session. It is necessary because we can only do one shoot at a time and cannot overbook. Your appointment is incomplete until the payment is received, and you lose any tentative appointment if someone else books the date before your payment arrives. Thus an advance payment is tied to the date/time and non-refundable even if you cancel or fail to show up (please don’t book your session unless you are sure).

The balance is due at the time of the shoot.

Venmo and Zelle payments are accepted online. Check payment is accepted for the advance payment only.

Corporate projects are invoiced and paid by ACH, wire or corporate checks.

Rescheduling is discouraged

Our strong preference is that you don’t reschedule because it is painful, regardless of the reason. In particular, last-minute rescheduling essentially deprives booking opportunities of other clients, and the time slot is wasted. Let’s plan ahead and not reschedule unless absolutely necessary.

In case you request to reschedule your photography session within two business days of your session, you’ll lose half (24—48 hrs) or the whole (within 24 hrs) of the advance payment. Rescheduling more than 48 hours in advance can be done without penalty, but just once. The remaining advance payment will be kept as your credit for a month, but no portion of it is refundable.

If you don’t have a block of time you can commit to the shoot, we prefer you not book your session until you have such time. We also offer sessions after hours and on some limited weekend days.

The scope of the service is limited

The scope of the service is as described on the respective service product page on this website unless a custom contract is executed. That is, the service is complete when the session is complete, and the image file(s) are delivered.

Before and during the session, we make several decisions regarding the product/service type, style, image selection, and the scope of editing or retouching, among other things. If you change your mind about these decisions or any other choices or preferences after the service is performed, such changes will be a new order and will be subject to additional fees.

Each session is allotted adequate time for more than 99% of the cases (and 100% of reasonable cases). If the session is slowed down for any reason other than the studio’s fault, the service is deemed complete when the session time is over. Examples of this problem include clients who (1) delay making necessary decisions, (2) reject all reasonable options without providing rational insight and actionable information, and (3) change their minds. In those situations, it is unlikely that a perfect solution will magically appear within any reasonable amount of time.

No discount offers

The prices of service products are based on the complexity of the shoot, the skills/experience required to perform the work properly, and the time and energy needed to complete the work, among other factors. We do not use any discount promotions.

If you book a significant volume of work in a lump to reduce the transaction overhead, we do adjust the price accordingly.

Changes will be posted first

Terms may change in the future. This page will be revised in advance of the changes being effected.

Prices were revised as of Aug 2023. This was after years of keeping the same prices and resisting to react to the inflation too quickly.