Healthcare photography that shows the quality of care.
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Medical/Dental Practice Photography

Focused on the authentic personalities of the owner, providers & staff to amplify patients' trust. Quality interior photos increase approachability & comfort.

If your patients come in already trusting and feeling comfortable with you, your job starts at a higher level. That kind of instant emotional connection is the strength of our personality-rich portraits. The bios of your doctors and the staff on your website will shine with friendly professional images. Stock photography or stylized graphics, while highly polished and may look good at first, may look good at first. But practice owners regret soon after because those generic graphics fail to show a credible and authentic connection.

The medical/dental practice photography project typically includes portraits or headshots, posed action shots (“fake candids”), group shots, and an interior photograph showing the welcoming atmosphere of the clinic. Usually, the emphasis is on clean-cut professionalism but with an appropriate level of friendliness. You might also want to refer to headshots, interior photography and corporate photography. For medical practices, it’s probably unwise to look too creative, but we have the creative background when useful.

Not every clinic has an art director and a producer to lead marketing projects. We are happy to participate in an early stage as a consultant to help to make choices among many website and marketing options so that we can achieve excellent results with the most efficiency.

Price Range

The cost of medical private practice photography varies depending on the scale of your photography project, but as a general range, most projects fall in the range of $2000–6000.


BEAUPIX is Boston-based, but we routinely travel to locations all around the New England and New York regions.

Sample Work Gallery

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