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Healthcare Photo (Medical/Dental Practice)

Editorial & advertising photographer for healthcare professionals and private practices.

Dental/Medical Practice website Photography
West Mill Smiles website

Dental clinic website photography (case study)

West Mill Smiles is a two-dentist practice about 45 minutes outside of Boston, MA, with 3 hygienists, 3 dental assistants and 4 office staff. BEAUPIX was hired to photograph all the staff members, group photo, interior photography, highlights of equipment such as a CT scanner and the operatories and the building exterior. They were in an early stage of building their new website when the first photo shoot took place, so we had a long shot list, but as they develop the design further, they decided to shoot additional images in the second session. Images were edited for warm, natural and friendly feel, and in some interior photography, a tilt-shift lens and HDR technique were used to produce the dynamic yet natural view of the space.

Emotionally engaging photography can help build an instant connection with your patients, which generic stock images cannot achieve.

Environmental portraits of you and your staff have the power to jump start the process of gaining trust and offering comfort. It could be a mix of personality-rich headshots and authentic, candid shots. The right imagery not only bring you more patients but selective attract people who are better committed to the treatment programs, by showing your expertise in your area of practice authoritatively, while maintaining the friendly and approachable personality of your staff members and welcoming atmosphere of the clinic.

Our photography service is based on expertise in several areas relevant to medical practice photography: headshots, interior photography and corporate photography. We’ll use more traditional visual composition for healthcare photography, but we have the creative background when useful.

Not every clinic has an art director and producer to lead marketing projects. We are happy to participate in an early stage as a consultant to help to make choices among many website and marketing options so that we can achieve excellent results with most efficiency.

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Price Range

The cost of medical private practice photography varies depending on the scale of your business and your press strategy, but as a general range, most projects fall in the range of $2000–6000.


BEAUPIX is Boston-based, but we routinely travel to locations all around the New England, and New York regions, as well as Chicago and other areas.