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I found Ryuji and Beaupix after googling 'headshots.' I needed an updated headshot for job applications and professional profiles. I was quite anxious going into my session because I don't really enjoy having my picture taken but Ryuji made me feel very comfortable. He was approachable and friendly while still being professional. He helped me pick a background and lighting that would be best for my purposes. It felt like we were having a conversation and he was occasionally taking pictures so my face didn't feel frozen or strained. This resulted in a wide range of expressions and photos to choose from. Ryuji will help you go through all your photos and choose the best one. In the end, I'm very happy with the quality of my headshot. And if you like to travel, you'll have a great conversation with him!

– Samantha B.
Ryuji is an excellent photographer. I was looking to have a professional headshot for LinkedIn and I was intrigued by the high quality work on his website. It was fun to work with him...I was very comfortable and it was enjoyable to get to know him and talk on a myriad of things. I'd highly recommend Ryuji! I was very happy with the outcome of the photo session
– Khaled Moharam
I had a great time getting headshots taken by Ryuji Suzuki, and that is saying something. He was great at making me comfortable and you could definitely tell that in the pictures. I was looking for headshots for my CV and I am very happy with the results. The directions of what to do as well as how to prepare were detailed and very useful. Great advise on how to deal with my glasses, by getting frames without lenses. Overall, a fantastic and highly professional experience.

I was looking for headshots for my CV and I got fantastic pictures that really show me. I am very happy with the results, and I actually enjoyed the process a lot, which I had not necessarily expected. Ryuji's instructions, both before the shot and during it, were very clear and helpful. His whole studio setup and demeanor was very professional and it was clear that he is both an artist and a scientist in how he took the pictures. I enjoyed that we selected the best pictures together, so I had input and could choose the style I preferred. Overall fantastic experience. If you want some quality professional headshots, Beaupix Studio is definitely worth the investment.
– Johanna B.
I had a great experience at BEAUPIX. I went in to get some head shots to accompany my magazine articles and received excellent results! Having little experience with photography in the past, Ryuji was friendly and provided great expertise to help me figure out what I needed. I decided to buy two "looks" and now have a high-quality set of head shots to choose from - which I'm sure will serve a variety of purposes in the future.
– Charlie K.
I recently needed last minute corporate headshots for a press release. Ryuji Suzuki at Beaupix Studios was able to accommodate the request with less than 24 hours notice. Not only was Ryuji professional, but he made the process easy and seamless. He responded very quickly, agreed to do an onsite shoot and provided me with all the information and expectations for the photo shoot the following day. He also took the style guide provided by our marketing team and matched it perfectly in his photographs. He was able to expedite the editing process, so we were able to make our press release deadline. The whole experience was flawless and he put my mind at ease every step of the way. The executives also enjoyed working with him as he was patient and flexible with their requests and feedback. I highly recommend this studio and Ryuji!
– Brooklynn T.
The entire experience with Ryuji was excellent. His system of booking, shooting, and allowing you to choose the best shot, is well honed.
– Bian

So glad that I decided to go with Beaupix for my profession headshot today. I needed the picture for my job as a dentist for the office website. Beaupix studio has a great reputation with so many great reviews that caught my eyes immediately. After carefully checking Beaupix website, I was very impressed with how organized and rich the information on the website is. It allowed me to better prepare myself in advance of the shoot. Ryuji Suzuki, the owner and photographer of Beaupix studio, was very easy to work with. He has a Ph.D background in Neuroscience from MIT (impressive right?!). He is a super intelligent artist who knows how to make you look like a million bucks. And the price you have to pay is worth every penny. Trust me. I will definitely choose Beaupix again for the future.

– Lihua S.
Ryuji is a great photographer. His process to develop a high-quality product was extremely detailed and professional. He was very personable able to understand what I wanted regardless of my vagueness. I never felt rushed and he was dedicated to providing an amazing photo.
– Matt Schindel
Great experience and got the exact high quality, the professional photo I was looking for. Ryuji is legit. Extremely talented photographer and had a full studio with all of the backdrop, lighting and photography equipment needed to get the perfect shot. He also provided coaching and attention to detail throughout to help me fix my hair, a fold in my clothes, or get a more natural smile. I am extremely pleased with the result and it was a fun experience to boot.
– Kelsey M.
Disclosure: I hate having my picture taken! However, Ryuji was able to help me relax and bring out my most authentic, yet professional self for my social media profile.  He is an artist but also understands the needs of a corporate executive and delivers in a professional manner.  The whole process, from booking, phone consultation, explanation of what to expect, and quick, fast turnaround were pleasant and easy.  I will HIGHLY recommend Beaupix Studio to anyone looking or even thinking about updating their professional image.
– Jamie B.
I am a postdoctoral research fellow, and I went to Ryuji to get a professional headshot for my ERAS application. I called him the night before; he responded immediately and was very understanding of my schedule. He fit me in the next day. During the shoot, it was so fun and smooth working with him that I didn't realize one hour had passed by. He made sure my photo had matched my expectations. I would recommend Ryuji to anyone seeking a professional headshot. Both my husband and I have worked with him, and we both loved the experience!
– Sarah Abou Alaiwi
Very happy with the results! I came to Ryuji looking to get a professional headshot for LinkedIn as well as a more relaxed shot. Ryuji is well-read, creative, and a joy to talk to. He took time to understand my motivations for having the photos taken and used this to great effect during the shoot.
– Maxwell Robinson
Ryuji is one of the nicest people I have met in Boston, although he may not give that vibe via his introductory email :-). He has a beautiful space in South Boston and the overall experience of getting a professional headshot was one of the highlights of my week. Please, do read his email with pro tips and advice BEFORE you get to the actual shoot. He is thorough and a true professional who loves what he does. I am elated with the results of the shoot and it helped to have gotten the images right away. He was also great with accommodating my request albeit last minute. He is highly recommended and I look forward to working with him in the future! p.s - do ask him about his culinary skills and recommendations.
– Reshma .Menon
Ryuji agreed to meet with me last minute as I needed a professional headshot for the start of a summer job. He was extremely professional, and really was a pleasure to work with. He knows how to make you feel relaxed and confident in order to obtain the best results. His retouching skills are also impeccable! Very pleased with my portrait.
– Taylor G.
Ryuji is one of the nicest people I have met in Boston, although he may not give that vibe via his introductory email :-). He has a beautiful space in South Boston and the overall experience of getting a professional headshot was one of the highlights of my week. Please, do read his email with pro tips and advice BEFORE you get to the actual shoot. He is thorough and a true professional who loves what he does. I am elated with the results of the shoot and it helped to have gotten the images right away. He was also great with accommodating my request albeit last minute. He is highly recommended and I look forward to working with him in the future! p.s - do ask him about his culinary skills and recommendations.
– Rnon08

Just shot a new headshots with Ryuji and I absolutely loved it!!! I loved how professional he was during the session and, at the same time, made me feel very comfortable and I was relaxed. He asked me questions to put me in the mood, which is super important for headshot session and the photos came out just great! I worked with a few great photographers before, but i can tell he has a lot of passion for what he does!!  I got the best headshots from Ryuji! Thank you so much!

– Guy C.
He does make one feel comfortable. This is important for me; like some people, I hate taking photos of me. I needed a decent looking photograph for passport and ID card from an institution. I also needed a good picture for an organization's website. I got two very photos. He worked patiently and intensively, like an artist who works diligently to make a good product.
– Virgilio F. Acevedo
I needed an author photo for my book and related publicity, and could not have been happier with my experience with Ryuji.
– Anne Perkins
I needed help for a linkedin photo as well as a photo to share for public profiles. It was a lot of fun working with Ryuji, even though I hate taking photos of myself!! Ryuji did a phenomal job, I highly recommend.
– Joanna Geisinger
Ryuji is amazing! He is very personable and makes you feel immediately at ease (which is important for those, who like me, do not like to have my picture taken). He also listens closely to what you are trying to achieve in terms of your professional look and gets you to that! Highly recommended to anyone who (1) wants a professional photo and/or (2) has some anxiety about having their picture taken.
– Diana Balluku
I had wonderful experience with Ryuji. I needed a professional headshot for my new job, so I contacted him after reading exceptional reviews about his work. I never had this kind of photo taken before, so I was quite nervous in the beginning of the photoshoot. However, Ryuji made sure I got comfortable with the process. During the session, I also had really interesting conversations with him about a wide variety of topics. My photo turned to be so much better than I had expected, and I received a lot of compliments from my coworkers and friends.
– Hyunsoo Park
Couldn’t have had a more positive experience, from beginning to end! Not only is Ryuji an amazingly skilled photographer, he’s absolutely hilarious and a fascinating individual. I needed a corporate headshot for my company’s website and the results truly exceeded all expectations. I’m not someone that generally enjoys having my picture taken, so naturally I wasn’t looking forward to this appointment. It turned out to be such an enjoyable experience and I had a great day. Ryuji is extremely talented and his ability to connect with people on a real level makes him exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional photographer that truly listens to your vision and executes on it. I also had my makeup done before the shoot with Ryuji’s makeup artist; I would highly recommend using her! They are a great team!
– Stacie McLean
Ryuji is very hard working and friendly. With his help I walked out with two fantastic corporate headshots and am thoroughly happy with my experience. If you are looking for corporate photos, look no further than Beaupix
– Tucker W.
I just had a new professional headshot done by Ryuji. It was a great experience! I’m usually rather camera-shy but Ryuji managed to help me relax and release the tension I usually experience in this situation. He was by far the best at it - compared to other photographers I’ve worked with. He even convinced me to choose a shot in which I was fully smiling, which I would have never done in the past for a professional, academic portrait! In the end I fully agree with his suggestion and am really glad I worked with him. Highly recommended!
– Gaelle Desbordes
A consummate professional -- disarming and highly skilled.  Needed a few headshots for a law firm profile and was very fortunate to find Ryuji.  I couldn't have been happier with the process and the results. No need to shop around; book Ryuji now and you won't be disappointed.
– Ethan P.
Ryuji was very professional and helpful. My pictures came out great.
– Benjamin Symes
I needed to have head shots taken for work (I'm a journalist) and LinkedIn and decided to choose Ryuji because of his great online reviews - I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The pre-session advice brought up a number of small details that I would've missed on my own and let me feel confident walking into the studio. Ryuji comes across as a genuine, intelligent man who has extensive knowledge of his trade. His insight into how different outfits, poses, and backgrounds highlight certain characteristics of a photograph (confident, energetic, etc.) were extremely helpful and I walked away with a photo I can feel confident in.
– Charlie Willard
I very highly recommend Beaupix Studio! Ryuji has an amazing way of figuring out how to coax you out of your shell, and bringing out your best self for the purposes of the photo you are taking. I'd never had my face professionally made up before and was so unused to seeing myself that way that, during the short Uber ride from the store makeup counter, I'd decided to wipe it all off once I reached Ryuji's studio, before he took my headshot. He stopped me from making that catastrophic mistake!!! He calmed me down by helping me understand that the whole purpose of a professional photo was to look exactly how I did - natural but enhanced and polished. He soon had me talking about various topics while clicking away with his camera. I was extremely happy with the result! He did an excellent job! Honest, professional and very personable, he is indeed a genius at what he does, and I would not hesitate to recommend Beaupix. Many, many thanks, Ryuji!
– Bukola P
Date of Service 2/12/2019

I truly had an amazing experience having my professional portrait shot by Ryuji! I highly recommend this photographer to any professional in the Boston/ New England area.

Because he's highly intelligent and knowledgeable about each industry, he knows exactly what shots and lighting works best for your intended purpose.

Plus, he's a pleasure to work with and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. The studio itself feels soothing/ relaxing and he even made me hot chocolate and lit his own homemade lavender candles during our session!

Again, I highly recommend considering Ryuji's photography for professionals in all stages of their career.
– Shamae Burrell
I had a phenomenal experience with Ryuji. My last professional photo was done years ago and so I was nervous at first. But by Ryuji’s expertise and acumen, I was put at ease. He was easy to talk to, addressing my concerns satisfactorily. He was also witty and funny, making me laugh more than a couple of times. I was so satisfied with the pictures that I some trouble deciding which takes I wanted. I highly recommend.
– Dexter Uke
Ryuji is wonderful! I was worried about taking a professional headshot as I don't do well with pictures but he made the whole experience very easy. we spoke about research, African food, and coffee while he was taking pictures. The final picture was amazing, I was very happy with the final product. I would recommend him to my friends and colleagues.
– Kibibi R.
A friend of mine went to Ryuji to get photos for his online dating profile. He told me that after switching to Ryuji's pictures, he started having a lot more success. Based on his recommendation, I went to Ryuji to get my own profile pictures. From his website to the preliminary phone discussion and on to the photo session itself, I was astounded by how much care and sophistication he brought to the entire process. He provides an incredible amount of information up front to help you prepare for the session and ensure that you get what you were hoping from the shoot. He's an engaging and fascinating person to talk to as you work with him, which makes the session fly by, but looking back on it, I can see how his deep experience and professionalism went into making the session efficient, productive, and effective.
– Evan Busch
Ryuji did an amazing job taking my photographs! I came in stressed about the entire process, but he was able to make me feel comfortable and worry-free the entire time. The way he did this was through a very insightful conversation about career goals and life in general. The outcome of this were some very candid shots that I very much like. Before we departed, Ryuji provided some very important advice that I greatly appreciated.

I highly recommend Beaupix for anyone looking to get a professional photograph, especially for those who are about to graduate. 10 stars out of 5, because it really did feel like he went above and beyond a photograph. Look no further for a photographer, because I honestly do not think there is a person in Boston who could have done a better job than Ryuji.
– Jackson L.
I'm a marketing professional who was looking for a new headshot. Working with Ryuji was amazing! He is a very skilled photographer who knows exactly what he is doing. I felt a bit uneasy knowing that I needed a new photo taken, but Ryuji made me feel very comfortable. We had some great conversations and I really enjoyed my time in his studio. Very happy with my picture - HIGHLY recommended!

– Ali Soufan
The best place for a headshot. He really understands each industry and the purpose/audience of your headshot. He thinks deeply into your specific needs and helps you analyze each photo. Its an incredible value, really.
– John Lyons
Very professional and efficient. Ryuji makes you feel instantly at ease. Great headshot photos and valuable business insight into use cases for each type of photo. Learned a ton. Would highly recommend to anyone.
– Anton Gurov
Went in for a headshot - I do not like taking pictures but Ryuji was very helpful and the pictures came out great. Five stars.
– Stephen Aborn
Needed headshots for my real estate website, I contacted Beaupix and was immediately contacted for a consultation session and then the in person shoot. Ryuji took about 50 or so photos, and we narrowed down the shoot to a few top photos. Then, we tried to beat it with some more shots. Thanks for the hard work and a fast turn around. Will be recommending the Rest of the firm schedule with you !
– Seth Williams
I had the pleasure of working with Ryuji Linkedin and professional headshots. I work in the healthcare field and was in need of a professional headshot to replace graduation photos which we long out of date. I submitted an inquiry on the Beaupix website and received a call from Ryuji within minutes to find out more about me personally as well as my intended use for the headshots. Ryuji intelligent and easy to connect with. His questions / conversation during the photos shoot easily put me at ease. We selected photos together and he polished them and were immediately available for me before even leaving the studio. Highly recommended!
– Justin Salciccioli
Ryuji at Beaupix was fabulous! He made the experience fun, relaxed, and used his magic to bring out my personality in my headshots. I am so happy with the result and definitely recommend Beaupix!
– Morgan Woolf
Google version:
Ryuji was absolutely great!! He helped me get great pictures that I can use for starting out my career as an actor. He was incredibly kind and lovely to talk to, and he really helped me be both comfortable and get the results that I wanted. He was also very quick to get back to me, and helped me to reschedule when a family emergency came up at our original meeting time. He is wonderful and really cares about helping you get the best result! I would highly recommend him!

Yelp version:
Ryuji was an absolutely amazing photographer! The process of working with him was as easy and painless as it could possibly be. He sent me very detailed emails answering all my questions very quickly, and was very understanding and helpful when I had to reschedule due to a family emergency.
On top of this he is an incredibly kind person, and a wonderful conversationalist! I really felt comfortable getting my pictures taken, and am beyond thrilled with the results! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great head shot!
– Kate Lawrence
Photographer was very professional and personable, and I am completely satisfied with my experience. I highly recommend Beaupix Studio to anyone looking to have a quality photograph taken. Thank you very much!
– Grayson Wayne
Ryuji is not only an amazing photographer, but also a great person / conversationalist. I've enjoyed my time in his studio both for his professionalism while taking the photos as well as his input during the selection process for my portfolio. I recently updated my actor headshots (1 year later) and my first shoot helped me tremendously - we focused on a certain "look", which he captured effortlessly. For this set we changed directions to attempt to assemble a set that will assist with different roles (more laid back - softer vs dramatic as before). Looking forward to what the updated set will bring. Thank you Ryuji - Paul
– Paul Sliwinski
Ryuji had a great approach and worked me through the photo shoot with ease. The picture turned out fantastic it was great teamwork and I learned a lot about photography through him too. Will come back again for sure.
– Will Capozzoli
Ryuji was fantastic to work with. In addition to taking photos I learned a lot about portrait photography. I will be coming back for my next shoot!
– Thunder S.
Ryuji is not only an excellent, experienced portrait photographer, he is also an excellent communicator. His website, detailed emails, and prior phone screen ensure that he understands the client's goals, manages and delivers expectations. And to boot, as a trained scientist now working in the headshot industry, he has a unique perspective on what is going on in Boston!
– Nancy Schoenbrunner
This was the first time in my career sitting for a formal headshot. I had avoided it for several reasons including the common “I hate getting my picture taken” excuse. Ryuji allayed all my concerns. He educated me on how to highlight (or downplay) certain features. He also arranged for a make-up artist who was phenomenal. The overall result was a genuine representation of who I am as a person, not just a professional. The touch-ups were simple and natural without being disingenuous. I am grateful for his instruction and feedback. He is a true artist and consummate professional.
– Jennifer DiMarco
Ryuji is by far the best photographer with whom I’ve ever worked. Yes, his work product was exceptional, but more than that, he was an engaging, thoughtful professional. It is rare to find his level of talent, especially in a person with his caliber of character. The easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given.
– Justin Maloney
Ryuji is a very talented and responsible photographer and a great conversationalist. He knows exactly what he is doing and also gives advice on when to use what kind of photos. I hate posing for photos, but with Ryuji, I rarely had to pose. He just captured the moments while we were having conversations, and that’s why I looked so natural in all the photos. It was a pleasant experience, and the photos came out great! If you want to a PhD in neuroscience from MIT to record your best moments, Ryuji is your guy!
– Peter Yu
Ryuji met with me on a short timetable to create a professional headshot. He is experienced and thorough, working to obtain an favorable outcome. His studio and equipment are excellent.
– Nakul V.
I took pictures for my Eras application, working with Ryuji was a pleasure. He spent some time to know me, started an interesting conversation and took several pictures. I enjoyed the whole process and like my pictures a lot. I definitely recommend Ryuji to my friends.
– Amin Mohamadi
Ryuji is a great photographer and a pleasure to work with. The process was pretty easy from contacting him via his website, to setting up a brief phone conversation to discuss my expectations. If you choose to work with the make up artists, trust they are top notch! The day of the photo shoot it felt nice and relaxed and the pictures turned out awesome. I recommend him without reservation.
– Silvana Bonilla
I don't like taking pictures, unless Ryuji is behind the camera. I highly recommend him if you would like to have your photos taken and enjoy the process. He helped me tremendously to update my dating profile and bring new life to my LinkedIn. Thanks again Ryuji !
– Jonathan Epstein
Google version:
Excellent studio and photographer with great results! Very easy and clear process to schedule, pay, and receive photos.

Yelp version:
Great studio and excellent photographer! Easy and clear process, great results.
– Todd Bowser
Ryuji is an amazing photographer and I absolutely recommend his services! I heard about him from a friend of mine who had recently booked his services. I checked out his website and was surprised by the quality of the photos. I decided to book him myself after reading his reviews and speaking to him over the phone. Overall, Ryuji was extremely professional from start to finish. His website was very informative and his subsequent emails contained all the relevant details for a smooth and successful shoot. He was punctual and made sure to contact me at prearranged times (very important for a busy schedule). His studio is in a nice, secure building in an easy-to-get-to location. On arriving, he met me in the lobby and we walked up to the studio together. We quickly discussed which outfit I would wear, then decided on the appropriate background by reviewing other photos. I positioned myself on the designated mark, but almost hadn't realized he had started shooting because we were having a conversation the entire time. Ryuji has a PhD in neuroscience and completed Harvard's HST program, so we had a lot to talk about and he was very sympathetic to the process of applying to residency. At one point, he suggested we take a look at what he had shot so far and I was blown away! Despite talking and moving the entire time, he managed to take dozens of photos that could have easily been used for this application. Nonetheless, he sat with me and looked through every photo, slowing narrowing the choices until we found the perfect one. Having my photo taken makes me very uncomfortable, but you would never know that based on the results. He sent me the finished product that night in the appropriate size/resolution for my application. Payment was all through Venmo, which was super convenient and for which he provides a receipt via email. I cannot recommend his services enough. Despite my initial hesitation about the price ($200 for the session + 1 photo), it was absolutely worth it and I would do it all over again. This is a photo that I can use for professional purposes for years to come.
– Laura B.
I was very impressed by Ryuji’s willingness and patience to take plenty of shots and really critically consider the different options to ensure that I would be able to provide residency committees with the ideal headshot to embody my candidacy. I was nervous given that I had taken a red eye flight leading up to the shoot and am in general not a fan of having my picture taken, but I could not be more pleased with the final product and am confident in its ability to serve as the first impression of my residency application.
– Ryan Bartholomew
Excellent photographer. Very easy to work with and great to have a conversation with.

He'll be honest with his suggestions and make sure you achieve what you came for. Highly recommended!
– Shehryar J.
I had an amazing experience getting my headshots here. Not only did he squeeze me into his busy schedule but he did an incredible job
– Adam W.
Ryuji is just the best. I was a bit skeptical to see that he only had 5 stars but it's actually more than deserved. This was the first time I did a photoshoot. Ryuji really made me feel at ease and I actually really liked it. I would highly recommend to anyone.
– Alexandre Garret
Ryuji is very very good at what he does. It is not common for me to be in front of the camera, and this is common with most people. He instantly removes any stress from this type of situation. From the minute you meet with him, he makes everything about you. He is genuinely interested in what your brand is, and he helps you show this in his work. I could not be more happy with my visit, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a true professional look to their professional profile / website.
– Bryan Aucoin
Great experience with Ryuji. Needed a quick LinkedIn photo, and he was willing accommodate on short notice, and come in on Saturday for the shoot. Overall, it took less than an hour and I was very pleased with the outcome. I left the studio with photo in hand and ready to go. Highly recommend!!
– Scott Pearce
Ryuji is an interesting person and excellent photographer. My professional headshot took more than one hour he never mentioned the time ( even though it was supposed to be 60 minutes). He started interesting conversation to break the ice and took several pictures and gave excellent insight for choosing the best of them. I highly recommend Beaupix.
– Am M.
I recommend Ryuji without reservation. He was professional, organized, so much fun to work with, and produced some very good photos for our website. After a few emails and a phone conversation where I explained to Ryuji our business and the look we hoped to achieve, we settled on an approach that resulted in exactly what we wanted for the individual headshots of my business partner and myself, and for a photo of the two us together. Kudos, too, for his patience and dedication to getting some photos I loved. Camera shy and photo-phobic, I tense up and am not the easiest to photograph in staged sessions. Thanks to his persistence and relaxed conversation, I had several very good photos from which to choose some that I really do love. As the Yelp form says, As good as it gets!
– Patricia Z.
Awesome guy! Very professional and well-experienced. Loved my photo!!
– Becks S.
Excellent Photographer! Loved my photo
– Fortessa
Ryuji was great to work with, made me feel at ease, and was able to fit me in within 2 days. It was my first time getting photos taken by a professional and I could definitely see the difference. He also came up with a few ideas for how to make the standard resume photo have a bit of personality while still being professional.
– Hajirac H
I had a great experience with Ryuji when getting my professional photo for my ERAS residency application! He is an amazing photographer! Very talented and professional. I love the way everything is organized. You first talk over the phone about what you want and what to expect from the photoshoot. During the session, Ryuji devotes all his time to you and gives you all the time you need to be well prepared and take the best shots you can get. He is very conspicuous and detail-oriented and does all he can to bring you the best version of you in a photo. I am really glad I got the chance to work with him, and if I ever need another professional headshot, I would definitely go back to him! I highly recommend him!
– Tarek Mouhieddine
Like a lot of people, I don't really like having my photo taken, but Ryuji is great at putting you at ease. He is professional and serious about getting the best shot for your needs. He sent me information before the session about how to prepare and spent time with me after the shoot giving feedback on the different images and helping me choose the perfect one. A great experience and quick turnaround time. I'll definitely be coming back to Ryuji the next time I need a portrait.
– James Fletcher
Had a great experience here getting a headshot taken for medical residency interviews! Ryuji made me feel totally comfortable and helped me get the best picture possible. I really appreciated that he sent me the format for ERAS, linkedin, and a high res version.
– Laura N.
Ben Karlin
Ryuji took the time to understand exactly what I wanted (which was not the standard headshot) and then took the time to actually deliver on it. He clearly takes great pride in his work goes the extra mile to deliver for his clients. I'm happy to recommend him highly.
– Ben Karlin

Ryuji took the time to understand exactly what I wanted (which was not the standard headshot) and then took the time to actually deliver on it. He clearly takes great pride in his work goes the extra mile to deliver for his clients. I'm happy to recommend him highly.
– Michael G.
I really enjoyed working with Ryuji! He is a master of lighting and imaging technology, but also has great insight on how a photograph can communicate so much to the viewer. Rioji takes the time to understand who will be viewing your image and discusses how they will feel, and what they will think when they see your image. Overall a wonderful experience and a great result!
– Thomas Jozefiak
Excellent, highly recommend. Very talented.
– Megan KL
Highly recommend. I needed a new professional photo and reached out through the Beaupix website. Ryuji was responsive, accessible, and helpful leading up to the session. During the session, he kept everything light and conversational to give my face a break from smiling and catch some excellent natural expressions. He's also a great guy to get to know and clearly cares about providing a great experience for his clients. I am more than satisfied with my final photos.
– Ryan Buckland
Excellent professional photographer and especially the idea of making you smile without you getting attention, anxious or faking the smile. I would highly recommend it.
– Wael Tasa
Ryuji was nothing a but a pleasure to work with! He's incredibly knowledgeable about his craft and this is evident by the amazing headshot he did for me. From start to finish, he was exceptionally accommodating of my urgent request - I had called him 5 hours prior to coming to his studio! I am definitely recommending him to all my friends and family. I would absolutely recommend the retouching since it made a huge improvement to the final shot. He truly cares about the final product and will go that extra distance to make you look great. 6 stars out of 5.
– Bryant Chang
Great photographer. Friendly, calm, very professional. Able to actively identify ways to improve the photograph, provide feedback, and adjust the plan accordingly.

– Vikram Mookerjee
The moment I came here, I was looking for a professional photographer as I am pretty picky and Ryuji is definitely the man! Ryuji is a true professional. He is very talented and will give you the perfect photo you're looking for. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.
– Amin Nassar
Google version:
I just finished working with Beaupix and I could not be happier. Ryuji is exceptionally talented at capturing both a professional and personal photo for myriad purposes. He is instantly conversational and immensely fun to work with. He has a keen eye and willingness to give his opinion as you review the shots together (I loved that we were able to review in real time). I highly recommend Beaupix Studio for an authentic and stand out headshot. Would work with this studio again in a heartbeat.

Yelp version:
If I could give more than 5 stars to Beaupix I would. Just had an excellent experience working with Ryuji for the first time. I wish I had found him sooner as he has managed to capture some of the best headshots I have ever had taken and we had a great time shooting them. He has a keen and educated sense of what will work to make sure you project an authentic but professional image. The photos on his website (which are exceptional) are exactly what you will walk away with. He was immediately responsive to set up the appointment, is exceptionally easy to get along with and he will go through the pictures with you thoughtfully to narrow down the right one(s). A positive experience from start to finish!
– Andrea DiFabio
Google version:
Professional, comforting, absolutely a great experience and most importantly great results. I highly recommend BEAUPIX !

Yelp version:
Ryuji is clearly a true professional. He was well prepared and very helpful. The photoshoot was a lot of fun and comprehensive. He captured so much of my personality in pictures I was truly amazed. And the time he spent reviewing the results and helping me pick the best out of hundreds was very appreciated.
– Christopher Pacher
This was a lot of fun, and Ryuji was very professional. He got me to smile a lot and got a fantastic headshot. Thanks Beaupix!
– Chad Serrant
Ryuji did an excellent job and I am very happy with my photos and experience with him. He was very professional yet approachable and knowledgable. He provided advice and is clearly very talented in his work, but he also made sure the photo met my expectations and that I was happy with the final product. I also appreciated how he made me feel very comfortable during the photo shoot so that the pictures came out very natural looking. I will absolutely go back to him when I need my next set of headshots.
– Amelia Lavin
If you want your headshot done correctly the first time, you go with Ryuji. I needed headshots on Sunday and Ryuji not only met for the shoot but also sent me the photos immediately after. Talk about dedication and efficiency. The photos on his website ( are evidence of how talented he is and he tells you how each photo affects the audience. Ryuji's personality and professionalism completes the experience as he kept me relaxed with great conversations throughout the entire shoot. I would highly recommend Ryuji for any photo shoot.
– Thomas C.
I absolutely loved working with him, I tend to be camera shy. However he was able to bring me to a place of comfort while shooting. Would definitely recommend working with him!
– Lara Saintil
Ryuji was great to work with. We got a nice head shot quickly and efficiently. He worked with me to pick the final image and do some edits. He has a nice clean studio in a trendy neighborhood. I was in a time crunch for this head shot and Ryuji took me in in under 24 hour notice which I really appreciated! I just took one star off because I thought the price to confirm the appointment was pretty steep (half the price of the session). Overall I would recommend this studio to anyone! (Note: this was 4-stars, and it was the only less-than-5-star review I received in many years.)
– Camila Tyminski
Definitely worth the price, beautiful photography, and was great working with him! He's excellent at getting a natural picture through relaxing conversation, and I love his honest opinions when deciding on photos.
– Sai Mupparaju
Ryuji is a very talented photographer and a really nice and patient guy.He was laid back but enthusiastic, professional but friendly, and had great ideas about poses and lighting and backdrops. He got lots of great shots, which isn't always easy and I was very happy with how the shots turned out and would definitely use him again.
– Nick A.
I had a very good time working with Ryuji. It was my first headshot and I wasn’t sure about how it works. But the way Ryuji conveys the whole process is professional, honest, and kind at the same time. The conversation he does through the phone before the session is very helpful, so I would suggest you to take it into consideration. His advice helped me to understand better what is a professional headshot and how I should prepare myself to get the best results. He is also very chilled out, during the photographic session he makes you feel very confident and does his best to fit his work on your goals. The studio is properly equipped and well located. I really recommend him.
– Elisa Garcia
I was referred to Ryuji by multiple friends who had had professional headshots done for job/fellowship applications. I was immediately impressed with the studio and his dedication to helping set up the perfect color, lighting, background individualized to me. He offered helpful and direct input on outfit choice and in narrowing down to the final picture, which is a big plus. He is professional, efficient and great at what he does. Highly recommend!

Highly recommend! I was referred to Ryuji for professional headshots by multiple friends; he connected with me the same day after my online inquiry and was very accommodating in terms of time. He did a fantastic job from start to finish, offered helpful, direct and not sugarcoated input (which is a big plus) and delivered a final product I am very happy to use for job search, LinkedIn, etc.
– Jennifer S.
He did a great job! Relaxing conversation while doing the shoot really helped to get a great smile.
– Christa Haase
Working with Ryuji was an excellent experience and I was very pleased with the professional headshot he delivered. He has an engaging personality and asked/ answered tailored questions, set the right expectations, and his polished result spoke for itself. Prior to the shoot, he helped establish the image I wanted to convey as a professional engineer during a conveniently scheduled phone call. During the session, he provided a space to change outfits and refresh hair/ make-up, and gave professional and honest feedback to help shoot, choose, and digitally finish the right photo out of the dozens he took. When I was happy with the final product, he emailed me full portrait and cropped shots before I even left his studio, which was located in a modernized and well-marked building an easy walk from a parking garage. The result was well worth the investment in time and expense!
– Sarah Chandonait
Great results! I would certainly do it again!
– Adriana Bokel Herde
Ryuji is an outstanding photographer and most importantly a great guy. He provided me with a really comfortable experience and met all of my goals for this photo.

I was in need of a professional head shot and wanted it quickly. Ryuji responded to my photo request the same day and by the end of the week I had my photo. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss my preparation and goals of the shoot with our phone call prior. When I arrived, I was impressed by Ryuji's space and accommodation. He was patient and our conversation during the shoot helped me to stay relaxed and capture a great shot.  

While I was most interested in having the photo in a timely fashion, I was excited by the quality of image I received. Ryuji worked with me to narrow down from around fifty quality images to find the angle and moment that captured the look I wanted.

Ryuji is a knowledgeable professional whose broad life experiences make him uniquely prepared to provide the photos desired and in a comfortable and timely manner. I would be happy to recommend Ryuji to anyone in need of a great photo.
– Jeff D.
I'm in medical school, and I worked with Ryuji to take a professional headshot for residency applications. I appreciated how experienced he was with taking headshots for many different kinds of professionals. In particular, as a neuroscience PhD, he is very familiar with the specifics of medical training and was able to help me think about how best to present myself. I definitely recommend BEAUPIX!
– Siva Sundaram
Fun, easy, and super professional and pictures came out better than expected, highly recommend
– Matthew Annese
Excellent experience. I would highly recommend. I was very pleased with the finished product.
– Michael Lee
Ryuji did a wonderful job taking my head shots! He really makes you feel at ease and explains the whole process as you go along. Very professional!
– Nicholas Reiff
Excellent experience, product, and value - I highly recommend Ryuji. I was in need of a conservative professional headshot. After looking into other photographers products and prices, Ryuji's was the best of both. The price is reasonable and the end product was worth every penny. I was concerned that any retouching would lead to a photo that looked too perfect/not like me. Ryuji's talent with retouching amazed me. My photo looks like me on a very good day. The retouching was done with my input, and after a couple hours I had a photo that was the exact tone/style I was looking for. I couldn't give him a higher recommendation.
– Elizabeth McNichol
Had a great experience getting a professional headshot done! I'm a law student, so I was looking for something appropriate for future employers. He helped talk through a couple of outfit options I brought, saying what attitudes he though each conveyed. I also appreciated being a part of the process of narrowing the pictures down to the best one!
– Hillary "Hill" L.
He knows what he is doing: he has a pre session talking(counseling) for some time that serves him to know you as a person, your facial expression and subjects that make you relaxed/stressed. Then he starts shooting and he has his way of recording your best facial expressions. you then sit next to him to pick your best ever. Its an art. Definitely recommended!
– Ahmed S.
I had the pleasure of using Beaupix for my Realtor Headshots. The reviews don't lie, Ryuji Suzuki is a class act and a gentlemen.  He was very professional and his skills are unparalleled. I highly recommend him!
– Johnny D.
Had a great time working with Ryuji for my professional headshot today! Great conversation over shared interests on many levels, especially as fellow MIT alums. He has a real passion for photography and also CHEMISTRY, and really knows the science/details behind everything he does. The photo session was very professional yet felt relaxed like a friends hangout, with a lot of time discussing the context and needs for the picture, with the end result turning out to be perfect. It was not only about angles, lighting etc., but also about the spirit of the photo and the right message. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great photographer!
– Xiao S.
Ryuji is a consummate professional. Before the shoot, Ryuji called me almost immediately, went over my goals for the shoot and set expectations perfectly. During my shoot Ryuji was a fantastic conversationalist, but most importantly, he is incredibly honest about what works and what doesn't work and will target his feedback to your goals for the shoot. He is meticulous, brilliant and really knows his work well. I would not go to anyone else for professional photographs in Boston after my experience with Ryuji.

Ryuji is absolutely the real deal. For a slightly higher price point you are guaranteeing the highest level of professionalism. During my shoot Ryuji was a fantastic conversationalist, but most importantly, he is incredibly honest about what works and what doesn't work and will target his feedback to your goals for the shoot. He is meticulous, brilliant and really knows his work well. I would not go to anyone else for professional photographs in Boston after my experience with Ryuji.
– Jeremy B.
Ryuji did an excellent job preparing me for my professional headshot. He gave detailed directions via email and arranged a phone mtg prior to the shoot to really learn about what I was looking for. He is very passionate about high quality portraits and this comes through during the photo shoot. He also offers options to edit the photo. I would highly recommend Ryuji for any professional looking for high quality portraits.
– Joo K.
I have a hard time smiling in front of the camera but he made me feel really comfortable and 3 hours passed by so fast. He guides you through the entire process and there is not a single awkward moment. My pictures came out really natural. Very happy with the outcome!
– Kate W.
Ryuji put me at ease pretty quickly, and the process of going through shots and selecting the best one was fun! It's definitely worth the cost to me because if my face is on the internet, I want it to be my best.
– Heather R.
Ryuji is the ultimate experience. The personality portraits he took were just so good I couldn't stop looking at my photos. He got the only nice shot of me from the side that I've ever seen - a tribute to his skill.
His emails before the shoot helped me plan and it was a nice relaxed experience overall. Highly recommend!

Ryuji is amazing! I don't usually like looking at my pics but the personality portraits were amazing and made me want to look at my pics all the time! It's also a wonderful experience to shoot with him. No doubt that Ryuji is the photographer you're looking for.
– Jacob T.
Ryuji is an exceptional photographer, very skilled and equally personable. I have used Beaupix twice and both times I have received great results. I highly recommend!
– K A
I would 100% recommend Beaupix Studio for professional portraits. You will feel comfortable and Ryuji is a really great person to work with. You'll get an email from him about how to prepare and everything is very relaxed. He is also very skilled and will walk through any retouching with you in the studio. He helped me out in a pinch for a quick turnaround and I greatly appreciate it.
– Ariana K.
Ryuji was awesome!   I needed an updated professional headshot and scheduling and appointment was very easy through his website.  I chose the option of having my makeup done by his makeup artist and having my hair done by my own stylist.   Arrived 1 hour early and Ryuji and his makeup artist Amanda were very accommodating.  Amanda finished her part in a hour and then Ryuji started shooting for another hour.  We went through the 80+ photos that were taken and chose the best one.  I was incredibly impressed by his meticulous attention to detail in retouching the photo.  I really appreciated the extra time that he took to perfect the final product, which completely exceeded my expectations!  Highly recommend Ryuji... you will definitely be very happy with your professional headshot!
– Elena Y.
It was a pleasure working with Ryuji for my corporate headshot. He is an excellent photographer and made me feel very comfortable through the process. Super easy to communicate with and was very timely in accommodating my appointment request. He is dedicated to making sure the photo comes out perfect and took the time to review all my photos with me. The end result was exactly what I wanted. His editing skills are impressive! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional experience with a talented photographer!
– Colleen OConnor
From start to finish, an extremely professional and enjoyable process! Being my first experience with professional photos I was unsure what to expect and how to approach determining the best look for my goals. Ryuji made the experience comfortable and fun while instilling confidence in the best look and shot for me. You can tell he has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, taking a friendly and effective approach to finding the best shot. I highly recommend Beaupix to anyone looking for professional headshots and a truly enjoyable experience.
– Alex Welch
Five more stars for Ryuji! The pictures are fantastic of course, but the best part was the way he worked with me before, during, and after the shoot to get just the right shots for my webpage and professional profiles. (on Google)

There's a reason for so many five star reviews. Ryuji is a talented photographer who puts in the effort to work with his clients to achieve the best possible results. Like everyone else, I've had my picture taken many times before, but this was by far the best experience I've had. We spent the first part of the shoot discussing how and where I wanted to use the pictures, then he checked in midway multiple times to make sure he was getting something I could use. Later, we sat down and reviewed everything together and I walked away with the finished shots (web and full versions, including a specially sized and formatted photo for linkedin) in my inbox. Amazing! Way better than having someone take a photo of me on vacation and throwing it up on the web! (on Yelp)
– Suzanne Scoggins
Ryuji accommodated an application headshot at short notice and delivered the finished product ahead of day he promised. He kept the session very interesting and light. Very satisfied with the final product!
– Anuradha Madhavan
I recently had the pleasure of working with Ryuji on new profile pictures for my LinkedIn and company website. The entire process was seamless and he was able to deliver the final high-quality pictures by the end of the day. I look forward to working with Ryuji again in the future.
– Dimitri A.
Ryuji is awesome, and super talented! He uses his eye and subtle coaching to efficiently get the best out of you. I've always hated how I look in pictures, but after a few hours with Ryuji, I left with a bunch of photos that I really liked.
– Andrew Christo
I could not more highly recommend Beaupix. The professionalism and resulting photographs were well worth it. I am thrilled with my new photo, was happy with the time and attention to detail, and truthfully answered that there was absolutely nothing they could have done better.

Worth every penny if you want great, professional headshots for your business or other needs. Book your appointment now.
– Ryan Sullivan
Ryuji is AMAZING. I took a new job in consulting, and needed business headshots for our firm's internal directory. I didn't want boring, generic headshots that look like everyone else's, I'm wanted them to really represent my personality and stand out (but still be professional), and ryuji nailed it. Not only that, but I got to take the photos home straight from the shoot, unlike some photographers where you have to wait weeks to get your photos back. Plus, ryuji is one of the smartest people I've ever met, so you're guaranteed to have an interesting conversation while you have your photos taken. Highly recommend!
– Elesia F.
I had a wonderful, intriguing (in a good way), and fun experience in my headshot session with Ryuji. I am very happy with the results as well as the process it took to get there. Never taking a headshot myself before and wanting something that can be used for a long time, captures my personality, and suits my career of being a young educational research scholar (enthusiastic and exciting but not over the board, a bit formal but not too dead, and the list goes on), I was searching on the web and really liked Ryuji's website. I very much appreciate the detailed descriptions on different types of portraits/headshots and the numerous examples of people with different shapes, skin tone, and characteristics on the website (not just a few good ones!). The process of setting up the appointment with Ryuji was hassle free, and Ryuji is precise, responsive, and straightforward. The inquiry form and the 10-min consulting call made me feel that I'm in good hand of someone who cares about the work and clients' needs, desire, and fear.

I had a great time during the headshot session. I enjoyed the conversation while being taken photos and appreciated the discussions on each of the photos taken. Ryuji is thoughtful and throws good questions to facilitate the selection process. With a PhD in neuroscience (and a genuine interest/curiosity in the human mind), Ryuji pays attention to and works with the human mind that creates the look. The photos are of excellent quality, and most importantly, they don't look standardized or uniform. I'm delighted with the results, and the entire experience is outstanding. Highly recommend!
– Claire C.
Ryuji and Beaupix provided excellent service and even better pictures/headshots. The price is not low, but every cent is worth it given the final quality of the pictures and professionalism of the entire experience. When I need new headshots, I will be back.
– Christopher Beltz
Ryuji's professionalism is not only demonstrated by the finished product, but in his process, and demeanor as well. Great pictures and conversation!
– P. G.
If you want to ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING in your life /career through your picture/photograph: RYUJI is THE PHOTOGRAPHER. The purpose of my visit with Ryuji was to obtain photography that captures and projects a professional image that I wanted to project to my audience. Through his photography and subsequently, the way I plan to use it, I wanted to network with the "right" people who can influence my career and life. This is particularly important: the words that I want to hear from my viewers: someone of importance (i.e., confidence, professionalism, and intelligence). Ryuji exactly achieved that. For all future photography for a professional/corporate image, I plan to send my important/favorite colleagues to Ryuji. Do not miss out on Ryuji and regret what you have missed in your career/life. Reach out to Ryuji today.
– Janice Laramy
Ryuji is a talented photographer. I was impressed by the content on his website and Ryuji was responsive and easily accessible when setting up our appointment. He helped me decide that a character portrait would be the best fit for my business and personality. Ryuji brings a patient and thoughtful approach to his work and carefully analyzes each photo during the session to make sure the desired characteristics are reflected in the image. He retouched the best image from the shoot while I was still in the studio so I could give my feedback and input to the edits. I couldn't be happier with the end result.

– Elizabeth Bain
If I could give beaupix and Ryuji 10 stars I would. Truly a talented individual. I went in for a corporate headshot and he made the experience so enjoyable and fun. Ryuji is so professional and wants you to be 100% satisfied with your results. He also does touch ups right then and there so he ensures a positive outcome! I am so please with how my headshot came out and I got my picture that day right after. Absolutely recommend!!!!! His studio is impressive as well with all the proper backdrops and lighting. Will absolutely be back as well and refer anyone I can to him.
– Alissa W.
Ryuji is a talented photographer. I was impressed by the content on his website and Ryuji was responsive and easily accessible when setting up our appointment. He helped me decide that a character portrait would be the best fit for my business and personality. Ryuji brings a patient and thoughtful approach to his work and carefully analyzes each photo during the session to make sure the desired characteristics are reflected in the image. He retouched the best image from the shoot while I was still in the studio so I could give my feedback and input to the edits. I couldn't be happier with the end result.
– Liz B.
Ryuji is an exceptionally patient, funny, charming, and talented photographer. It's not every day that you can get your portrait taken by a Ph.D. neuroscientist from MIT! His balance of methodical analysis with free-spirited creativity comes into play during the session, and is evident in the result. Nobody likes having their picture taken, but his professional operation, smooth process, and easygoing style really put me at ease - and I have to say, I was very surprised and pleased with the result. Highly recommended!!
– Lisa A.
Ryuji is an excellent photographer and is knowledgeable in what specific industries might look for in a potential candidate. I had a great experience overall. I would highly recommend his services.

– Evan Waddicor
Ryuji is an exceptional photographer! I aimed for character portrait, and we scheduled a 10 minute phone call. Later on I obtained an informational email, which explained how I should get prepared for a photoshoot. In the studio, he made me feel very comfortable, and he definitely knows what he is doing.

I would recommend him, and when I will need new pics, he is number 1 on my list.
– Stanislav M.
I had a fantastic experience working with Ryuji at Beaupix Studio. He took the initiative to contact me during a really busy week and found times that worked for me on an evening and the weekend for our phone call and photo shoot. My professional shot came out fantastically, and I got it all done within a week. I highly recommend Ryuji!
– Robert Weatherford
Ryuji's impeccable reviews led me and my boyfriend to his studio last Saturday. One of the main reasons I decided to work with him is because he was open to booking our session on a weekend. The studio had a very relaxed vibe which put us a ease. I worked with a make up artist, Manda, who helped me achieve a natural yet photo ready look. While shooting, Ryuji provided helpful feedback. When it came time to review photos, Ryuji led us to an area with two monitors where we reviewed photos we liked and he liked. Ryuji narrowed in on each of our professions and natural audiences for our headshots. This helped us each to quickly narrow down which photos were promising candidates. When we got home that afternoon, we already had links to our photos. Overall this was a very painless experience other than waking up on a Saturday morning and trying to dress as professional and polished as possible. Ryuji is a true professional!
– Whitney S.
Ryuji really took the time to understand what the photo was supposed to accomplish. He asked questions, he listened, he made me feel comfortable and relaxed before putting me in front of a camera. He was thoughtful with his opinions and advice, and the entire experience was enjoyable, and not rushed at all. He ensured my complete satisfaction with the photo, and there is no doubt I will use Ryuji in the future.
– Alex Guinta
Ryuji was absolutely phenomenal. I needed a professional photo for a new job very quickly (within four days) and Ryuji was able to deliver. He was incredibly responsive to my inquiry and was able to get me into his studio the same day I contacted him, which was also on a Saturday. Ryuji is a great guy, we had a wonderful conversation and he did a phenomenal job taking my picture. I highly recommend him.
– David Reinthal
Best professional photographer! I needed a headshot for my residency program and Ryuji took ~70 pictures and went through each one with me until we found one I liked. We also had some great conversation and by the end of the session I had a picture that I was truly happy with. I was initially concerned with the price but it was definitely worth it.
– Ivy Franco
Ryuji is so much more than just a good photographer with fancy equipment. He has taken the time to understand what people in your industry are looking for, and will be sure that your shoot accomplishes just that. I was a little bit intimidated going into it, but my nerves melted away as soon as we began the session. Before sitting in front the camera Ryuji made sure that we were both on the same page as to what I was looking for, and gave really great suggestions on how to accomplish that. What I most appreciated was never feeling rushed or pressured. We stopped periodically throughout the shoot to review the pictures he had taken so far, and went over what else I might still be looking for. I never felt that he was looking at the clock to rush me out or growing impatient at all. Ryuji's primary concern is that you get the great photographs you're looking for. It's a guarantee that you'll get your money's worth.
– Raphael R.
Ryuji did a great job for my photoshot. I was looking for a professional photo for my company website, and personal website in a rush Ryuji squeeze me even his timetable was packed. The photo was perefectly done with some touch up on photoshop. I am happy with the result and it was exactly what I was looking for. He also advised me some very helpful opinion, guide me to pick the right photo based on the discussion before. The whole process was fun and easy. I highly recommend him. Thank you.
– Alex W.
Fantastic experience! As a young professional, first impressions are so important and Ryuji thoroughly understands this. He works with you during the session to identify how you would like to present yourself in the photos and then offers his suggestions. I really appreciated his attention to detail and expertise - he even stopped mid-session to look at the photos with me, gauge my opinion, and then repositioned me and the lighting to achieve better quality photographs. During the editing process, he ensures you are satisfied with the images every step of the way before moving on to the next. Overall a great experience and I highly recommend for anyone who needs a professional headshot!
– Liane D.
Had a great session with Ryuji. He really puts you at ease and is a great conversationalist, which helps you to relax. Pictures were fantastic, and I appreciated his expertise in helping me pic backgrounds and lighting for what I wanted the photos for. Would use him again in a heartbeat.

– Mark K.
I took a professional headshot yesterday and I’m shocked by how not-awful it was! For a while, I had no picture on LinkedIn and have a cartoon on GitHub. I prefer not to be judged by a single image. Unfortunately, I needed a respectable picture for a conference and finally had to it.

I found Ryuji through a Google search and decided to contact him after looking at the online portfolios of a few artists. Something that stood out is his headshots of people with darker skin tones. Many photographers had none.

Though I trust a recent grad knows the technical aspects of photography, I wanted someone with the understanding of facial expressions that make a shot convey the right image. Typically, taking pictures is enervating for me, and it shows. Choosing a photographer came down to who I thought is capable of getting a relaxed image from me. His academic background indicated that he knew my target audience, paid attention to detail and has a distinct perspective.

Initially, I had decided against professional makeup because many makeup artists lack experience with darker skin tones. I took a few high-resolution flash pictures at home after doing my own makeup, but the results were awful. The artist Ryuji suggested, Manda, was fantastic to work with. In natural daylight, I thought it too heavy, but the photographic results were exactly what I wanted.

I highly recommend working with Ryuji on such a dreaded task.
– Ana Ruelas
Amazing photographer! Fun to talk and makes the shooting very easy for a first-timer.
– Jason K.
Google version:
Such an amazing experience!! Someone who knows what they're doing and only offer you the best. Because it was last minute and I didn't get my beauty sleep the night before, I was having a rough start but he was persistent enough to get me on the right track. With his insightful and fun conversations it felt like talking to a friend. I'm grateful, Thank You for your expertise!

Yelp version:
If I could rate a thousand stars I would and I usually don't bother with reviews but I just felt the need this time around. I mean, this is a person that really cares about the satisfaction of his clients so It's only fair that it's known! The price might sound scary, but with the quality that you'll get, it's definitely worth it!!!
– Madina Sidow
I highly recommend Ryuji. It was a very nice experience working with him. He talks to you when taking pictures and makes you feel comfortable before the camera. It's definitely the best headshot I've ever got.
– Nichts T.
Ryuji is everything you could want in a professional photographer. Not only does his personality instantly make you feel like home, but this personality also helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses from a healthy, but critical angle. And once he points out your strength, he then makes you practice them. When you sign up with Mr. Suzuki you sign up for modeling lessons as well!

I most appreciated Mr. Suzuki's work ethic and his work integrity. He is so dedicated to his work and his clients that he pores over details trying to make everything look like what you envisioned. He truly takes care of every single one of his clients and goes above and beyond expectations.
– Caitlin G.
Ryuji is a great photographer. He made sure I was comfortable with each decision - he really took his time talking through my thought process to make sure I would be happy with the result. I would definitely recommend Beaupix, it's worth it.
– Caitlin Cooper
Photographer took the time to make sure I was happy with the final product and offered suggestions for improving my impact during the shoot.
– Laura DePaoli
Ryuji Suzuki is a great photographer who talks with you while taking photos to make you relax and in good shape. And also, he will provide you some useful recommendations before the session, especially for people who, like me, take a professional headshot for the first time. Besides his email involves a lot of useful information so that you do not even need to take notes before and after the session, which makes me feel comfortable.
– Muxi Q.
Ryuji is a fantastic photographer! From start to finish, I had a great experience working with Ryuji to capture the best headshots I've ever had. He listened to my goals for the shoot, provided suggestions regarding weather, locations, artistic style, wardrobe...everything characteristic of top-notch service from an experienced professional. The end-products are exactly what I had hoped to get, and Ryuji made that happen. I would highly recommend him to family and close friends, as well as anyone seeking expertise and customization.

– Sean L.
I had an amazing experience! Ryuji's wonderful personality makes you forget about being in front of a camera, and he basically captures the best moments... the final result is a work of art which conveys emotions and personalities. Ryuji is a great photographer and respectful professional, very intelligent and one of the most interesting individuals I have ever met. I absolutely recommend BEUPIX.
– Samira A.
I needed a professional photo for LinkedIn and other career purposes. Ryuji did a great job and took the time to ensure I received a photo that I was happy with. Thanks Ryuji!
– Carrie G.
Ryuji is amazing! My headshots turned out perfectly. Ryuji is super knowledgeable and extremely professional. Would give 6 stars if I could - highly recommended.
– Bryan S.
"Wow!!! Never met a professional photographer like Ryuji!!! I was nervous about my head-shot!!! Ryuji not only relaxed me during the shoot but also made it fun with his witty humor. Totally amazed when I saw the picture, it was unbelievable. Any photographer can take a nice shot but what makes him different is the way he helped me pick a shot based on my profession, position, personality. This is the quality everyone looks in a photographer, but one rarely gets. Ryuji puts his heart and soul to make every shot a complete success. I am completely happy with my shot. Thank you Ryuji once again!!!"
– Rojina R.
I just had a really fun photoshoot experience with Ryuji! I needed professional photos taken for my new job's website and brochures. He has a unique approach to taking these headshots. While the process might seem dry and routine given the nature of the photos, he makes it fun, interactive, and personal -- which really shows in your pictures! His relaxed style brought out some great, non-plastic-y smiles (which I didn't even realize I was doing previously!), producing the perfectly warm yet confident photo in the end! He patiently reviewed tons of photos with me, going back and trying new stances and looks, until we had narrowed it down to several winners. We worked together to come up with the PERFECT final photo in the end!

Moreover, I had to reschedule due to my unpredictable work schedule, but he was very gracious and flexible in re-scheduling. This is critical for busy working professionals!

All in all, I would recommend Ryuji in a heartbeat. My job will be based in a different state, but I would love to have him come out and re-do all our group's photos!
– Esther K.
Great experience. Ryuji is super-talented, puts you at ease and brings your personality into the photo.
– Michael D.
Ryuji takes his time trying to understand your personality and what you want to project in a portrait. I hate, like really hate, having my my photo taken. After the first few shots, Ryuji stopped to show me what he was getting. I wasn't really liking how they were coming out, so he patiently waited for me to articulate exactly what wasn't working. I noticed posture, expression, head tilt, etc. The next series of shots were really nice--they captured a relaxed, normal me. I think it was his patience and careful listening that made me feel good about the process and allowed me to relax enough for his skills to do the rest. He was very professional and provided a lot of specific information beforehand. I highly recommend Beaupix for the process and the finished result.
– Deanna B
It was wonderful working with Ryuji! He was so personable and professional! As someone who does not take pictures very often, especially by a professional, he made me feel very relaxed and had a great eye for pictures that looked excellent and met the standards I was seeking. He's a fantastic photographer and I would definitely recommend his service!
– Sarah N.
I was not incredibly excited about taking pictures of my face, not only did the photo turn out great--but it was one of the more pleasant experiences I've had in a while. I would almost pay for another session even if I didn't need a headshot. Ryuji fits the bill for "most interesting man in the world". Make sure to have a stimulating conversation with him about something you are passionate about, and please discuss the finer things in life.
– Zachary J.
Ryuji is not only a top tier professional with his work but also an extremely respectful, insightful, intelligent, and funny guy to be around. To anyone not keen to being in front of a camera, he will make you feel super comfortable, rest assured you will have the end product you're looking for. With his level of skill even if you're flat out ugly you will end up looking close to a 10 with the work done in the Beaupix studio. Anyone sitting on the fence, pull the trigger and you will not regret it.
– Nicholas Drew
If you want a fresh take on the traditional 'corporate headshot' I highly recommend you book an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

Ryuji was amazing! He made me feel very comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. When I arrived, he walked me through some sample shots to get an idea of what I was looking for. I didn't feel rushed or pressured, he really took the time to find exactly what I wanted; and to be honest, I had no idea exactly what I was looking for. Photo shoots can be intimidating... not this one, Ryuji made me feel relaxed with some light conversation. After the shoot, he took his time to make sure my photo was more than I could've hoped for.
– John C.
My experience working with Ryuji was superb, and the outcome far surpassed previous sessions with other photographers. I’m a professional musician and was looking for a single headshot that captured my personality and artistic style. I came home with three. As other people have remarked, Ryuji has a comfortable manner which sets even the most nervous, camera-shy person at ease. He’s highly intelligent and able to converse easily and thoughtfully about nearly any subject under the sun, allowing the sitter to relax and become themselves in front of the lens. He also takes the time to understand why you need a photo, exactly how you’re going to use it, and what your tastes and preferences are. Then he guides you through poses, backdrops, lighting, angles, etc., that can accomplish your specific goals. What really makes Ryuji stand out, however, is his work after he takes the photos. He has a wonderful eye for choosing just the right shot for your purposes. While you’re obsessing over some cosmetic flaw, he recognizes the true value of your expression or the look in your eye. “The rest is just details; I can fix that.” Then with some very subtle, restrained but expert sweeps and clicks in PhotoShop, you see yourself emerge. Your best self, your real self. That’s not just craftsmanship; that’s art.
– Rebecca Shrimpton
Needed a last minute headshot and Ryuji came through clutch and delivered an awesome finished product and an awesome experience.
– Emeka N.
I recently moved to Boston. I was in need of a new social media presence to establish a new business. I hired Ryuji Suzuki (company:Beaupix) to do my head shots. I have always looked at head shots as very necessary but cloaked in a very unpleasant process.

Ryuji changed my mind about the process. He established my goals and preferences in a "meet and greet" telephone call. By the time I arrived at his studio, we were both clear about the shoot's objectives. Throughout the session he continued to review projected results. The end result happily mirrored what I believe to be my vision for commencing my Boston professional presence.

Thank you Ryuji for great work. This was definitely the most pleasant and successful photography session in my career.
– Sheila W.
Was so well treated, and respected. Amazing work, and would recommend their services to anyone! So happy I decided to go with BEAUPIX! Rytuji was amazing, getting me to laugh, or be serious, or ponder, to capture the right shot, and helped narrow down the perfect shot.
– Augustine Backer
Ryuji is very easy to work with. In my opinion, that's probably the most important thing that I look for when hiring a photographer. The entire process went very smoothly and he answered all of my questions along the way. Ryuji is also incredibly thorough and genuinely wants to make sure you look your best in your picture(s). I had a lot of fun collaborating with him and bouncing my opinions and ideas off of him. For those of you that may be worried about the price - I would say that you're not only paying for a great photo, but also paying to become more educated about photography, Boston, and the world. That last part is not an exaggeration - he's a very smart man and I learned a lot from him in our conversations.
– Zhoujie Guo
I had a wonderful experience. Ryuji's expertise was only matched by the insightful conversation we had throughout the shoot. Definitely recommend.
– Mohammad Z.
I had the Most Amazing Experience here. I was only in Boston for two days & was forced to try to book my photo shoot last minute. Not only was Mr. Suzuki more than accommodating he actually booked my shoot early enough the following morning for Me drive back out of Boston right on schedule. Honestly I expected it to be an extremely uncomfortable experience, at the very least. Nothing could've been further from the truth. It was extremely enlightening & Mr. Suzuki's very personable yet Professional demeanor made it a very pleasant experience. I Really did enjoy it & most importantly I'm more than happy with My Headshots. So when I finally conquer the film & Television industries in the next phase of My Life remember that I had My Headshots done at Beaupix Studio. THANK YOU Ryuji Suzuki. You are The Best at what you do & I mean that Sincerely.
– J. L.
Working with Ryuji was fantastic from beginning to end. He took the time to have a phone conversation with me before my appointment to truly get an understanding of my needs. He was consultative and gave me great ideas to think about before the appointment.
The actual appointment was great. Ryuji makes you feel at ease and does a fantastic job helping you pick what picture would work best for your needs.
He was personable, smart and absolutely exceeded my expectations.
– Melissa H.
Ryuji brings the best out in you. It wasn’t a click and done approach but a very personalized experience that is worth your investment of time and money. Very intellectual gentleman to engage in discussions about life goals, business, and economics of the world. Fully recommend him only if you’re ready to change your life and not another snapshot.
– Farrukh M
Ryuji was very professional during our visit and is a talented photographer. He made me feel at ease and gave great direction throughout my photo shoot. I highly recommend working with Ryuji and his company, Beaupix Studio.
– Wendy H
I had a great experience working with Ryuji - he was attentive and efficient. I would recommend him to others looking for a highly professional photo shoot.
– Yvonne C
Ryuji is awesome, and super talented! He uses his eye and subtle coaching to efficiently get the best out of you. I've always hated how I look in pictures, but after a few hours with Ryuji, I left with a bunch of photos that I really liked.
– Andrew Christo
Ryuji was very professional and well educated and to sum it up amazing photographer! Overall experience was fun and enjoyable. Ryuji knows how to capture the style you looking for. I recommend him to anyone. Additionally, he was very quick to respond and always cheerful and courteous. A joy to be around! Thanks Ryuji!
– Moussa B
Ryuji is very good at what he does, with him you'd be in good hands.

I'm not a huge fan of having my photo taken but Ryuji made the process much less cumbersome than it could have been. The results were great and it was a pleasure working with him!
– Antoniya S.
Really good experience, I got many photos and we talked a lot, he also took the time to understand exactly what I wanted
– Rowena Karmy
Definitely recommend him. He was extremely nice and funny, and cared about my opinions on every picture. Truly talented.
– Katherine Gustafson
I would highly recommend Ryuji for a professional headshot. From my initial inquiry, he was nothing but professional and accommodating. I have a fairly busy schedule and he fit me in with no problem. In terms of the shoot, trust his process. He chatted with me during the entire time and redirected my positioning, posture, etc. He took a number of shots and helped me to narrow it down to the best photo. Finally, he works with you to pick the correct picture and retouch the right level by taking your input and offering his own advice without being pushy. I couldn't be more happy with the final product.
– Brandon Wojcik
Ryuji is able to get the shot that conveys the intended message, and he takes the time to determine what that message is. He is a true professional and great fun to talk to. Highly recommended!
– James Shaw
I have received the best Linkedin headshot from Ryuji. When I went to him, I was clueless about what I needed in a professional headshot. He is the best business photographer. He can relate to you and extract what you are looking for when it comes to your professional look.
I had a great conversation with him in a variety of subjects and I really wish I would have approached him long back. He is really honest and professional about his work and at the same time easily relate to your needs in terms of picture.
I wish I could rate him more than 5 if I could on Google reviews.
Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in your work Ryuji. You are the best in business :)
– Divyansh S
This was such a pleasant experience and Ryuji is not only a great photographer but does it with attention to details. He seeks to understand exactly what you're looking for including everything from context, industry, medium and your own personality. He was also a joy to work with personally - we had a great chat while retouching. I would highly recommend Ryuji to anyone looking for a good headshot (finally!).
– Asmaa Fikree
I really enjoyed working with Ryuji. I needed a good quality professional headshot. The photos come out great. I am happy now I have a set of updated pictures :) The studio is very pleasant. It's in a artist building. Ryuji gave me much needed advice during the phone interview so I know what to expect and how to prepare. During the shot, he patiently guided me. We took many pictures yet I feel relaxed not rushed. I am really glad I worked with Ryuji and highly recommend him!
– Pam G.
Working with Ryuji has been such a fun experience! He has a way to get you to forget for a moment that you're in front of a camera. We chatted the whole time about everything from food to economics. I walked away with some great photos and I had a blast at his studio (I also got to play with his neighbor's dog!). It's also worth noting that Ryuji is very generous with his time, both before and after the shoot. We had a long phone call prior to the shoot where he spent time understanding what I was looking for and giving me tips to get me prepared for the shoot. Then after we finished with the shoot, he spent another hour with me on retouching - He said he wanted to make sure we worked on at least one photo, so that he got a sense of the level of retouching I was looking for. He's also very collaborative and would provide inputs while also listening to what I had in mind. I can't thank him enough for his time and for the great photos I got!
– Tiffany L
Had such an amazing experience getting new headshots! The pictures say so much and are some of the best photos I have ever had taken of me! Ryuji was funny and knew so much about not only photography, but the industry itself. Would recommend him to anyone! 100% worth every penny!
– Hannah Shimanski
Ryuji Suzuki is a master of his craft. Not only is he creative and talented, he has excellent visions for what "looks good." He assisted my fiance and I with a couple of projects- the results were superb. He is extremely personable and great to work with. His professional background, in combination with his patience and dedication, make him the go-to guy for all of you photographic needs.
– Jonathan K.
Ryuji shot my first headshots for acting/auditioning. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. The shoot was fun and he was able to get some fantastic shots (despite my feeling highly un-photogentic most of the time). I would also recommend the touch up- this makes a huge difference in making the photos look as professional as possible, he went through the process with me sitting next to him and I was stunned at the before and is worth every penny.

I also might add I called for an inquiry, he was able to set up the shoot the next day, and he emailed me photos from the shoot the following day.

Best in Boston.
– Marlo Tersigni
Ryuji is such a wonderful photographer to work with, and the interaction with him is much more than a photo. He's really keen to listen to my story and exceptions from the photo. Most strikingly, he has a great amount of knowledge about my occupation and the environment I live in and is sophisticated in helping me understand how my audience would read an impressive headshot. Ryuji is extremely devoted and focused to succeed my photoshoot. He provides me many tips beforehand that coves maintaining the energy, dressing options and focusing on one thing and make it perfect. He is also a picky gourmet and phenomenal laugh maker with whom I felt relax all the way through the photo shooting. I will definitely come back!
– Haichuan Hu
I needed an updated shot for LinkedIn and other professional purposes and I just got out of a shoot with Ryuji. He has a nice studio and an easy going style and the whole process was easy and efficient. In my case, we shot about 75 pictures in about half an hour, and then spent 15 minutes narrowing down to the image I wanted. Then he tidied it up and sent it off to me. It was in my inbox before I got to the office, and I have just uploaded it to LinkedIn. Good experience and good outcome.
– George C
I had my professional photo taken today. Ryuji was prompt and professional. He did a great job getting the best images and retouched them while I waited. He emailed them to be before I even left the studio. I would definitely recommend him!
– John Postl
I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience working with Ryuji! I needed quality headshots for entering into a pageant, and decided to go with Beaupix after performing extensive research on different photographers in the Boston area. We chatted on the phone before I made my decision, and I was extremely pleased with how professional and caring he was about what my needs were - I felt confident even before starting the shoot that the experience would be extremely positive.

The shoot itself was absolutely fantastic. Ryuji's studio provides a wonderful and comfortable environment. From the start, he offered his expertise and advice on everything I had questions regarding - everything from what looks would work best, to how best to position myself to get the perfect shot. My experience working with Ryuji really felt like a partnership, like we were in the journey to create the perfect picture together. I so appreciated the time he spent with me talking through what message the different photographs sent, as this not only helped me adjust certain things when we went back to shooting, but it really helped me think through what brand I wanted to present with the headshots.

Finally - retouching is SO worth it! Ryuji spent so much time painstakingly retouching the two photos I went with, and I could not be happier with the end result. Most photographers will rush through this process, but he tookso much care in making sure everything was perfect (but not too perfect - it still looked natural!!).

I highly urge you to schedule a session with Ryuji for whatever photographs you need. He is extremely talented, exceptionally smart and incredibly caring about his work. He even made the experience relaxed and fun, which really helped me be more relaxed during the session. I will only be using Ryuji in the future!
– Kelly O'Grady
My fiancee and I had our professional headshots taken for our jobs here. It was quite an experience. Ryuji does amazing work. He knows how to make you relaxed and take the best photo possible. After taking 50 or so photos, he went through them with us one by one to select the most appropriate one for the occasion. It was a fun, stress-free experience and I would recommend his service to anyone looking to get a professional headshot.
– Steve Han
Very good experience, took several shots and went over them in a systematic fashion to get a good fit for my fellowship application. Excellent photographer
– Anand Padmanabha
Of all photographers I’ve worked with for professional portraits, my experience with Ryuji at Beaupix Studio was exemplary and most comfortable. Ryuji showed me into his loft sized workspace with delightful conversation and Chinese herbal tea to relax my mind and body. Early into the shooting, he made me aware of any sub-optimal posturing and facial expressions. However, it was through casual conversation and comical banter that he was able to take opportunistic shots of my natural smiles. This resulted in a better selection of photos for post editing, and is worth mentioning in review.

Ryuji is experienced in all forms of photo styles and purposes. As an applicant for medical residency, he understood the process and format that the pictures required for ERAS, LinkedIn, etc. From his constant feedback on pros and cons of each picture, I was unaware that choosing the perfect picture would be so effortless when properly informed how each picture speaks to him, given the countless exposure to portraits in his field. In addition, Ryuji made fine touches through photoshop editing with expertise using a Wacom Intuos, a device designed for enabling digital artists. The end result was a picture of me in a light that I have never seen myself in: warm, inviting, professional, and sincere.

If you are looking for the best service in Boston and willing to spend the time and cost for the best representation of yourself for one of the most important events in your life, I highly recommend contacting Ryuji for his technical awareness, artistic vision, and interpersonal skills.
– Yitao Liu
I'm writing this review about Ryuji not only because he's an amazing professional, but he's a great guy to work with. Amazing personality. He really knows what he's doing. He gave me a lot of tips during the photo shoot (I was kind of nervous) and not only did a great job with my pictures but also had the insight of choosing the ones that would reflect the right qualities for the job to which I was applying. Experienced, polite and efficient. He does all kinds of photo shoots, professional or personal profiles. Totally recommend him!
– Maura Alambert
Really outstanding job. So nice, curious, and professional. I had never done professional photos, but I felt totally comfortable here and really enjoyed it! Definitely exceeded my expectations.
– James Byrne
Ryuji is a genius! The guy knows his job. I went there to get my medical residency application headshot, he was nice and helpful, makes you relax to get the best photos out of you. And then he did retouching for my photos, I was so pleased with the final results. I booked a one hour session with him with retouches and I highly recommend him.
– Mohammad D.
This was the best photography session I have ever had!!! 5 STARS! He is very professional and attentive. He has the experience and a wonderful portfolio. You pay for what you get and with Ryuji that is quality. When you go to cheap places it shows and Ryuji does not disappoint! I went in for a professional headshot session. He took the time to get to know me, my story and why I was getting the shots. He takes the time, he is very open to receiving feedback throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction. He works with the best tools in the business, lighting etc. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services! :)
– Aisha K.
On top of being a fantastic photographer, Ryuji is also a very warm and friendly person. He gave detailed directions and information regarding what to expect during the session. His approach enabled me to pose in the photos in a way that I never did before, and I recommend him to anyone thinking about visiting his studio.
– Berkay Kalinaga
I really hate having my photo taken but Ryuji did great job at making me feel at ease.
– Janet Baker
I rarely write reviews. However, I highly recommend Dr. Suzuki's professional headshot. Great job!
– Stuart Liu
Ryuji makes the photography session very easy, enjoyable and comfortable. He talks to you during the session to make your photos look natural. He is an expert and gives you his opinion about the photos. He is the best in his job.
– Zaniar G.
From our first phone conversation, I could tell that Ryuji Suzuki cared about me getting valuable headshots that I could proudly show casting directors. He answered my questions honestly, giving helpful advice on outfits, hair, and shaving so I would be prepared for our shoot, and recommended that I not spend more money than I needed to on touch-ups. Because this was my first professional headshot shoot, I was nervous, but during the shoot, Ryuji helped me let go of the tension in my body through friendly conversation as he photographed me. This helped me provide a variety of natural, authentic expressions rather than stilted poses. As we went through the photos together, I found Ryuji’s insight about which photos would grab the attention of casting directors very helpful. But he always found it important that the photos we chose were photos that I felt would show casting directors an authentic representation of me and who I think I am. Ryuji was honest, and he let me know which photos he thought didn’t work and which photos may look nice, but didn’t look like the photo of an actor. Whenever I need to update my headshots, I plan on hiring Ryuji again.
– Ariel Gillooly
Ryuji is great to work with, easy going and thorough!
– Steve
Efficient, friendly, conversational, knows how to select a winning photo.
– Ricardo Guerra
I had a fantastic experience with Ryuji, here are the highlights:

- He is a master of the details. Take a look at his website and you will find lots of good information on the services he provides, examples, fees, etc.

- Excellent communications throughout the entire process. To make contact with him, just fill out the web form and that gets the process started. I appreciated the clear instructions (follow his prep suggestions!) and quick responses to emails. With Ryuji, there are no surprises. If you are not sure about something, just ask.

- Shooting session was fun and natural. Sure, there is a camera in front of you, but he will work with you to get the best possible end result. If you are nervous about having your picture taken, Ryuji is the guy for you!

- High quality finished product. I was frankly surprised about how much time Ryuji spent with me. He made sure I was happy with the pictures I got in the end. Do yourself a favor, keep your schedule open and don't rush the process.
– Chip C.
Yelp version:
The guy's an outstanding photographer - nuff' said. Highly professional using the latest equipment and techniques. Knows his stuff.. knows how to get you into good, natural-looking poses and produce great photos at the right angles. He gave plenty of helpful, constructive comments on how to best be photographed, which I will take away for a long time. As a bonus, we chatted a lot about career, geeky stuff, and so on...

Google version:
Ryuji is an excellent photographer. He really works with you to bring out your best looking self, listens patiently to your concerns but also doesn't hesitate to suggest tips on how to improv facial expressions, pose, posture etc. As a bonus, he's also laid back and great to chat to! What more could you ask for...
– Eli G.
Ryuji sent detailed directions ahead of time and did a great job explaining what to expect. I was pretty anxious about the experience, but it was clear from the beginning that he was a talented professional who would coach me through it. The time really flew by and it was a lot of fun. After we finished the photos, we went through them together, picking the best ones. By the end of it, I was kind of sick of looking at myself (!), but Ryuji was patient and meticulous. I'm really excited to finally have some good pictures of myself :-)
– Ann T
Best experience. Suzuki PhD interview you first to help you understand what are your goals and interests with the photo session. Ask the right questions to help you define the purpose of the experience. Scheduling is done very efficient and professionally. Once in the studio, he helps you feel comfortable. More than hiring a photographer, he makes you feel as if you know him for a while and trust is instantly developed. While shooting session, he talks to you as in any conversation and this is how he capture the right moment at the right time in your most natural way. More than posing, is all about you and not about him. This is my first photo session experience and I feel ashamed why never tried this before. So, as of now I think I will fly from any country to just allow him to be that photographer we all would like to find and to hire. Bravo Dr Suzuki!!!
– wdwboy
If you are looking for effective corporate headshot photography in metro Boston, consider Beaupix as your solution!

I approached Beaupix, because I was set out for a new corporate headshot that would represent innovation, given Boston's current vibrant science and technology hub that I have work in. Navigating through text-heavy photography websites, and seemingly similar service offerings, my search was a challenge, however Beaupix helped me with that innovation, by walking me through my target location options, lighting and aesthetics, and even the subtleties that facial muscles bring to an audience, from an emotional intelligence standpoint.

The results from my combination photoshoot were effective: without change to my selected locations, attire, and scheduled timeframe, I was able to take home less than 15% of my total shots, each of which projected its own narrative. This meant Beaupix and I were able to explore, select and achieve our most compelling shots, with time spent well, which I found fun, as well as productive.

Four things I admired about my Beaupix photoshoot with Ryuji, was the emotional intelligence expertise, consultative conversational approach, diverse authentic client portfio, and local knowledge of photoshooting locations across Boston's city landscape.

I found the experience collaborative, story-telling, and highly effective end to end!

I would recommend Beaupix to global organizations with a Boston footprint, who are seeking innovation to be visual across their people and outward brand, or commercial staff with similar personal goals.
Consider Beaupix!
– S Grenier
I came here for a professional headshot. He was excellent, very professional, and prompt. He made me comfortable the whole time. After taking several photos, we sat and chose the best one together. Best part about it is that he started by asking what my goal was, and matched the photo to that goal. Absolutely fantastic. This was actually my second headshot this week as the first photographer was very poor.
– Andrew Lee
This is the best photography experience I have ever had. I doubt anyone can accurately describe this experience in words. I went in for a headshot and felt the entire time as a celebrity in a photoshoot for which I had paid thousands and thousands of dollars. Ryuji is an exceptional photographer and person. He is very professional, and is very meticulous about his work, he does not settle for anything but the best. I highly recommend him.
– Borel Fonhoue
Working with Ryuji was great, very laid-back and he ensured I was happy with my headshot. He is also super responsive so it was very easy to make a quick appointment!
– Michael Goff
Ryuji was professional, detail-oriented, and made sure to clarify my expectations. Highly recommended.
– Jimmy
My experience was great and everything went smoothly. The best thing about Ryuji is his deep knowledge of photography. He helps you understand what you are looking for in your portrait and what kind of message you want to send with it. I would strongly recommend Beaupix Studio because it is excellent.
– David Wang
It goes without saying that Ryuji is an excellent photographer - professional, patient, with a keen eye for detail. There is, however, a lot more to it than meets the eye - something that is especially true when it comes to studio portraits photography. Unless you're a professional model, you will likely feel a bit self-conscious, and the resulting image will show it. When you pose for a photograph, the photo usually comes out... well, posed. That's not the case with Ryuji. He has an uncanny ability to put you at ease, and take shots that are at once tack-sharp, professional, and candid.
– Nikki S.
I went there to get my headshot for professional profile and application. Got more than I expected. Recommend this photographer.
– Tatiana Perepelkina
Very professional. Very personable. Had a very easy experience with such a stressful errand (getting head shots). The Photographer did a great job making me feel comfortable and everything was done very efficiently. I will certainly be recommending him to friends and going to him for future head shots.
– Kleckner C.
I couldn't be more satisfied. I went to Ryuji because I needed some shots of me and wanted them to look impromptu, natural and not cheesy or staged. I am delighted with the product. As someone who really hates having her photo taken, Ryuji was an ideal photographer for me... he made what I had been dreading totally enjoyable! We went for a walk around town and he captured me in naturalistic settings. He is super patient and kind. Then afterward he took considerable time and care reviewing and editing them with me. Highly recommend!
– Leslie J.
Ryuji is great and professional. If you are looking for a high quality photo, I would definitely recommend his service. He pays a lot of attention to details, he would send you email with detailed information about how you should prepare for the photo shoot and what you would expect from the photo shoot. He's also easy to work with, which makes the photo shoot process comfortable and stress free.
– Kelly T.
I would recommend Ryuji as he is both professional and easy to work with. He pays lot of attention to details so if you are looking for a high quality picture I would highly recommend his service
– balabala Tao
Ryuji makes having one’s picture taken – not everyone’s favorite thing – a truly enjoyable experience. With humor, sensitivity and expert craftsmanship, he takes the time to understand what is important to his clients and then works his magic to make it happen. From initial inquiry to scheduling to the finished product, Ryuji is professional, helpful, and welcoming. I recommend Ryuji to anyone interested in quality photography offered at a fair price, delivered with the highest degree of thoughtfulness and professionalism.
– Rosanne Thomas
He really captures who you are while making sure to be himself and kind of open up about what he sees. I appreciate his genuinity , it made the whole photoshoot go very smoothly. I felt like I could relax.
– May Aliu-Otokiti
Ryuji is incredibly talented and will get the photo you're dreaming about! The reviews are legit! He will personalize everything based on your audience, personality, and how you hope to be portrayed. Well worth the money to get the best photo possible. Highly recommend.
– Lindsay D'Amato
An enormous step up from cell phone pics shot by even my most well-meaning friends.
I recently had personality portraits shot here and had a great experience from start to finish. Ryuji was responsive, full of useful tips and info, and took the time to understand what I was looking for. His experience showed through from the very beginning as he gave me tips on hair, glasses, and clothing options. By the time I even got arrived at his studio, it seemed everything had been ironed out.
The portrait session was stress free and relaxed and more fun than you might expect. We reviewed the photos immediately after we got back to his studio and my photos have been very well received everywhere I've used them and have got me excited about keeping more up-to-date photos of myself.
Ryuji was friendly, patient, and a lot of fun to work with, and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for any type of portrait photography.
– Kipaya Kapiga
I had a great time and the photos turned out great. We walked around and all the time made me feel comfortable and happy.
I am very happy with the service Ryuji has provided. We had a great chat after the shoot and geeked out about Techy stuff.
– Harsha Reddy
Professional, friendly, and a relaxed atmosphere. Great eye for detail as well. Pictures turned out great! You will not be disappointed!
– Maximilian Glodde
Definitely choose Ryuji as your photographer. He cares about getting WHO you are in the shots instead of just a picture of you. Among searching for headshots in Boston, his I find are the most dynamic and different due to the fact that every one of his clients are different and he understands this. Will definitely come back for updates when I get the chance!
– Kevin Gatsby
Ryuji Suzuki is the man. This was my first photo shoot and I was pretty nervous, but Ryuji's conversation skills and technical knowledge made easing into the photo shoot a breeze. I was kind of upset when my time was up because the man's knowledge is so valuable. He also helped me figure out what 'Business Casual' meant, and gave me advice that I'll always pay mind to as a software engineer.

You can tell Ryuji is passionate about his work, and the quality of the photos really speaks to that. I couldn't be more pleased with the result of his work. I definitely wont be going to another photographer.

[Google review]
Worth every penny. The man has an excellent eye for photography, and his background in Computer Science made our conversation flow naturally. I highly recommend you give this place a shot!

[Facebook review]
My experience with Ryuji was great, as were the photos. You'll have no trouble smiling during your shoot, and the quality of the photos WILL impress you..
This is no doubt my go to photographer, and he'll probably be yours too after your first session haha
– Kai Martin
Ryuji is skilled, efficient and just a great guy. He has a unique talent of capturing personality in a still shot. Highly recommended.
– Michael G.
Ryuji is a great photographer, and also is fun to hang out with. I did a corporate-style headshot as well as a more casual personality portrait, which involved exploring various streets in the rapidly changing Fort Point neighborhood.

Good quality work, a great process, quick turnaround, and a lot of photos to pick from. Recommended.
– Alex J.
This is the first time I have had a professional photo taken and I was impressed with the whole process and so happy with the outcome. Ryuji has the ability to put you at ease as he is taking the pictures and is extremely patient and you truly feel that his goal is to make sure you are happy with your pictures. He also provides information ahead of the photo shoot that enables you to come prepared. I love my new linkedin photo!
– Susan W
Before meeting with Ryuji Suzuki, I always dreaded getting a professional head shot. I was beginning applications and interviews, so I knew it was time to get an updated one. In one line, Ryuji Suzuki is the ONLY photographer in Boston you should book for your photos. Here's why:

1) He is the highest level of professional. He communicated with me promptly and respectfully. He was courteous when I arrived and throughout my entire appointment. I also received a completely upfront and transparent estimate of what I would receive and the costs associated without any hidden charges or dramatic mark ups. He provides detailed email instructions on how to arrive, what to wear, etc. It was perfect.

2) He listens to you. I would think it would be a given in any professional photography consultation, but I felt in my experiences with other photographers, although they may listen, they don't really hear you or what you are looking for. Not only does he listen, he also confirms what you are looking for and what your expectations are so he can better meet them.

3) He gives you value. I'm a student (have been for almost a decade now). Although I favor quality over cost, I also am pretty strict about my budget. I did a fair amount of research before choosing Beaupix, and I am 100% confident I made the right decision choosing Ryuji. In addition to the fair price points, immediately after taking my portraits he gave me full decision making capacity on choosing and or optimizing the photos to look their best. So unexpected, and yet so amazing.

4) He is a knowledgable expert. To be honest, photography is far out of my scope of expertise. It seemed the minute I stepped into his studio, he did everything effortlessly and efficiently. There was no long set up, no waiting, and no fuss. He knew exactly what he was doing in every shot and it all flowed together seamlessly. His knowledge shows in the superior quality of his photographs.

5) He is honest. It's hard to pick a photo of yourself sometimes. Although I have a general sense of what I like, I wanted an outside opinion on what headshot would be the most effective and professional. I like that Ryuji doesn't try to tell you what he thinks you want to hear, but instead gives you his honest opinion and will even explain his rationale. I like that he is straightforward and logical. That's hard to come by.

6) He is easy to get along with. After 5 minutes of talking with him, I felt like I was chatting with an old friend. He is incredibly humble and down to earth. He also enjoys talking about almost anything, from cooking and traveling to science and economics. It was such a comfortable environment that my normal uptightness really disappeared during the photoshoot (and made the headshots even that much better).

7) He has WEEKEND appointments. I don't know about you, but leaving school/work during the week for a photography session is more or less impossible for me. The fact that he had weekend appointments and was very flexible with my schedule was tremendously helpful (and rare).

All in all, he is the perfect professional photographer. A 10+++ out of 10. No need to search beyond him, book him asap. Best of luck!
– Hena A.
Great experience! The detailed emails he provides ahead of time prepares you for what to bring, how to prep, etc. Couldn't have been easier!
– Kaila Dion
Easy, quick and well done!
– Sarah O'Shaughnessy
It's no wonder Ryuji has such good reviews. The whole experience was great, he knows his stuff! Not only was he interested and had great suggestions given his experience but the whole thing was very natural and flowing. We were maintaining conversation when suddenly we already had a ton od photos to choose from and actually found the perfect one. I would totally recommend his services
– Bernabé TC
I highly recommend Beaupix Studio. Ryuji Suzuki is an excellent photographer and his headshots are stunning. This is the second time I have worked with him and again, I couldn't be happier with my photographs. He is very pleasant to work with, gives meticulous attention to detail (before, during and after the shoot) and is located in a spacious and comfortable studio. Everything about my headshot experience was positive and I ended up with two looks that exceeded my expectations. Ryuji Suzuki's work is of the highest caliber and he is the photographer who can make your headshot memorable.
– Rebecca P. (second review, first time in 2011)
Ryuji Suzuki is truly fantastic. I had a headshot taken for medical residency applications and loved the final result. He was clearly excellent from the technical aspects of photography, but he went beyond by helping me curate and deliver a message through the portrait he took. He was very patient during our session, and I never felt rushed as we tried to figure out how to best represent me as an applicant through the headshot. I have been recommending him to all my friends who need a professional photograph taken.
– David D. Y.
Why go to a professional photographer when you could have a friend snap an iPhone pic in your back yard? One reason, of course, is the equipment: better camera, better lighting, etc. But frankly, that’s nothing. That’s not what I would pay $200 for. Anyone with a half-decent camera can take a reasonable shot after a few tries (although, having browsed through headshot portfolios online, maybe not?..)

The real reason to go to a pro is the know-how. The little things, the tiny adjustments that will make the photograph convey the image you want: confident or playful, authoritative or approachable. “That angle makes you look angry; tilt the head that way? That’s better.”

Ryuji is a pro. If you’re like me, a photoshoot session is an experience that is unfamiliar, expensive, and thus potentially quite stressful – yet you’re supposed to look your best. Here, I was perfectly comfortable from start to finish. In advance of the session, I had detailed instructions on how to prepare, what to avoid, and what to expect. I was also asked about my expectations, the purpose of the shot and the intended audience.

Once I was in his studio, Ryuji engaged me in an easygoing conversation, taking pictures along the way and recommending minor adjustments to posture. After taking about 50 pictures, we sat down to decide on the single winner. Anyone else have the experience of spending forever trying to pick a better pic of two? That’s what I’m like. Now imagine 50. And yet it was super easy and efficient. Without ever choosing *for* me, Ryuji guided me through the process, reminding me of the purpose of the shot I had outlined to him. What we picked was not a generic “best shot”, but the best photograph for that specific purpose. The result? I left with an excellent picture, feeling I had just made a good investment into my career.

Throughout the process, it seemed like we had all the time in the world, nothing was rushed; we talked about drug companies, neuroscience, and favorite food. Once we were done, I looked at my watch and discovered the entire session took exactly an hour, as promised. I should also mention that I was a little pressed for time, and Ryuji accommodated my need by giving me a next-day appointment for a Saturday. Very much appreciated.

I went to Ryuji because of the portfolio on his website, and the glowing reviews on Yelp. It’s only fair to now add my own review to the pile. A thoroughly positive experience.
– Mikhail T.
Ryuji Suzuki is the last business photographer you'll ever need. You'll wish he could travel back in time and take the old photos of you, too.

He is a friendly and relatable guy, and succeeds in making the photo shoot stress-free and more fun than you'd think. I couldn't be happier with how my headshots turned out.

What impressed me second-most was Ryuji's preparation. From the clear pre-shoot prep instructions he sends you, to helping make your clothes photogenic (read: un-sweaty and un-wrinkly), to making the lighting and staging quick to set up and comfortable to stand in, Ryuji has the details down pat. That allows him to get fistfuls of shots you'll like, of which he'll help you pick out the best and touch up right in front of you (which is a little extra, but worth it). I got much more than my money's worth at Beaupix Studio for Headshots and Portraits, and you will, too.
– Phil R.
Ryuji doesn't just get results. He makes it fun.
– Omar S.
I was surprised and impressed by just how detailed he is. We had a great conversation and I felt relaxed and was able to be very comfortable in the photos which turned out better than I had expected. I rarely give out 5 stars but he really deserves all of the raving reviews he has. The entire process of choosing a style and target audience to the editing was fantastic. He was very likable and I will be coming back to him again for any pictures I need.

Stop looking. Call Ryuji right now and make an appointment because he will impress you with ease. Today I felt like a thief because I received a treasure trove that is worth much more than what I paid. I am never going back to any other photographer after this experience. Seriously, stop and call right now because you have found the best.
– Jonathan P.
I worked with Ryuji and BEAUPIX Studio for a recent corporate head shot and really enjoyed the experience. Ryuji invested the time to get to know how my photo would be used, what my professional objectives were and then provided me with several (difficult to chose from) options that really impressed me. Working with Ryuji was more than just a photo shoot and the experience truly exceed my expectations. I recommend Ryuji wholeheartedly.
– Chad C.
This service was top quality from beginning to end. Ryuji was highly responsive and willing to work with me on short notice to identify the appropriate type of picture to meet my needs. His photographs were excellent, and he was able to precisely tailor the resulting image with his superior Photoshop work. He is also a fun, interesting, and extremely intelligent guy with a tremendous talent for alleviating any stiffness or awkwardness. BEAUPIX comes with my highest possible recommendation--it is absolutely worth the price.
– Daniel F.
I had an amazing experience working with Ryuji Suzuki. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. He is extremely affable and I left the shoot with my photos in hand.
– Derick S.
Beaupix produces *spectacular* photos. Ryuji has been working in his field for a very long time, and it shows. His expertise is really phenomenal. I appreciated the way he kept me involved in the process and made sure to include some of my favorite photos in the final download. I especially appreciated the option to get my makeup done by someone familiar with doing professional makeup for a camera. All I had to do was show up and smile; the rest was taken care of for me by people who really, really know their stuff. I recommend Beaupix wholeheartedly. You won't find a better headshot photographer than Ryuji!
– Kim B.
I worked with Ryuji for head shot photos and the work was excellent. He really knows what to choose from the photo sets taken and considers what you need them for. He pays attention to fine details and his expertise allows him to quickly narrow down hundreds of photos to a handful of the very best. He is skilled at using camera, lighting, and backgrounds in conjunction with the subject (me) along with outfit options (color/types). I also opted to have hair and makeup done there professionally and it was well worth it. Ryuji is also very easy to work with and chats easily with you to help calm nerves (if any) and get your face and shoulders to seem more engaged in the photos. He captures range from realistic shots to beauty shots and can retouch as much or as little as you need.
I will definitely work with him again!
– Rachel S.
Great experience! Ryuji was very fun, relaxing, and engaging.  I felt at ease throughout the whole process and really enjoyed watching the retouching in person.  I'm really happy with how my headshot came out and with all of the different formats and crops he provided.  Highly recommended!
– Rachel O.
Ryuji did an excellent job capturing my personality in my departmental/LinkedIn photo, and patiently helped me choose a picture that fit my needs. He had a lot of patience, and his photo turned out beautifully. Absolutely worth the investment!
– Bruna M.
Ryuji is a consummate professional. Extremely responsive. Adapts to the client’s temperament and objectives. Highly skilled in managing the photo shoot in his studio. He also understands how to present and retouch an image so that the photo acts as an effective communication tool in addition to being a high quality photograph. I needed to refresh my headshot image. Early on a Sunday morning, I submitted a request through his website requesting “I want to schedule a session today!” Lighting fast response - we met at his Boston studio later in the day. He guided me through the photo selection and retouching process. My photos were finished before I left the studio. He offers a unique, high-value service that left me quite satisfied. I have great confidence in his work and in recommending him to others who need professional photos.
– Paul M.
I had some business photos done with Ryuji. He prepares you perfectly for the day of the shoot and is flexible with the weather and other issues. Everything went well. In addition to fantastic photos, we had a great conversation over green tea, which made me relax and be able to be myself in front of the camera and not a nervous version of myself. The results far exceeded my expectations. Thank for the great photos and the hospitality!
– Ahmad-Reza S.
I booked an appointment with Ryuji because I needed a photo for my new website. I'm a consultant and will be working on my own from now on. What I'm selling is me - just me! I wasn't at all sure what type of photo would work best and I was nervous about that. I researched photographers online and found Ryuji's website, which is a great showcase for his work. When I spoke to him on the phone, he gave me some choices of "packages," and I chose the 2-shot package. This gave me a chance to change into a different outfit and be photographed in front of a different backdrop in the middle of our session.

Ryuji is a very engaging guy, and it's fun to talk to him as he is working. He made me feel comfortable, which is saying a lot because (like many people) I hate to have my picture taken. Feeling comfortable paid off because I didn't look as if I were posing in the photos. He took one set of photos using natural light, and he knew exactly the right angles I needed to stand in and where my head should be turned to get that light to illuminate my face. Then he photographed me using his own lighting against a different background.

The toughest thing for me was looking at all the shots and deciding which were the best. It's very hard to be objective about your own photo. But Ryuji has a very good, logical way to eliminate the mediocre ones and hone in on the best of the bunch. I'm very happy with the results. His fee was reasonable, considering the amount of time and expertise he used to make me look just right in front of the camera.

When I showed the top shots to my friends, family and colleagues, they were all impressed and really liked the results.  I highly recommend Ryuji if you're looking for a portrait. He's a top-notch photographer.
– Lucy S.
Above and beyond my expectations! That's the experience that I had today when I went for a headshot. I called at the last minute and I was so grateful that Ryuji could accommodate me. A brochure was being put together at my employment and they needed one. I thought about going to a local outfit like JCPenney but I realized that I really needed to look polished. I hadn't had a professional photographer take my picture since I was married, two decades ago. He had a make-up artist meet me at his studio. That gave me great relief since that's not a strong point of mine. She did a beautiful job in making me more photogenic . I purchased the "one pose" package because that was what I needed, and he took many in order to find the right one to work with. He spent about three hours working on this project (that's what happened when you get older) and the result was beyond my expectations! He also included me in the process by asking me what things I would like to see touched up. He did things with the photo that I couldn't imagine were possible. I left with the feeling of having gotten a beautiful result without all the small imperfections in the photo that drive us crazy. It was like seeing myself after a facelift! As life goes by, we change- and not for the better. He allowed me to capture the best of myself at this point in my life without making me look false. He emailed me the PDF files and assisted me in getting them sent where I wanted them, since that is not that easy for me to do. It was expensive, but I got my full value-- and in fact the value was beyond what I expected. I left feeling happy and confident and proud of the photo that I was turning into my work. I felt happy to be able to post a good looking photo of myself on my network sites. (In the past I had been embarrassed about it.) I can't praise this experience enough! I highly recommend Ryuji Suzuki! Even if you don't need a headshot for a special occasion you will have a piece of art when you're done - and it will be you!
– Rose G.
Woodland Hills, CA on 4/8/2017
Also on Facebook
It was the first time I ever had to get a professional headshot done - and I so was not looking forward to having it done! I did a search on photographers who specific expertise was in business headshots and after researching a number of photographers, I finally found the Beaupix website!

I was initially impressed with the detailed descriptions of each type of photograph speciality and then completed the easy form. Ryuji then followed up with a call where he asked the "why", the "how" and the "what". After that conversation, I knew I had found the photographer to make this experience as PAINLESS as possible. I arrived at his studio and the process went by so quickly that in the blink of an eye I had a set of photographs that met my expectations completely.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ryuji - not only for the great pics, but for the professionalism he exuded during the whole process - PLUS he makes you look AWESOME!
– Rita W.
I needed a professional head shot for my profile page at MGH. I selected Beaupix based off of the pricing and his portfolio on his website. I was really impressed with his demeanor: he makes you feel really comfortable during the shoot to capture the most natural looking pictures possible. Pricing was totally fair for the quality of the product. I cannot recommend enough :) Ryuji is awesome (from Yelp)

Very friendly and professional, does a great job of making you feel relaxed to capture natural images, and he involves you during the editing process to make your you are 100% happy with the outcome. I'm very happy with my professional headshot and would go again for any future imaging needs (from Google)
– Jeffrey H.
I'm impressed by the photographer's work, this one is definitely different than the studio I went before. Ryuji, the photographer there really knows how to show your energy and confidence in the photo. The service is 5 start level and would highly recommend it to my friends who decided to take their headshots in the future.
– Leo L.
By far the best photo session I have had and strongly recommend him to anyone looking to obtain professional and/or casual portraits. Ryuji is very professional and efficient and at the same time very skilled at making you feel very relaxed to bring out the most natural expression. He takes the time to ensure that you are happy with the photos and through conversations you will readily appreciate the profound passion and knowledge Ryuji has in the art and science of photography.
– Keita O.
Ryuji is a highly courteous and competent photographer. I needed a small professional headshot for my social media profiles. Despite the scale of the request, the results exceeded my expectations.
– Benjamin B
Ryuji did an excellent job taking some headshot pictures that I needed for my Linkedin profile and Bio. He was really engaging during the duration of the session and I really liked the fact that we were able to go through all the pictures on the spot selecting the best shots. I would certainly recommend his service.
– Fernando C.
Google: Professional and charming. Mr. Suzuki gave me a great experience. I would strongly recommend his services.

Yelp: Professional and charming. The photos came out extremely well and his wealth of knowledge and energy made the experience a joy. You will not regret going to Mr. Suzuki.
– Clifford T.
I had a great experience working with Beupix on our corporate headshots. He was efficient, interactive and I felt very comfortable taking several pictures. He gave feedback when needed and was very professional.

I will be going back and recommend him to anyone.
– Kris B.
I could not be more satisfied with my experience working with Ryuji. Not only is he a very skilled photographer and photo editor, but he is also genuinely friendly and conversational. He kept me totally relaxed throughout the shoot, and it showed in the finished product.

I'm a UX Designer, and I needed a professional headshot for my portfolio website and social networks. My wife recommended Ryuji because she'd worked with him a number of times and was very pleased with the results. I booked a brief consultation call with Ryuji via the Beaupix website, and after explaining what I was looking for, we set up an appointment for the shoot.

The first thing that impressed me was how thorough the pre-shoot email was. From parking information to tips on hair, makeup, outfits, what to do, and what not to do - I felt like I had all my bases covered when I walked in to the studio.

I still wasn't sure what to expect with the shoot because I don't particularly like getting my picture taken. I tend to force poses, which can make me look a little uncomfortable. This was no problem for Ryuji. We started talking about all sorts of things, and he'd snap a few pictures here and there, but since we were talking, I thought he was just taking a few practice shots to make sure everything was situated correctly. It turned out those were the actual shots, and when we went to the computer to look at the results, I was blown away by how relaxed and natural I looked.

Like I said, I couldn't be happier with the results. It also helps that Ryuji's rates were the best I found for the experience and skill level I was looking for. I highly recommend him; you won't be disappointed.

P.S. I opted for the touch up package, and I'm glad I did. I was totally happy with the raw results, but the finishing touches made the final headshot that much better.
– Justin C.
I needed to take photographs for a range of purposes and I can honestly say that I got everything I needed from this one shoot. I had a lot of fun with it too. Energized, efficient, effective. I would recommend him highly.
– P. T. Philben
Same day ultra professional service. He goes above and beyond to create the perfect picture. Great experience start to finish!
– Laura G.
Amazing experience. Really professional photographs, and very pleasant experience. Ryuji knew exactly how to format the photographs for medical school ERAS applications, and overall it was a tremendously positive experience. Would recommend 100%.
– Prashant R.
So I really needed a headshot, and I wanted it fast. I found Ryuji on google (first hint hat popped up when I googled Boston headshots) and I had an appointment set and confirmed by the end of the week.

On Friday, I went to the studio. The process was fast, easy, and Ryuji had me talking and smiling. We got a lot of good pictures and I chose one to be my headshot. I highly recommend, especially if you are someone who doesn't love to have your picture taken and therefore don't have a lot of pictures of yourself.
– Allen P.
Ryuji is the best headshot photographer. Seriously!!! I have never met a more professionally talented and excellent photographer like Ryuji. He does a great job at putting a person at ease. I met Ryuji for a last minute photoshoot. He was extremely accommodating. I enjoyed talking to him throughout the shoot. He goes above and beyond in helping you to get comfortable in front of the camera. He makes sure he understands the purpose of your picture and makes you achieve that look in the picture. I will highly recommend him to anyone :)
– Archana R.
It was a pleasure working with Ryuji. He had a great understanding of what I was looking for.

I personally don't like professional photo shooting and don't feel comfortable at making a pose, but Ryuji made me feel very relaxed and it felt as very natural and entertaining process. I had a great time, got a great pictures and also met a new friend.

He is not only a professional photographer, but also very intelligent and interesting person.

I would definitely recommend him to others who are looking for the great professional pictures to express themselves at their best.
– Anastasia R.
I contacted him last minute because I needed a headshot for an application. He was super accommodating in terms of day and time, and also very easy to deal with. During the photo session I felt relaxed and it was nice that Ryuji really worked with me to get the best picture we could get. I didn't feel rushed at all. At the end, I got a picture that I was very happy with, I highly recommend his work.
– Renata D.
This was my first time getting a professional headshot taken so I wasn't sure what to expect. Ryuji made it a very fun and interactive environment and the photo turned out great. I'll definitely be coming back whenever I need another photo taken.
– Spencer C.
I highly recommend Ryuji Suzuki. I needed to update my profile photo for LinkedIn and I was delighted to discover that all of the positive reviews listed on this site are true. He is extremely professional, courteous, patient and strives to make sure that you are happy with the end result. From providing helpful tips on how to prep for the session to giving honest, real-time feedback during the session, he made the process fun, enjoyable and rewarding. I am so pleased with the final product and I will be recommending him to all of my colleagues and friends.
– E P.
Working with Ryuji was one of the best and stress free experiences I've ever had. He made sure he took the best shot of me for my LinkedIn. Very professional. I highly recommend his services.
– Namz N.
Needed professional headshots - Beaupix was great. Ryuji was easy to work with, the process was smooth and laid out clearly, and I'm very happy with the results.
– John L.
I needed a professional headshot taken and Beaupix immediately caught my eye online. The reason why I immediately knew that I would go with Beaupix was that the work samples speak for themselves. Not only are they very professional and high quality, they also seemed very natural to me and captured each person's personality in a great way. Exactly what I wanted!

After my appointment today, I must say that working with Ryuji exceeded my expectations. He is very professional, makes sure each detail is perfect and is a great listener who puts the client's wishes into action. Customer service like this is hard to come by these days. Not to mention, Ryuji is a very interesting, dedicated and pleasant person to work with.

Look no further, I would recommend Beaupix to anyone looking for a great headshot, no matter the occasion.
– Verena D.
Professional and Perfect! I needed a professional headshot for my medical license application and I luckily found this place on Google when I was in Boston for work. He squeezed me into his tight schedule and we chatted the entire time putting me at ease. Before I knew it, he had several amazing photos - I didn't even know I could look that good! I would highly recommend this photographer!
– Connie L.
I needed a last-minute picture. Photographer contacted me immediately to set up a time. The facilities were great and overall a fun shoot. I am happy with the end result and would recommend his service.
– Diana A.
Very talented photographer, attentive to details, encouraging along the way! His curiosity about human nature makes it possible for him to capture your individuality and character in photos. Highly recommend!
– Olga U
I worked with Ryuji to have my professional (corporate) picture taken and would highly recommend him. He is personable, detailed and extremely creative. His expertise and knowledge is quickly demonstrated once you start working with him. Additionally, he makes it very easy to step out of your comfort zone and specifically cater to your needs.
– Casey V.
Ryuji's attention to detail and decisiveness during my photo session helped me get the best headshot I thought I could get. Very pleased. I would recommend
– Preston Y.
I'm extremely grateful I got the chance to work with Ryuji who's very professional and creative, able to cultivate a rewarding and seamless photoshoot from the genesis. Essentially during the day of my photoshoot I was able to locate the studio without difficulty, parking at the meters right outside. Entering I met Ryuji in the lobby of the 15 Channel Center St Building which was set in a modern day artist haven. Riding the elevator up to Ryuji's studio together, he asked me what I wanted the pictures for and we went through the different outfits I had brought with me and ideas of how to shoot, suggesting styles, frames, backgrounds, and combinations, going over all of the many different options. I had chosen the package 2 for Corporate Headshot as I was looking to possibly switch industries and just wanted to have something to reference for a corporate setting in my portfolio as well as another style that was more laidback and informal; I was extremely pleased with the outcome! During the shooting I suggested to Ryuji that we play music throughout from the speaker/bluetooth system that was hooked up. Ryuji's collection of work was hanging on the walls engaging the studio overlooking the city horizon, really helped provide for a more dynamic experience. For someone who never does photoshoots and has a lot of anxiety around having their picture taken, I was able to really calm down, ease into the shoot and feel relaxed about having my picture taken. With Ryuji's direction and experience we went through all of the picture together and picked the best ones, I was very pleased about the end result and would recommend to anyone that would desire to update their LinkedIn or Social Media Accounts!
– Max R.
It was a great experience working with Ryuji yesterday! He was able to make me feel very comfortable during our personality photo shoot. He's a very talented photographer who was able to help me pick out the best photos out of the numerous ones we took outside. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.
– Jason V.
I hate having my picture taken. Every time I try to smile for the camera the resulting photo always comes out looking fake or stiff. My dating profile was full of selfies and badly taken photos with various cellphones. I was in desire need of some good pictures. Ryuji to the rescue. Besides being a talented photographer, Ryuji is amazing to work with. He has a way of putting you at ease while he shoots. The resulting photo's come out looking vibrant and relaxed. Your personality shines through the photos.
– Eric J.
Ryuji was great! I was honestly dreading the idea of having head shots taken, as I generally dislike looking at photos of myself, and was worried that a "professional" photo would mean something stiff and robotic. Ryuji calmed my nerves by asking great questions about my work and my ultimate goals for these photos. He then worked with me to create the right balance of professional poise with more natural settings, poses, and expressions that allowed my personality to come through in a polished way. The session itself was fun and laid back -- Ryuji helped me figure out the best outfit/colors from clothes I had brought to the shoot to get the looks I was aiming for (I chose to shoot both a "corporate" and a "casual" look, but many different styles/options are possible depending on your purpose). Also, the process of booking and receiving the photos was super fast and convenient -- I needed photos on a few days notice, and Ryuji called me back immediately to arrange a next-day appointment. The photos were in a zip file in my inbox before I even left the studio. In short, this was a great experience, and the quality of the photography and the service were top-notch. Highly recommend Ryuji and Beaupix!
– Jennifer H.
I found Ryuji on Google, after reading reviews and talking with him over the phone I decided to set an appointment. Make sure you plan ahead, parking can be difficult. I arrived and Ryuji greeted me on time and we went up to his studio. Being that this was my first time, I didn't know what to expect. Ryuji is a great listener, easy to talk to and very easy to work with. We took a few pictures to start which felt awkward at the beginning but after a few light jokes from Ryuji I loosened up a bit and the pictures started to come out perfect! I absolutely recommend Ryuji to anyone that is looking for professional photography work!
– Calvin P.
I highly recommend Beaupix Studio for great, professional headshots.

Ryuji is talented, meticulous and professional. He was very responsive and flexible with timing, allowing me to arrange for an appointment on short notice. He sets his clients up for great results by preparing in advance with a phone call, and really discussing the need behind the headshot, both during that call and in the studio.

Ryuji was welcoming and gracious in the studio and made me comfortable by really explaining the process. He took a lot of shots, and we sat down together to break them down to the very best ones. Once the final photograph was selected, Ryuji digitally cleaned up a loose thread that appeared, and send three versions of the same photograph before I even left the studio.
– Mark B
Review on Facebook profile, Aug 8, 2016
Ryuji did an absolutely outstanding job for me! He spent many (3-4 hours) walking me through the process, helping me to convey emotion and tell a story for the camera, and traveling around the city with me to create shots that conveyed my personality. Ryuji really went above any beyond in terms of engagement and making me feel comfortable and accurately represented. He is also an incredibly smart, interesting, and well-rounded guy! 5/5 would definitely hire again!!
– David T.
I had a great experience with Ryuji at Beaupix. I needed to take the photo as soon as I could, and Ryuji was super accommodating. Within minutes of calling him personally, I was at his studio (it was already 7:30 p.m.) and he was ready to start the photo shoot. Ryuji is very dedicated and professional, and was very careful in orienting the session to exactly what I wanted to get out of the picture. In my case, I'm looking to move into a startup, and he took every care to cater towards this. During the session, he was careful-and even strict- in wanting to aim towards perfection. Then, as he edited the pictures (which I highly recommend), he was also very careful and invested plenty of time and effort doing it himself. I am very satisfied with the results - particularly given it was a same-day shoot, and highly recommend going to him for your professional or other photo shoot.
– Esteban Aguel
I recently moved to Boston and was looking for a professional corporate headshot that would reflect my approachable friendly side and increase visibility to industry peers. Finding someone like Ryuji truly exceeded my expectations. From the moment Ryuji took my call I knew he would be interesting and fun to work with. Ryuji is extremely professional, organized and full of suggestions on how to prepare for your photo session so you arrive relaxed and looking your best. I was impressed by how Ryuji took the time to ask questions learn about me first. Ryuji is extremely well versed in multiple areas, knowledgeable in the technical aspects of photography as well as the artistic aspects of how to compose a flattering image. Ryuji is "renaissance man" who is sure to find a connection with you to get a laugh and a great smile. Ryuji also is very meticulous with final selection and preparation of your photo for publishing. I appreciated the extra time he took to make sure I was satisfied with every detail. If you are like me you want to like the people you do business with I highly recommend Beaupix. Let Ryuji guide you through the process and I can assure you you will be in great hands. You will truly enjoy the process and receive tons of compliments on your final photos.
– Amy H.
I am an early career physician and researcher in the Boston area. I realized that having an online profile is important in the current world and with it a genuine photo that depicts your personality. When I made a reservation with Ryuji, the first thing that struck me was the fact that I had never come across a business or an individual with a 5 star average rating after 117 Google reviews. Online reviews can be unforgiving, yet brutally honest and exempt of any accountability or justification. In this statement, I can confidently say that Ryuji deserves all the accolades for being one of the most professional, courteous, genuine, and affable person I have ever met. I was treated like a friend, not a client. It was a relaxing, purposeful, yet undaunting experience. It was treated like royalty. He was non-judgemental, yet honest and unrelenting in his pursuit for perfection. Out of 55 headshots, we selected 3 best shots, and after over 2 hours of time spent with me, he patiently made the final picture perfect and better than I could have ever have imagined. As physicians, we do not have the same goals as corporate clientele and Ryuji is very much aware of that! For future interns, residents, fellows, and attendings, I would highly recommend that your profile picture be done with Ryuji as his technique and attention to detail is exemplary. Every portrait to him is his piece of art, his achievement to which he will invest time, energy and patience. I recommend a whole hearted 5 stars for my experience!
– Saurabh Kumar
In simple word Ryuji is an excellent photographer, very professional and understand what client needs. He very interactive during the photoshoot and makes you feel comfortable during photoshoot. Definitely, I highly recommend him for professional photographs.
– Nitu Singh
I wanted a very nicely done professional photo. I was in search of a specialist that understood how to capture aspects my personality within a corporate framework. Namely, I wanted a picture that is serious but affable, that exudes leadership and confidence, something that looks distinguished. I was not worried about price, I was firm on quality. I began my search for such a photographer through Yelp reviews and picked Beaupix simply because it had the highest number of quality reviews.

I had the pleasure of having my self-portrait taken by Ryuji and he met my high expectations. Ryuji was prompt, efficient and I was sincerely impressed with his creativity and passion for photography. He was patient, answered all my questions and produced a self-portrait for which I am very proud. I will certainly be returning to Ryuji in the future for more portraits. I recommend his services to anyone seeking quality and innovation.
– Abidemi Adeniji
Really good experience and loved my new profile shot. Professional level skill and pleasant conversations during the process. Would definitely recommend!
– Huanyu Shi
My old LinkedIn headshot was a photo (taken on my phone) of my fraternity composite photo. Even though it was terrible in quality, it captured good times and my youthfulness. However, I recently got a new role at my company that required more client facing time, so I decided that it's finally time to move on and go for a LinkedIn headshot upgrade.

After finding glaring reviews on Beaupix, I scheduled a phone consultation with Ryuji immediately. His expertise and professionalism became evident within minutes into the call; he asked a series of questions to gauge what I was looking for and how he can cater to my needs.

His studio is located near the marvelous seaport area, and wasn't too hard to find. Ryuji is very friendly in person and a great conversationalist. We talked about history, food, and travel. Before I knew it, the photo shoot was over.

Overall, I had a very positive experience and would highly recommend Ryuji!
– Jack W.
I needed a professional headshot for my company's new website, and just the fact that my walking in the woods candid's just weren't cutting it anymore. I am not a huge fan of taking pictures, but I was excited to add a new, more professional look to my online presence. I couldn't be happier with the results. I chose the two "look" package, and so happy I did.

Preparation was key! Professional headshots are an investment, whether you are doing it for personal reason or on the company dime. I had NO idea what I was doing, but the phone calls with Ryuji leading up to the session were very helpful. He helped me think through makeup, hair, clothing, etc. Even when I showed up with multiple outfits in hand, he helped me figure out some pairings. The help preparing certainly contributed to make this a five star experience.

My company is a start-up of only 4 people and we work remotely from different parts of the US, so we are unable to have one photographer for all employees. I came with a set of, admittedly, pretty basic and unhelpful standards. When I got there, Ryuji sat with me for about 15 minutes looking at my company's webpage, showing me comparable businesses, and just discussing the overall look my company wants. If we all lived in one place, I would certainly want to hire him for all of us.

Now, I mentioned I got the two "look" package. I wanted some shots inside and outside. The day I went was very windy, so I was a bit nervous we weren't going to pull it off. After the inside shoot though, Ryuji was game, so out we went. This was CRITICAL! I was so much more comfortable outside, and the inside shots helped me get used to the process and the feeling of being photographed, helped me get my game face on, etc. I definitely suggest thinking about where you feel more at ease, inside or outside, when thinking about your shots. I ended up choosing a few of the outside shots over the inside shots. Ryuji stayed out there even though it was freezing and windy, with his equipment almost falling down a few times.

Finally, the touch-up service is definitely worth the investment if you are already investing in headshots. I wasn't planning on getting it but decided to add it last minute as my eyes were a little teary due to wind. I was concerned that the touch-up would make the pictures look fake or inauthentic, but Ryuji is excellent at making really minor adjustments that you wouldn't even notice in the picture yourself, but ultimately make you look better. You sit there with him during the process so if you don't like something you are able to address it immediately. I have some scars on my face that I didn't want to erase completely as they are a fundamental part of my appearance, and he was able to just make them a little less obvious while still keeping my photos authentic. I liked it so much that I asked him to touch up a second picture after I left.

Overall, I was very happy with the experience and the final products and I feel like I have digital images that I can use professionally for years to come. It was certainly a worthwhile investment.
– Joy S.
I went to Ryuji to get professional pictures taken for work. Ryuji - unlike many others - took a real interest in who I was, what my personality was like, and thought carefully about what kinds of photographs I wanted to get the job done. The experience was totally uniquely catered to what I wanted and he was very sensitive to that. Additionally, because he was natural and authentic, I did not feel uncomfortable - instead, I felt free to be myself, which is obviously really important to show in photographs. Finally, he has a sense of artistry and dedication to the craft that lifts him above other photographers - I cannot recommend him enough!
– Sushrut Jangi
I am so happy with the headshots Ryuji took of me for my Realtors & social media web sites. The photos came out great, he was very patient with me as I was not sure on what I wanted to wear. He made feel very at ease and comfortable while shooting the photos. This helped tremendously as I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable being so focused on myself! Ryuji was able to schedule me quickly and was also accommodating when I needed to change the time of our appointment. The attention to detail and patience he has is remarkable. He was such a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to all! Thank Ryuji!
– Katie G.
I never write these types of reviews even when I've had an awesome experience because I am a third year medical student and never have the actual time to do so. But I am so grateful and impressed with Ryuji that I had to take the time. If you are a professional looking for corporate appropriate images for interviews or websites he is the guy. Like I said I'm a third-year med student in the Boston area applying for residency and if you know what I'm talking about you understand how high stakes this is. He took the time to understand what I needed but he also gave me his professional expert opinion. He's done residency headshots before so he was able to bring actual experience above photography experience. He spent additional time with me and was so gracious the entire time. He had amazing tricks up his sleeve to calm me down and help me to relax so he could get the best shot!! I am so happy I found Ryuji and if I ever need a photographer again for professional or other reasons he is the guy. I will travel to Boston for his services. He is definitely worth the effort!!!
Have you ever had your photo taken by a PhD. from MIT? Well, here's your chance! Ryuji offers a photographic experience that is as meticulous as getting a doctorate in nuclear biology entails. He'll help with clothing advice, eyewear (no less means no glare) and getting to the studio relaxed and ready. He offers his professional opinion to help cull photos for the ultimate choice. Rest assured, you will look like your best self. You are in good hands with Ryuji; book without reservation. I am confident to recommend his service.
– cosmiccanine
Creative, compassionate & perfect!
– Aws AlShaheen
great place to get your photos done!
I would definitely recommend it!????
– Alexa Vega
I am so glad that I found Ryuji on Yelp and I chose him to re-shoot my headshots. Backstory: My office had arranged for someone to come in and take portraits for the website and they came out all wrong.

Everything with Ryuji was great. I loved the ability to schedule the complimentary consultation (kind of last minute) on his website - the consultation it self was straightforward and he answered all of my questions. Once booked, he gave extremely detailed information about the shoot, his studio, parking, what to expect and what to wear/not to wear. During the shoot he was very easy to talk to and open to what I thought I was looking for. Like most people here I hate having my picture taken - Ryuji was very friendly and professional and he listed to all of my input and concerns. He was upfront about different costs associated with shoot and re-touching. He spent a great amount of time showing me the different options for retouching while still making sure that the photo looked real and like me. He also found the exact specs for my company website and sent me back with the perfectly sized images for LinkedIn, the website and other print market. I have had my headshot taken 5-6 times over the years and this was by far the best experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Ryuji/Beaupix Studio to anyone looking for a professional photographer.
– Samantha J.
From start to finish, Ryuji is a pro.  He is meticulous in preparation, offering excellent advice on planning, clothing, eyewear, arrival, etc.  

Who would think to pop out the lenses to glasses in order to avoid glare?  How many photographers help with wardrobe advice, based on industry?  Who asks what image it is your photo is intended to project?  Well, Ryuji does.  Even down to giving yourself plenty of time to get to the studio so you aren't stressed out, every bit of advice is practical.

Taking photos for some is about as pleasant as a trip to the dentist but Ryuji banters pleasantly, providing a distraction that allows your true personality to emerge in the photo.  He helps you to choose the photos on a large screen, comparing them and offering opinions.  We saw one company website where every photo but one was his work.  The one that wasn't taken by him looked awful in comparison!

Getting an executive photo is money well spent.  I can highly recommend this service without reservation.
– MJ M.
Let me first preface this by saying I HATE taking pictures. It's awkward and I avoid it if at all possible. Unless it's a group picture where I can just blend in.

Anyway, I had to get a corporate headshot done in a hurry. I called around to different studios and ended up speaking with Ryuji, who was willing to fit me into his schedule same day.

The studio space was comfortable and he made the experience less awkward for me by holding a pretty down to earth conversation and keeping things lighthearted. We took one round of pictures and when I noticed some things I didn't like, we did another set of shots.

He sat with me and helped me sort through the ones that looked the best and fit my business needs. I sat with him as he did some retouching to polish the photos, and he made sure to ask my opinion along the way, while still offering his expert opinion.

The photos came out great, and I walked away with 4 different sizes for print, LinkedIn, digital documents and one original without cropping.

Great experience overall!
– Taja R.
My first time taking professional pictures. Ryuji made me feel really comfortable with the camera. I recommend him to anyone!
– Thierry H.
I chose to work with Ryuji for a professional portrait after finding his website and seeing some of the work in his portfolio. I couldn't have had a better experience. Ryuji was very professional from our initial call right up through the photo shoot. He is clearly a very skilled photographer and I was extremely happy with my photos.

I don't usually like being in front of a camera and was a little nervous going into the shoot, however, Ryuji provided useful feedback and direction throughout our session and made me feel totally at ease. Ryuji was also very helpful in giving his honest opinion when we were selecting which picture to use.

Ryuji took the time to get to know me and made sure to understand the intended audience for my photos. He is an excellent photographer and I would highly recommend his service.
– Dan D.
Ryuji puts a great deal of effort into making his clients feel comfortable and get them in the right mindset for a perfect session. After responding to my inquiry he set up the phone consultation and asked all the right questions to tailor the session for the individual. This produces the perfect final product.
– Patrick A.
If you are camera-shy and do not like the way you look in pictures, you need to read this review and remember Beaupix Studios, especially Ryuji. He will not disappoint and your pictures will turn out great!

I researched on the internet extensively to find a photographer I felt comfortable with for my first professional head shot photograph for Linkedin and other purposes.

Although I was impressed with the Beaupix Studio website, I was most impressed by how Ryuji took extra steps to ensure my photographs were outstanding

I made my first contact with Ryuji through the website and set up a time for an introductory call. Ryuji called me on time and spent more than half an hour speaking with me about my goals from the photography session and how to prepare for the session.

I had no idea what to expect. Ryuji made recommendations about what to wear, makeup and hair styles. His primary advice was that I needed to remain comfortable with my wardrobe, hair, and makeup for each of the two sessions: one formal and one informal picture.

After the initial consultation over the phone, I was sent a confirmation email with clear instructions on how to find the studio, how to prepare, and how to contact Ryuji. He left nothing to chance and it gave me confidence in his attention to detail.

Once I arrived at the studio, there was no stress from start to finish. I loathe having my picture taken! Ryuji was able to make me feel relaxed while talking to me about my hobbies and favorite music. He took many pictures during each session. At the end of both sessions, we selected the best photos and he began to retouch the ones I selected.

That is when the magic happened!

Ryuji's photography retouches are top notch! He keeps the essence of the person and slightly improves the appearance with dramatic results. Ryuji approaches each picture as an artist to a canvas and takes his time to deliver a masterpiece! I am in my mid 50's and I have wrinkles and other 'character-indicators.' He smoothed my wrinkles and enhanced my best features without over-working the picture. The photo was perfectly retouched!

It does not matter how young or old you are and how much or little you need the photo retouched. Ryuji is the best and I highly recommend Beaupix studios if you want a photograph that captures you at your best!
– Sandra L.
There is a reason Ryuji's site comes up first, accompanied by over 100 5-star reviews, when one types "headshot photographer Boston" in their search engine. I trusted the reviews when I scheduled with him and am a very happy customer. Ryuji came as advertised. He is a truly talented professional. He took his time with me over the phone to learn what I needed and to talk me through my anxiety about taking a professional picture. My need was for a headshot for an academic conference, and he really helped me to figure out the look I was going for there. He is a really comfortable person to be around and put me right at ease in his lovely studio. He's engaging, easy-going, and warm. Along with so many of the other reviewers here, I came away with a shot that reflects what I consider to be my best self: I look natural, happy, calm, and confident. Moreover, Ryuji managed to capture an image that is not boring and lets enough (but not too much!) of my personality come through. I am planning to launch a website this spring for my small business, and I plan to use Ryuji's talent for this project as well. I will recommend him to everyone I know.
– N Kontos
As I was browsing in search of a photographer for a personal headshot, I came across the Beaupix web site and the personality portrait concept immediately resonated with me. I did not want a portrait that looked too "posed", too perfect (although Ryuji could do that as well) but rather one that truly reflects who I am. I was not disappointed. Ryuji takes the time to discover you by engaging into genuine conversation and meanwhile, he seamlessly takes multiples photos. He takes you outside to nice spots around his studio in Boston to make portraits in a natural environment (we even walked to a café and got a pastry!). He then sits with you and goes over the pictures, selects the best ones and retouches them. In all, a very pleasant experience and a great result at a reasonable price if you consider the time Ryuji spends with you (4 hours!..I don't think other regular portrait photographers spend that much time with the client). Ryuji is definitely talented and, on top of it, a very intelligent and interesting man.
– Murielle G.
I needed a picture for a press release and I dreaded getting my picture taken. Colleagues recommended Ryuji as the organization has worked with him before for headshots of past executive directors. Ryuji was truly wonderful to work with for a great headshot. He made me feel welcome, important and I was so involved in the interesting conversation that we were having that I forgot that I was a photo section so I became relaxed and pretty soon we were laughing and the shooting session went by really quickly and before long we had the top three photos to chose from. I would highly recommend Ryuji to anyone looking not only for a first class photographer but also someone that takes prides on the end results and does magic with the subject in front of him. Thank you Ryuji for such a great experience. I will be back!
– Myriam J.
I know you. You took your own photos or are using pictures with your friends from an iPhone for your profile and social media. It shows.

Photos at Beaupix are worth every penny. Don't bother going to some other place because it is not about the quantity of the photos but the quality. You will leave with plenty of outstanding pictures from Beaupix. Commemorate your life and get excited about having some pictures of yourself that you are proud of. Show up to Beaupix studios.

You will not believe the confidence you walk out with after having the personality and professional head shots at Beaupix studio. You will learn strategies to make even your future photos better. Thank you Ryuji for making me comfortable, for teaching me about bringing energy into photos, and for taking authentic pictures of me that were beyond my imagination.
– J S.
I found Ryuji on his Beaupix website when I was looking for a photographer to take good photos of me for a dating website. Working with him was a delight. He has a great, dry sense of humor and is a fantastic photographer. He spent over 2 hours with me taking photos both in his studio and outdoors. I was nervous at first and uncomfortable in front of the camera but he worked with me so well and we got numerous shots that I was proud of, that showcased the "authentic" me. I have since used the photos both on Facebook and Linked in.
Highly, highly recommended!
– Leslie K.
I highly recommend working with Ryuji! I did not initially choose his studio, Beaupix Studio, because I wanted a faster and less costly option. However, I was not satisfied with the end result of that choice. I did a lot more research and decided to work with Ryuji for my second (and successful) attempt. Two things I liked most about him: He photoshops while you wait so you get the approved photos right away! And he makes a clear distinction between professional and personal expectations of your photos. This was important for me because I wanted two different looks, and he worked with me in selecting the appropriate poses and background for those options. His work is worth the additional investment and time. On a side note, I also recommend getting your hair styled and makeup done for your photo session as well (Drybar and Neiman Marcus)!
– Kayly H.
Ryuji is a very talented photographer and a nice person to work with. I got just the results I wanted and he was helpful in figuring out what I needed to do in the session to accomplish that. He is great at making you feel comfortable which is key to liking the end result. Also helpful in the final selection process. I will be a repeat customer. Strongly recommend.
– Lisa C
I highly recommend Ryuji Suzuki if you are in need of excellent photographs, professional service, and a pleasant experience. Ryuji worked with me on developing professional headshots in preparation for my career that incorporated different looks and were taken in a variety of locations. He was very patient and made a serious effort to make sure that I was comfortable and relaxed. I never once felt rushed or burdensome during the session. In addition, Ryuji provided me with helpful advice on which photos to use in specific contexts. Furthermore, Ryuji (and his makeup artist Manda Carco) provided me with professional service that catered to my needs and fulfilled my goal of attaining a top-quality professional headshot. Should you choose Ryuji as your photographer, you will not be disappointed.
– Nicole L.
I rarely look for professionals on the web. I look to my friends and colleagues to make trustworthy recommendations. When it came to professional photography, I couldn't get a strong recommendation, so I did Google search and Ryuji was at the top of the list in Boston.

He turned out to be the most helpful and delightful find! From the time I first contacted Ryuji right through delivery of the photos, the entire experience was outstanding. One thing that sets Ryuji apart is that he cares and it permeated throughout the process. He shared his knowledge not just on photography, but also on marketing for small businesses and on professional services which were both relevant to why I invested the time and money to have professional photos taken.

Ryuji understands and acts on his understanding of what sets him apart from other photographers with similar skill: the experience he creates. How well the client poses is a big part of the quality of the photograph, and Ryuji's focus on creating a relaxed and professional experience for his clients goes a long way to creating successful pictures. His focus on the client's desires and experiences, combined with his ability to bring the best out of people creates results that are a win-win for both his clients and him.

I would recommend Ryuji to anyone looking to make their dreams come true as they take their first step towards a compelling and resonant web presence.
– Charles S.
I needed a new head shot when I joined a new wealth management firm and Ryuji was terrific! Before I even set food in the studio, Ryuji checked in with me to ensure that he knew what my priorities were and to give me some pointers about what to wear / not wear and the like. When I was running late to our appointment because I happened to also be moving out of my house that very day, he told me to relax and not worry about it, as the stress would show in the images. Better to be 15 mins late and relaxed for the camera than frazzled for the whole shoot! He then made me feel totally comfortable as we did the photo shoot, and the result was a great one. Before he even took out the camera, we looked together at other head shots he'd done and talked some more about what type of image I wanted to convey and what background / lighting / pose combination would be best to achieve that. I really appreciated that his studio had a variety of background materials and settings within which he could shoot. We did an extensive shoot and then reviewed the images. There were a few good contenders but I had loosened up by then and I was confident that we could get something better so we did a second round. Totally worth it and we ended up with an image that I'm very pleased with. Throughout all of this Ryuji was pleasant, professional, and entertaining. I would not hesitate to use him again or to send colleagues or friends to him.
– Lauren C.
Working with Ryuji was fun and the product came out really well too. I appreciated the time he took to get to understand what the picture was for, what I wanted to project, and to include my input in the process. it was an excellent way to spend an afternoon and I will be using the picture for years to come.
– Kate B.
When I applied to medical residency programs, I knew I needed a professional headshot but had never had one done before. I chose Beaupix because it seemed like Ryuji had a lot of experience working with a variety of clients including newcomers like myself. I'm very impressed by the level of service I got from Ryuji. I had a lot of questions for him and he was extremely helpful in answering all of them. He spent over an hour with me from start to finish and wanted to be sure that I was happy with the final result, which I was. He's a very personable guy and makes every effort to make sure you are as comfortable as possible through the entire process. If I ever need another professional headshot done in the future I would 100% return to Beaupix.
– Erin F.
Initially I met Ryuji over the phone after I had a very bad experience with a photographer earlier that day. The second I was on the phone with him, I felt more at ease and secure that I made an appointment to go see him. He was so courteous and flexible with time too, which made it so convenient for myself. I was in a rush to get the head shots done, so he was able to see me in the early evening that same day!!!

When I was there, he was nothing but professional and he truly knew what he was doing from the beginning to the end. He had such a fabulous personality and really understood my insecurities, which made me feel so comfortable. I honestly felt like I knew him my entire life.

The pictures came out wonderful, and he even took his time going over each one with me. I trusted his own opinion so much, from just his own talents and professionalism.

His artistry and intelligence was beyond the best. I will recommend all my friends, family, and clients to him. I actually have already given my office his name for anyone who is interested. Now I understand why a viewer mentioned that she comes all the way from New York to get pictures taken by him. I look forward to the next time I have to get professional pictures done, which in the past has always been a nightmare for myself!
I think its awesome too, that he has such a fabulous website, (the best I actually have ever seen) and I am an avid internet person. Im still so impressed and I just can't stop sharing and talking to my peers of this incredible experience and interaction.

Thank you Ryuji for truly changing my life!
– Rabiah A.
Ryuji is a very talented photographer. He is also very personable and pleasant. He knows how to make you comfortable in front of the camera. He has a spacious photo studio in south Boston, easily accessible by public transport. I found the initial phone consultation helpful especially if you feel nervous for your photoshoot. Just heads up, the session may last a bit longer (for a good reason, he does care about quality of final product/photo). He took maybe 80 photos and he was very helpful is advising which photo to keep or lose. I was impressed how he was trying to know me and my profession better and his advice were right on! Thanks again Ryuji for such a wonderful job!
– Muguet B.
Ryuji was an artist and a professional. I knew this was going to be a positive experience when Ryuji asked me up front what my goals and intended audience were. He helped me to craft a portrait that would meet my needs better than I would have done if I was directing how the photo should look to begin with. The photo session was effortless and casual and I left feeling incredibly pleased with my portrait.
– Brendan Nolan
I reached out to Ryuji in need of a corporate headshot. Overall, I am very pleased with the results.

The initial phone consultation was efficient and quick. Ryuji was friendly and very accommodating in scheduling me on his calendar. Ryuji was also very upfront about the price and what to expect on the day of the appointment.

The day of my appointment felt very natural. Ryuji was very personable and did a great job of striking up a friendly conversation during the shoot. What I found most impressive was his efforts to provide advice to ensure that I got the best results possible.

The session lasted about one hour and it went by very quickly. It was a pleasure working with Ryuji and I would highly recommend him.
– Jeremy J.
It was a pleasure working with Ryuji, especially after knowing that we have similar backgrounds in science. I admired his passion and commitment for the job he is doing. He is also very flexible with time. I e-mailed him last minute on a Sunday afternoon to arrange an urgent headshot that I need for my residency applications. He called me back the same day to schedule a time and the next day we were done with everything. Even though I was late for the appointment I stayed there around 1.5 hours, 30 minutes more than the allotted time, without feeling any pressure.

We did two sets of shooting. After the first one we went through the pictures to see what we can improve, what I liked or did  not like. The second set came out perfect. Like many, it was very difficult for me to relax and be natural, but Ryuji made the shooting part of a conversation I (I was talking while he is shooting actively) rather than only giving instructions and expecting you not to move.The most helpful part was after the shooting while we were trying to choose the 'best' picture together, With every picture he explained why he thinks it would be good or not so good depending on the purpose of the picture. For example there were several pictures he thought that would be good for an audition but not for an application. At the end, I believe we chose the right pose for an "application" even though there were many others that looked good.

Overall, I definitely recommend Ryuji for a professional headshot.
– Deniz D.
This was my first time having headshots done, and I am so glad I chose Beaupix studio. Ryuji is a amazing photographer and he has a great personality. I felt so comfortable during the photo shoot, he knew exactly the type of look I was going for. What really stood out to me was his professionalism he took his time and made sure we were both happy with how the photos came out. He also gave me helpful advise about the acting industry. If you are looking to have amazing photos taken than definitely have them taken by Ryuji!
– Anderson W.
It's refreshing to find someone as easy to work with as Ryuji. I stumbled upon his website while browsing for a local photographer for headshots and I was not disappointed. I gave him a call and was able to set up an appointment with him within minutes, and he even followed up with me before the shoot to ask if I had any questions before coming in.

It's clear that Ryuji takes pride in what he does and he is extremely open to feedback and tailoring the shoot to meet the specific needs of his clients. He is laid back and accommodating which is great for those who are a bit camera shy. Also, his work space is located in Fort Point which provides some great Boston scenery a short walk away if you are looking for outdoor photos.

Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for professional and polished headshots as well as more fun, personalized pictures. Thank you Ryuji!
– Jay P.
I needed a headshot for [medical] residency application and found Ryuji nearby. He has a lot of experience with exactly what I needed, and the photoshoot went effortlessly with great results. He was very friendly, and makes you feel at ease to get those natural looking shots. It was great to have his insight and input as someone who looks at these all day, and was able to offer great suggestions both during the shoot and afterwards while choosing the picture.
– Jj L.
I had an amazing experience getting pictures done for dating profiles. This is the first time that I've seen pictures of me that look the way I think I look. I've always hated looking at pictures of myself. they never seem to show what I see when I look in the mirror. I'm so excited to finally have photos of myself that look like me. I've had headshots done by professional photographers and still ended up disappointed. The process was seamless. Everything happened exactly the way Ryuji said it would from the initial inquiry to downloading my pictures. I cannot recommend Beaux Studio enough.
– Deanna L.
Ryuji is a talented photographer with an extensive experience in portrait photography. I believe one of his most important skills is that he makes you feel comfortable, not by using a few tricks from the book but just by being himself. I felt very relaxed and at home. Key starting point I think if you want to get a good head shot.
We had a fun conversation while he was shooting pics. Then we sat down together at his computer and went through the images. We made a first selection, did another session and then got to our final selection. We actually had couple good ones to choose from. He is able to explain very clearly why he chooses one photo over the other.
I am very happy with the end result.
All together it was very smooth, quick and fun process.

I highly recommend Ryuji!
– Gerard S.
I initially located Ryuji because my career had taken an unexpected (positive) turn and I needed to obtain a good headshot for corporate relations purposes. A quick search on the internet identified Ryuji (and his operation, Beaupix) and I feel incredibly lucky that I contacted him - I have been to Ryuji twice to get headshots for use in internal and external corporate websites. To put it simply, Ryuji is a rare, high-quality, intelligent, engaging, and dedicated photographer who cares about his clients and their needs.

My first headshot was for a new career moving into a business development position after having been a scientist at a large biotech firm. I came to Ryuji with the aim of capturing a headshot with a neat and professional style. Ryuji and I poured over dozens of shots that he took of me while we spoke and joked about the world, our professions, and current events. The result of that half hour or so was incredible - there were several images that captured serious, earnest, or light-hearted looks. We chose a photo that fit the bill of a professional entering into a new career.

I came back to Ryuji about a year and a half later because my career had matured and I felt that a more relaxed style would be more appropriate for who I was and how I had grown professionally. I had also moved onto another organization where this kind of style would be more appropriate. I opted to take both a studio-style setting and also a natural light setting to see what might capture a lighter, yet professional image for such a headshot. Ryuji and I worked to get photos that engendered this kind of professional but welcoming appearance. Again, I felt that Ryuji met my expectations and more.

Overall, I would recommend Ryuji to anyone in need of a headshot for career requirements. Whether it needs to be casual or more formal, Ryuji will work with you to get the right mix of expressions, backgrounds and attire to get exactly what you are looking for. Thumbs up to Ryuji - I will be back in time and will also be getting a friend a surprise session with him as a gift.
– Andrew L.
My advice for working professionals looking for a new LinkedIn picture: schedule an appointment with Ryuji and don't look back. He's a photography genius. I couldn't be happier with the picture he took for me.
– James S.
Ryuji is an awesome photographer, who did a great job with my corporate headshot. We discussed what I wanted on the phone first, and what kind of photo suited my profession best. I had to pay half of the total price in order to book an appointment, which made sense.

On the day of the photoshoot, he was generous with advice on the right attire, and was overall very patient with getting the right shot. In his photos, the retouching is sophisticated and high-quality such that the photos remain realistic. Upon request, he gladly gave me a black and white version of the headshot as well for use on my website. This version was readjusted with his artistic expertise for free.

It was also my first time taking a corporate headshot, and so I was a little nervous at first, and did not know what to expect. His studio has a relaxed atmosphere, which helped as did his friendly manner. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality headshot, with a photographer who will give you personal attention, and make a genuine effort to meet your needs.
– Jayita S.
I needed a professional and casual headshot for my Linkedin and company biography. After working with Ryuji, I can confidently say he was the best man for the job.

Ryuji worked with me extensively in getting the right look and gave insightful advice and consultation on all aspects of myself to get the perfect shot. He takes his job seriously and does the shoot from the eyes of a veteran and well respected artist - not just a photographer. From the way I did my hair to the kind of clothing and color I wore, he has a high level of attention to detail that really helps to bring out your personality and message in each photo.

When I first met him, he had an incredibly friendly and relaxing air. This is the same approach he uses in taking his shots. I didn't feel at all stressed or awkward during the session because the whole time it felt like I was having a fun conversation with a friend. This is his method for getting candid and expressive shots with personality. He then takes multiple round of shots and goes through each photo until the right one is found. Two hours went by like nothing.

It is clear to me that Ryuji understands exactly what makes a good headshot. He also understood my needs very easily and really knows how to open you up for a good photo. Even more surprising - he seemed to have a high level of knowledge and awareness of different industries - this made it very easy for him to target my photo correctly to my intended audience.

We actually had a hard time choosing the final photos because they all turned out so well. My experience was so good that I ended up deciding to upgrade my package 1 to package 2. I will definitely come back to him for future headshots.
– Weilin Meng
The whole process was designed to have clients relax, making for better pictures. Ryuji has a knack for doing this despite his usual work with professionals. He approaches the session with an artistic sensibility and his advice about which pictures to choose were spot on. As a former fine art photographer, he brings an artistic sensibility to the creation of photos (even headshots) and that is what makes his photos better than others. He is great about giving clients all of the photos that he considers to be good. I left with 20 photos which is a lot more than I was promised from other photographers I had contacted.
– Chou P.
Absolutely wonderful experience and great headshots that I felt captured my personality. I cannot stand having my picture taken - rather like going to the dentist - but Ryuji was patient and warm. He is very amiable and a wonderful conversationalist. After a while, you forget he is taking pictures of you. He is willing to try different angles, lights, backgrounds to help you find the look you want. I also appreciated the pre-shoot phone call to help set expectations about what I was looking for (something corporate and also something for the Board of a non-profit) and to better help him prepare. He took a couple of hundred shots and then carefully worked with me to find the ones that I liked. Definitely not the get-them-in-get-them-out headshot mill and you can tell the difference in the quality of the photos. My husband saw the pictures afterwards and said, "Wow! Those are gorgeous and so you!"I highly recommend Beaupix for anyone looking for quality headshots!
– Angela Dowd
6/4/2015 Google Plus review
I made the right decision coming down to Ryuji's studio to take my corporate headshot.  I did my research and knew that there were other photographers in the area but none could compare to the genuine experience I had at his studio. If your looking to capturing that "perfect moment" and not just cover an insecurity, Ryuji's your guy.   He is a an artist at his core but has an abundance of knowledge both intellectually and professionally. I found myself being part of the creative process and my pictures came out absolutely amazing.

My experience with Ryuji was phenominal and if you are looking for quality artistic work I would recommend you give his studio a shot. You won't regret it!
– Derek D.
I'm an aspiring actor, so it's necessary for me to have headshots, and I do NOT have any regrets on choosing BEAUPIX. The photographer, Ryuji, knew I was nervous, and made it so easy for me. He even played some of my favorite music during the session. His patience and expertise made me more comfortable and relaxed, which resulted in some excellent photos. We worked well as a team. He has a lot of knowledge about the industry and made great suggestions. He even taught me a few things about cameras and the editing process. If you need headshots, go to BEAUPIX. Your money does not go to waste. And it's safe to say that if I ever need more headshots, I know where I'm going.
– John Cellini
5/22/2015 Google Plus review
Ryuji was courteous, funny and down-to-earth. We went 30 minutes past the 1 hour allotted time with no extra charge. When I inquired about not wanting to go past the 1 hour mark, he said that time was no issue.

He even gave me some of the best tea I've had in years. Overall, a very fun and enlightening experience. Had no idea that photography could be so complex. Ryuji's service is more expensive than most in Boston, but he does a phenomenal job.
– Jonathan K.
I wanted a photo for LinkedIn, but didn't have anything recent. I usually dislike having my photo taken, both in terms of the process and the result.

But from our initial phone consultation, I could tell that it was going to be a pleasure working with Ryuji. He's simultaneously relaxed and professional, in a way that can only come from experience. He was patient with my questions, and well organized in all of our communications.

On the day of the shoot, he welcomed me into the studio (it's a lovely space) and we spent a few minutes getting to know one another. He's extraordinarily attentive. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted, but he asked thoughtful questions, listened carefully to my ideas, and provided guidance when I needed it.

He's a very interesting person, and we chatted throughout the shoot. He snapped photos the entire time, and the emotional range of our conversation was reflected in the photos. Time flew by -- it was actually enjoyable.

I opted for two looks. After each series, we reviewed dozens of photos together and found the best ones through a process of elimination. He gave me the space to select the photos I liked, providing a little nudge when I was on the fence. I asked whether retouching was a good idea. He showed me the areas that might be refined, but we agreed that it wasn't necessary.

Overall, I was very happy with the results and I can't recommend Ryuji highly enough!
– Jeff H.
Life in the digital age is tough when you haven't got any decent photos. I am of the perpetually not photogenic sort. I tend to look sad, bored, or drugged in photos. However, based on the pics and reviews on the website I decided to give Beaupix a try. I am so glad I did. Ryuji's talent and dedication made all the difference. Not only is he technically accomplished, he has an eye for what will make a great shot, and he is adept at learning what his client wants and delivering precisely that. What makes Ryuji truly special though is that he will find a way to make you feel comfortable and will put in the effort to make you look good. I was very satisfied with my experience and would recommend Beaupix to any of my friends.
– Angela W.
I'm not usually comfortable with the idea of something like a portrait session, but my nerves quickly wore off after a few pictures. Ryuji is very talented and quickly grasps the looks you like and works hard to get you exactly what you want. It was a unique experience for me and I walked away with better than expected results. Ryuji is an insightful person and I learned a lot about myself. I would highly recommend Ryuji to anyone looking for a great photo!
– Nicole N.
I needed a headshot for several online professional profiles - I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve, I assumed it would be hard or that I would have to make concessions on my expectations. I was wrong I got exactly what I wanted. I give Ryu and Beaupix Studio 5 stars because the only problem I had was which shot to chose - many were perfect. Even with that "issue" Ryu was quick at using his tools to make the choice easy and efficient.

There are many photographers out there but few are as skilled, professional and efficient as Ryuji Suzuki. In addition to his skills, great eye, friendly and vast studio, Ryu is very organized and uses technology the way it should be used: to stream line communication, scheduling, media sharing and follow-up. All these abilities makes the experience unique, very professional and precise. His price is competitive and he is able to cover a broad range of needs, from simple head shots to complex on site multi-days photo projects. Trust his direction, artistic sense and advice and you'll be more than happy with the output.
– Kristophe D.
Cambridge, MA on 4/4/2015
Also on Google Plus review
This was a fun way to get pictures taken. I'm not particularly comfortable in front of a camera but Ryuji took the awkwardness way. As others have said, he is very personable and it feels like having a friend with you rather than a stranger with a camera. i think this is unique and occurs because he spends so much time with his clients.

After all the initial shots were taken, we sat down together to choose which ones I'd keep. Ryuji has an artist's eye and was able to describe subtle differences in the various pictures that I wouldn't have necessarily discerned.

It was a 2-hour trip into Boston for me, and definitely worth the effort! Im certain that I wouldn't have had such a good experience and great pictures had I stayed "local".
– Mary H.
I came to Ryuji for a corporate headshot before heading to business school and it was a great experience. I tend to be a bit awkward in front of a camera, but Ryuji was able to capture a professional photo that did not look stilted and put together a final shot that really displayed my personality. He was patient and personable and took the time to make sure that I was truly happy with the final product. I'd recommend Ryuji without reservation.
– Erin Dunn-Franklin
I am the kind of person that is very rigid and awkward in front of the camera. I dread taking pictures of myself, and honestly, think that most pictures don't do me justice. I look much prettier in person.

I came to Ryuji looking for a corporate headshot without any idea of what to expect. I had already determined what I wanted to project in the picture: that I am a friendly person and that I am approachable.

Ryuji began making conversation, and little by little, he was able to relax me and make me feel comfortable until he was able to get a great shot. I appreciate the effort he put into making sure I looked as good as I could. Although my goal was not only to look pretty, Ryuji was able to capture the essence of the person that I am. When I showed the picture to my closest friends, all they could say was: that is unequivocally you, but with a punch.

Ryuji is an exceptional artist, photographer, inventor, doctor in neuroscience, and a truly renaissance man. Ryuji is an amazingly accomplished person. Nonetheless the most important thing to me about our experience together is that he treated me like we were good friends, and no matter how uncomfortable the camera made me feel, I felt honored to have a chance to know him and to realize that he really is one of a kind.

I cannot wait to find other opportunities to work with him again. He is awesome!
– Keyla S.
I've had professional photos done in the past but Ryuji is in a completely different league. It was very comfortable working with him and he helped deliver the exact message I wanted in my professional headshot. Ryuji took time to make subtle edits to the photo and helped coax the lighting, expression, and look to convey what I wanted in the photo. We then sat down together and selected the one perfect picture from many shots. It was a great experience -- I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future!
– Shirley C.
I needed a professional portrait for work and social media. Ryuji has a well honed process, from understanding my uses for the pics, preparing me for the sitting, to setting an appropriate background and lighting and taking great quality photos.

I wanted some touch ups and he was able to do everything in one visit. Walked out with everything I needed.

Highest recommendation.
– Paul S.
Outstanding Experience. I work in television and film and never made time to get a proper headshot until I serendipitously found myself in Boston at the same time that Ryuji had time on his calendar for a shoot. Let me explain the various facets for those who might be interested. First, the studio was everything I had hoped for - it's large and has enough options to really suit anyone's needs: from more classic looks: seamless backdrops, and the standard items you might expect, the industrial look: large paned windows, exposed brick walls, industrial doors. If that doesn't suit you, the neighborhood has a myriad of options that would work for anyone provided it's warm enough to shoot outside. Ryuji really took his time - he wasn't rushed and wanted to make sure I knew what all the possibilities were, and how he felt they would best serve my final purposes. I really liked that he was forward about what his experience taught him would result in the most successful shoot. I brought a pile of clothes which he looked at and worked with me to narrow down the options. During the shoot, Ryuji worked with me to attempt to alter my stoic face for something a little lighter and approachable. We took several breaks to check the sample shots that he had taken. I'd say that for my two different looks, we shot close to 100 pictures. After each shoot, we sat down and went through the pictures to narrow them down to the final few that I left with. The process was quick and efficient. Again, Ryuji weighed in with his experience to show me the difference between a slew of pictures that looked nearly identical. Basically - the take away here is that you're hiring a professional. He's clearly had a lot of experience - moving quickly and efficiently, and providing ample advice and direction as needed. I have a feeling this won't be my last shoot with Ryuji... he's a definite recommendation!
– Seth Redlus
Fun, creative and professional - this is how I can describe my impression from Ryuji. For someone like me with a photo-anxiety I can definitely say that my photoshoot at Beaupix studio was not frustrating but entertaining.

I ended up in Beaupix since I am approaching a new stage in my career and I wanted to make sure that I would be represented appropriately in the photos that my future employers will see. Being in academia, one is rarely exposed to professional photoshoot situations, so I was nervous, but Ryuji did a great job in distracting me: he even turned to be a fellow MIT biologist by background with a formidable knowledge in food-related microbiology. So in addition to getting my photos (which definitely made a difference to my LinkedIn profile), I learned a few tricks about milk fermentation.

If you are looking for a place to get a headshot for your job applications, LinkedIn or any other media where you need to represent yourself, I highly recommend Beaupix studio in Boston. You won't get disappointed!
– Milena L.
It's my pleasure to find Ryuji for my Linkedin headshot. He is a talented photographer who understands client's needs and shoot the photo with his style. This is my first time take the picture like this, and it's so comfortable stay in Ryuji's studio during the shooting session. He is very friendly, funny, and talkative; basically I believe he can talk anything with you as long as he can catch your most relaxing and natural smile and the moment for the photo.

It's interesting that every time when we check pictures after a session, I'm always surprise that the pictures are all better than I thought, and those are all different of me, and believe me, it's so difficult to choose the best top three cause they are so damn good. One thing I like Ryuji most is his retouching work is so amazing. He won't just smooth all your skin like Barbie and Ken, but he knows how to adjust it and still maintain the real you at the final work. I highly recommend Beaupix :)
– Pai N.
I had my LinkedIn picture taken today by Ryuji! I am still so thrilled about it because before deciding to go to Beaupix Studio I had taken 2 pics that my career coach didn't approve of. And, today she absolutely loved the new one! Yey!

Ryuji is such a professional photographer! He started off by asking very relevant questions as to the field I was involved in and what companies/agencies I was targeting in order to capture the essence of the picture. He made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in the door. We talked about education, business, my North African culture and food... He was so friendly and his studio was nice and clean, which was crucial!

After having taken many pics, we sat down in front of his computer and went through all of the pictures to decide which one I liked best. Once I made up my mind with his help, he did some photoshop at my request, and the result was amazing!!! He was very patient and meticulous.

I HIGHLY recommend Beaupix Studio! A terrific photograph and a flawless experience!!
– Fatma Bahri
If you want the best headshot photographer in the greater Boston area, you have found him in Ryuji. He really made me feel comfortable in the studio which helped produce great photographs. His expertise was invaluable in sifting through the hundreds of photos to find the best of the best. His retouching skills are top notch and he will ensure your photos are credible. I highly recommend Ryuji for any Actor who desires profession headshots.


Kenny Godlewski
– Kenny Godlewski
Ryuji is not simply out to get your money. He truly cares about providing you with great photos that will be of help to you. He is an interesting, down to earth guy. He also has a PhD in Neuroscience from Havard and MIT. He seamlessly guides you through the process and uses conversation to bring out some great photos when you least expect it.

I highly recommend Ryuji for your photo needs.
– James A.
I needed a corporate head shot last minute - actually the day of - and Ryuji made it happen. He was very friendly and asked all the right questions - if I wanted to look powerful or approachable etc. He went through each photo taken and compared them side by side with me so I could pick my favorite one and edited it on the spot. Now I have the great linkedin photo that my profile needed. The pricing of the corporate headshot package is very reasonable for the time Ryuji spent on the session and looking through the photos with me. Thanks Ryuji!
– Katrina D.
Ryuji was attentive to my preferences and goals while providing helpful input for the corporate headshot. I'm not much of an artist myself, so the professional opinion was invaluable. The entire experience was calm and well-paced. Unlike with assembly line headshots, I had plenty of time to relax and knew we could always take more photos until we got the perfect shot.

I highly recommend Ryuji at Beaupix.
– Leo S.
Ryuji works magic with his camera. Very quickly he is able to figure out how to portray an individual in their best light! He also very patiently takes the time to help you pick the best image for you and is a pleasure to work with!
– Katherine K.
I've worked with many top photographers over the years for work and personal shots, and Ryuji of Beaux Studio is seriously one of the best photographers out there! Do not waste your time and money going anywhere else when it comes to getting a photograph that not only authentically represents who you are, your brand, but creates an image that projects the best parts of you. He is a master at understanding your mindset and working with you whether you are camera shy or love the limelight. He is an expert artist, marketer and creative business owner. Most importantly, he cares deeply that you are satisfied with the results and not tied up in his own ego. Listen carefully to all of his advice to prepare for the photo - he truly knows what he is doing and is going to produce a meaningful and effective photograph for you!
– Alicia H.
A superbly professional, fantastic and efficient experience with excellent quality photographs. Needed to obtain professional portraits for fellowship applications as well as personal use, was able to very easily get in contact with Ryuji with expedient response, followed by a scheduled phone call to discuss the details of the shoot. He was very accommodating to a very tight schedule. With regards to his work he is very detailed yet swift, and definitely finds the missing piece of a photo with sophisticated ease. Excellent experience and would most certainly return for any additional photos ever needed in the future. Highly recommend.
– Youssra M.
Ryuji is a great photographer and businessman. I contacted him a month ago about a headshot for my business website and from the start I felt comfortable doing business with him. Not only did he really take the time to get to know me, but he made me offered me suggestions based on my business and target market. When I arrived at his studio he didn't jump into taking the photo, instead he helped me with my website and learned further about what I wanted. Overall, I'd recommend him to anyone who needs photos.
– Anthony D.
I highly recommend Ryuji Suzuki at Beaupix Studios if you need a professional headshot. I needed a business headshot for work. Ryuji and I met over lunch and wrapped up in less than an hour. The picture was fantastic. The session was relaxed and Ryuji was able to capture exactly the image I had envisioned. His pricing is competitive and straight forward.
– John W.
I recommend Beaupix and Ryuji if you need a headshot. He is easy to work with, keeps you relaxed, and helps to create the image you want to project. I am very happy with my photos -they are what I was hoping for and more.
– Marnie S.
Ryuji is a fantastic photographer and did a wonderful artistic job - I say this speaking as a professional musician. He is very easy and fun to work with and knows exactly how to capture the personality and emotion of the person he's working with. Strongest recommendation.
– John S.
Ruiji was wonderful.  He made the scheduling process a breeze, and the shoot itself a pleasure.  He is a natural talent not only in producing gorgeous pictures, but also in making his subjects comfortable and capturing their true personalities. I cannot recommend him more highly.
– Laura P.

My headshot session with Ryuji went super well, and I'm so pleased with the results. He really cares about capturing a person's emotion, which is great in any picture but especially important in actor headshots. I felt so relaxed and had more and more fun in front of the camera the more the shoot went on. I also liked how he showed me the pictures often during the session, so I knew how I was doing and which shots I wanted to go for next. I left with so many usable, dynamic pictures! My friends and family love them too. If you're looking for very high quality actor headshots at a very reasonable price, you've found your guy.
– Sam E.
Ryuji was awesome! Because his residency application was coming up, my fiance tasked me with this very important task of booking a headshot session. I did extensive research, reviewed almost the portfolio of every photographer in Boston before reaching out to Ryuji. I appreciated the detail, the lighting, and the life that comes so naturally out of his photos. What really encouraged me to pick up the phone to call him was that a fellow Yelper mentioned that while he/she is not one who acts naturally in front of the camera, Ryuji talked to him/her during the session to help him/her relax while staying engaged and focused on his/her needs. This is exactly what my fiance needs, as he is not one to smile naturally in front of the camera. Because I called on a Saturday, I did not really expect him to call me back until Monday, but Ryuji called me back the next day and we were able to ask him some questions about the session, what to bring, what we should prepare, etc. He answered our questions with patience and professionalism, and he was super accommodating with the time frame that we had asked for. We immediately felt that we had made the right decision to go to him and that it was going to be a great session.

On the day of the shoot, we were 10 mins late because of traffic. Ryuji did not act impatient or annoyed, and greeted us with a big smile. Lacking experience, we were not sure which tie to pick so we brought like 8. Ryuji listened carefully to our selections. He helped us pick one and explained that it matched the suit and had just enough interesting patterns to bring out the life of the person being photographed, while preserving the traditional elements. It turned out to be so right! Neither of us expected it to look so professional and good on the finished photo.

During the shoot, Ryuji adjusted the lighting and equipment several times and played with several settings and ambiance, while engaging in conversation with us throughout for my fiance to become more relaxed. Ryuji continued to talk to us throughout the shoot and shared many stories with us throughout -- he's such an interesting person!

After taking photos for about 30 mins, we sat down to pick photos. Ryuji listened carefully to our preferences and helped us narrow them down to 2. Then he gave us his expert opinions for which photo to use for what purpose. We finally settled on one and Ryuji did a retouching on it to make the photo look natural and professional.

The whole process was such a breeze, and we thoroughly enjoyed the session. We left feeling like the money was well spent and we would highly recommend anyone to book a session with Ryuji for a professional headshot! I know I will! :)

Thanks Ryuji!
– Sofia Z.
I truly had a phenomenal experience. This was my first professional headshot and Ryuji was so patient with me. He was very professional, timely, prompt, flexible and most of all talented. He offered his professional insight to guide some of my decisions, but ultimately he made sure that I was happy and relaxed throughout the entire shoot. You could tell that this is something that he truly enjoys and his background in Neuroscience truly shown through when it came to the precision that he wanted for each of the photos. He was very detail oriented and he wanted to make sure I was very happy with all of the results. He is straightfoward and his pictures are lovely. In addition, he took the extra time to study my workplace website so that my headshot would fit their exact specifications. If I need any additional pictures, I will definitely go to him. Some people get scared off my the price, but it was truly worth it.
– Valerie A.-G.
It was great having my photos taken with Ryuji. He met me at the door and we extremely professional, but also made me feel very comfortable and natural for my photos. Since my photos needed to be certain specification, Ryuji took the time to understand those specifications before taking the photos. Additionally, his attention to detail was phenomenal, making sure that everything was perfect from the lighting to the angles of the shots to ensuring that my glasses naturally fit into the photos. When we were finished shooting, we systematically went through the portfolio of photos and weighed the qualities of each one together until we found the ones that we wanted to touch-up. The touching up processes was actually pretty fun from my standpoint watching Ryuji work. It was pretty incredible watching him work and his aesthetic acumen was really on display here. All in all, it was a great experience. I highly recommend Ryuji and would go back anytime I need additional photography work.
– John G.
Had an awesome time shooting with Ryuji! He was a great mix of fun and professional that made shooting headshots seem less like a chore. He's very easy going, passionate, and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend asking him to break out the wide angle lens to get some really fun, goofy pictures. It may seem ridiculous, but trust me, you get some really quality shots from the set and they're a blast to shoot!
– Joe C.
One of the best experiences of my life! Ryuji takes the time to know you and coaches you throughout the whole process. He really knows how to capture the best moment and has a natural talent in picking up your personality which shows in the pictures unlike any other photographer I have ever known. Personally, I am not a natural at taking great pictures, but with his expertise, patience and talent, I was able to feel relaxed and he took some amazing pictures! I am very happy with the results and would recommend his studio to anyone looking for a professional picture, corporate headshot or for use in their marketing plan. Looking forward to working with him in the future for other projects for my business.
– Jean S.
A Boston area business owner on Google Plus
I had never had professional headshots done before. Ryuji did an excellent job preparing, advising on wardrobe and guiding me through the process. I left with 30+ excellent professional and casual shots from several locations with 3 wardrobe changs. He carefully selected the best shots from hundreds. Very worthwhile experience. Excellent photographer. Easy manner that made me feel comfortable with the whole process. Highly recommended.
– Eric W.
Before going to Ryuji, the only professional photos I had featured me as a bridesmaid or maid of honor. I went to his studio with a desire for high quality multipurpose [read: dating] photos and a conviction that everyone deserves pro treatment. I was not disappointed. Being a nerd, I prepped with tons of google searches, everything I could find on Ryuji as well as how to prep for headshots. I went in with reasonable expectations and several choices of outfits. Ryuji put me at ease, making conversation and building rapport. He has a very disarming style, and that came in handy because I was somewhat nervous/unsure what to expect. We took some professional-type shots in his very industrial-chic studio and then went outside and around the neighborhood for more casual shots. I was worried the casual shots would look too composed, but he has a very smooth way of taking photos when you don't even realize he's taking photos, thus capturing really natural moments and expressions. It also helps that he's fun to hang out with. He likes to talk about food and beer and movies, as well as whether or not you should stand that way or look over there. He takes the process very seriously, and he'll explain anything you want him to explain. When we got back to the studio to look over the shots, he was patient and helped me make decisions. Above all I valued the transparency of the process; there was never a time I felt things were happening behind a curtain. Ryuji shows you results during the shoot so you have a sense of what you're getting, and together you figure out which ones are truly keepers at the end of the day. Great experience.
– Andie N.
Had professional headshots last week with Ryuji Suzuki...I was impressed not only with the quality of his photos and style, but his manner and ability to understand me and how to best work with me. He put me at ease and allowed for my best to shine through. I'm grateful and fortunate to have found him.
– Galina K
A public facebook post on BEAUPIX profile. April 4 at 6:25pm
I needed head shots for work (I'm a sole proprietor), and based on the good online reviews, I decided to go to Beaupix. I was prepared to dread the experience, but it was actually very enjoyable.

Most of that is down to Ryuji (the photographer) himself. Ryuji is a smart, engaging guy, and we chatted about all sorts of things while he snapped away, keeping me distracted so I wouldn't make dumb faces. He was also learning about my personality, and the kind of work that I do, and using that to influence the kind of shots he was taking. We talked a lot about how I would be using the photos (he gave me tons of great advice about marketing and running your own business), and he took that into account as well. He offered many suggestions and described options, but always let me "call the shots." After the shoot we sat down together and looked at the photos, narrowing it down and picking the best ones.

Ryuji went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and to make sure I understood what I was getting and got what I wanted. And I am very happy with the results.

Don't waste any more time. Check out his website and sign up for a phone consultation. You can't go wrong.
– Michael S.
Great experience! Ryuji's passion for creative imagery is evident in his work and professionalism. At the beginning of my session I was a bit nervous, but Ryuji engaged me with fun conversation which helped me to get comfortable in front of the camera. He tested different lighting, guided me throughout the shoot and took as many images as needed to get the perfect shot. After combing through the images and narrowing them down to a few favorites, Ryuji helped me to choose one which will be perfect for my upcoming projects. Not only was the experience itself wonderful, but the price was nice also! Whether you're looking for a professional headshot or for an interesting and creative shot for special projects, Ryuji is the person to go to!
– F P.
Chelsea, MA on 2/15/2014
(This user seems to have deleted her yelp account)
Ryuji's passion and dedication to his craft shines through his photographs like no other I've seen. Ryuji is, from my experience, the best headshot photographer you can find in the area, with an eye quality that exceeds his price-range. He's also a great guy to boot! Fun to talk to and great at making you feel really relaxed.

From working with Ryuji, as well as looking at his past work, it's clear he has an amazing ability to really capture the personality of his subjects, showing each individual in their own unique way. Ryuji's process also involves going through each photograph he took with you and picking out the pictures that you like the best, guaranteeing that you will be happy with your end product. There's no waiting involved, no stress, just a quick process that you oversee yourself.

For any anyone looking for amazing quality headshots and a great experience I would highly recommend Ryuji.
– Adam Q.
Over the past three years I have been to Beaupix three times for photographs. The requirements were different each time. First, a headshot of my teenage daughter was needed, for her use as as actress. Beaupix was highly recommended to us, and I went with her to a headshot session in February 2011 that was handled gently and professionally. A year or so later, I needed a headshot, for my professional use. Recently, I needed photographs of four different types of objects to be used as illustrations in an academic book. The results were superb. Ryuji Suzuki, principal of Beaupix, has shown himself on each occasion to be a master of the technical requirements of the type of image required, and talented, and invariably cheerful. The book illustrations session was in the nature of a technical examination. It was impressive to watch Mr. Suzuki produce splendid images that fulfilled my desires and my European publisher's requirements. The pricing by Beaupix, in my opinion, is abundantly fair. I have been delighted with all of my experiences with Beaupix and enthusiastically recommend this studio (with which I have no connections).
– Frederic G.
Fantastic. I couldn't be happier with the corporate headshot that Ryuji made. He made me feel comfortable, which helped him catch some good images. Later, he helped me choose the best one. Finally, he edited the image using Photoshop to clean it up and make the image cleaner. The end result was much better than I expected, and I'm very glad that I went to him. The image is professional but also friendly; just what I was looking for. I'll certainly be coming back.
This isn't a quick session where you take home the first photo that the photographer shot. He spends as long as he needs to get the right shot and then edits it into the perfect headshot. He's also a pleasure to talk to, which makes the process great. He also cropped the headshot into a smaller image perfect for LinkedIn; getting that image alone would have been worth it.
– Nicholas S.
Ryuji is an outstanding photographer! He is very patient, has an eye for detail, and displays a keen knowledge of aesthetics. I was impressed with his professional demeanor when I was scheduling the initial consultation and photo-shoot appointment. He answered all of my questions and concerns. He made my first photo-shoot experience fun and stress free; he provides guidance throughout the shoot and has a great sense of humor, which helped me to relax and have fun! During the shoot, he asked me questions about my preferences for the look and lighting. He also showed me the digital images he was taking and asked me for my feedback on them---I really like that he involves you in the process of narrowing the photos you want to keep. He also provides fast turnaround for your finalized photos without ever sacrificing quality. On top of it all, I also paid a very reasonable price for my shots, which are of extreme high quality. I could not be happier!
– Olu I.
8 Dec 2013, by email
I had never gotten headshots before, but Ryuji put me at ease and did an excellent job. I am very happy with the results. Not only does he have an expert eye when it comes to lighting, setting, posture, etc., he was able to coach me along the way to help bring out my most natural and photogenic self.

At one point, when he noticed me stiffening up and feeling nervous, he gave me the control and empowered me to look into the camera and take the shots, myself. This evolved into us playfully doing simple movement exercises prior to each photograph being taken. As a dancer, I totally appreciated this and noticed that it subtly informed each photo, so that there was a quiet sense of excitement and personality.

During the process of sifting through the proofs and making choices, I trusted his eye, and ended up with photographs that I am very happy with. I would highly recommend Ryuji without hesitation.
– K F.
Ryuji is a true artist and working with him has transformed how I look at a headshot. He manages to take numerous photos and harvest a handful of photos that tell the story the client wants to share, all in a stress-free atmosphere. Ryuji has a keen understanding of aesthetics and sees the character in each smirk, squint and head tilt; it was as educational for me as it was productive.

We did a session for two headshots - one more formal indoors and another less stuffy outdoors. I ended with a few images and I love them all. The shoot was easy and Ryuji is terribly interesting so it's quite easy to make conversation and relax.

The studio is in the Midway Building and it's wonderful. There is a lot of texture - backdrops, industrial doors and windows, exposed brick and more. You could get a dozen different wonderful photos without leaving his space.

Ultimately, I paid a very reasonable price, I had no problem scheduling it, Ryuji was a true professional and friendly, and I loved the results. I honestly wish I could give it ten stars. Highly recommended. I will go back again (and my wife will be going soon as well).
– Anthony C.
Ryuji was fantastic to work with and I am a bit camera shy. Having my picture taken is right up there with getting weighed in my opinion. However, I needed some grown up formal/corporate style pictures and made the appointment. The whole process from appointment to consult to studio visit was smooth and seamless. I had my new picture (and got to choose through many) uploaded to my Linkedin profile before I even left the studio!

I highly recommend Beaupix.
– Barbara B.
I recently decided to get a professional headshot made  for LinkedIn and other professional networking purposes.  I located BeauPix Studios following an internet search for headshot photographers, and was immediately impressed by Ryuji Suzuki's approach:  informative and putting you at ease so that your personality and objectives come thru in the end result.   There are numerous styles of headshots, each with a purpose. I made an appointment easily and found him to be flexible in rescheduling due to an unforeseen conflict that arose.  He was also readily available, if necessary, to do the shoot on very short notice. My husband and I had our headshot session this week, and are both extremely pleased with the results.  Ryuji spent a lot of time with us, making each of us at ease during the shoot and then offering insightful advice as we each selected our final headshot from the 100+ pictures that he took of each of us.  Mine is more corporate in personality, due to my profession, while my husband employed a more creative approach due to the nature of his work.  Retouching services were offered but not necessary due to the quality of his work and set up preparation. I would highly recommend BeauPix Studios for your next headshot, publicity or art photo and Ryuji Suzuki's work will not disappoint.
– Carolyn C.
I recently went to have my headshots taken at Beaupix and had a phenomenal experience. Ryuji was very professional and put a lot of attention on the details of lighting and getting the photo just right. Not naturally being someone who enjoys taking photos so focused on me, Ryuji made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He spent a lot of time helping me sort through the photos to pick the best ones and I never felt rushed. I also chose to have a makeup artist and Ryuji found a such a talented woman who made me look great.

I highly recommend Ryuji for all your headshot and artistic photo needs. He has a great eye and will make you look your best!
– Suzanne D.
Heather is very professional and extremely patient! She understood what I needed for my professional head-shot and guided me through the process.
I got exactly what I wanted! I paid for the touch-up and it was so well done, I still looked natural. I am extremely pleased with the service I got.
– Patience U
If you are looking for an outstanding professional headshot, Ryuji Suzuki is the man to go to. He gives great direction and gives honest feedback. Ryuji genuinely wants to help you get the best possible photo. He will consult with you before to know exactly what you want. He is very personable and makes you feel comfortable so you can relax and take a confident photo. It's also great because he edits using Photoshop right in front of you. You get the edited final photos immediately.
– Veronica S.
Yelp review from a client, posted on July 22, 2013.
I went to Beaupix because I needed pictures for various websites. I normally photograph poorly, so it was not something I was looking forward to, and I was nervous. Thanks to Ryuji, it ended up being a really fun and energizing experience. He is not only an extremely talented photographer, but a master at helping people relax and enjoy the experience. Halfway through the session he started reviewing the pictures he'd taken with me, and I was totally blown away. In those 30 seconds he showed more great photos of me than I'd seen in the rest of my adult life combined (30+ years). .. no exaggeration. Going into the session I thought I'd be lucky if I came away with 1 or 2 half-decent pictures. In the end, there were dozens of pictures I loved and it was really hard to choose which ones I liked best. I can't say enough about Ryuji and the entire experience, and honestly look forward to the next time I need pictures and can go back.
– Howie L
When I started looking online I decided to go in google and search headshot photography boston. Many sites came up but beaupix was at the top. I looked into the other sites and wasn't too impressed but then I clicked on beaupix and in an instance I knew this was the place I'd get my photos taken! Ryuji was very kind and professional the whole time and I had so much fun in the process. I went in a nervous wreck but he instantly made me feel like myself and I thank him for that and all the time he put in. I love the pictures he took of me, I'm very happy and will be back!!!
– Ornela X
If you need a photo for any reason, Ryuji is an **excellent** person to go to. I don't own a camera, possess no photos of myself, and do not consider myself when I suddenly needed a couple of headshots I had absolutely no clue what to do. I did what I always do in these circumstances: I googled some random search words. After looking at a dozen or so photo/portrait studios, Ryuji's work stood out to me as by far the best. By "best," I mean that his photos in no way resembled graduation portraits, passport photos, or what you'd have done at a mall, but instead looked like magazine ads or high-end publicity photos. Whereas other places tended to make everyone look the same, posed in the same awkward way, on Ryuji's website everyone looked different, projected some personality, and was posed in a natural, stylish, unique-to-them way. Also, I was fretting about what I should do with my hair and makeup (do both myself? Go to a salon beforehand? Which salon?), and Ryuji offered the extremely convenient option of having a makeup artist do my hair and makeup on-site at the studo for a modest price. For all these reasons, I chose to have my picture taken at his studio.

I was not disappointed. The makeup artist did a very good job with my hair and makeup - both looked natural, timeless rather than trendy. (Ryuji explained that he has all of his makeup artists practice with models so that they have a feel for what will look right on camera. It's a bit different from what looks good in person.) I didn't really know what I wanted (again, I'm not a picture person), so I very much appreciated the time Ryuji took to talk things over with me. Both in the phone interview and at the shoot, he asked me helpful questions: What did I need my different photos for? Who would be viewing them? What did I want to communicate through my photos? What did I want to avoid? What photos on his website did I most identify with and why? And so on. We took many, many shots, and throughout it Ryuji kept me talking and changing my position so that I wouldn't freeze into an unnatural pose.

Once we'd finished taking photos, Ryuji worked with me very patiently to narrow down the different shots, discuss the pros and cons of each, and decide on a final choice. Then, again very patiently, Ryuji did the postproduction work in consultation with me: I got to choose exactly how I wanted the colors and lighting to look, which flaws I wanted photoshopped, how I wanted things cropped, etc. I never felt like I was being rushed, or pressed to buy anything I didn't need.

Throughout the process, Ryuji was fun to talk to, polite, laid-back, smart, and professional. I was very satisfied with my experience and with the results. I'd go back!
– J. E.
I am a real estate agent and needed a headshot for my social media accounts as well as a business card. After two days of online research I decided to go with Ruyji at "". I am extremely happy with the results! Ruyji is very talented, resourceful, and easy to work with. State-of-the-art equipment. Very reasonably priced. I highly recommend his services.
– Steve D.
It was a joy working with Ryuji last Sunday to take headshot photos that I needed for LinkedIn, other websites and marketing pieces. It was my first time sitting for headshot photos, so I didn't fully know what to expect and was admittedly a bit nervous. The experience turned out to be quite enjoyable and resulted in some great photos. Ryuji helped take the sting out from the beginning. During that very first phone call, he took the time to assess my needs and presented options that may work for me. I was really impressed when he was able to work with my special requests regarding the make-up artist and was very pleased with the work done by the person he found to work with me.

I found Ryuji's approach to be different from that of the other photographers I contacted. While others would answer questions I had, Ryuji used a more consultative approach. He answered the questions I had but then prompted me for other things I needed to consider. He also helped me rework the service package for what I really needed. His style is consistent in person once at the studio. He was flexible and has a great personally, which made for a more relaxed atmosphere. He seemed to have a really good sense of how I needed to come across in the photos and engaged with me in real time - constantly assessing my needs, answering questions, and providing guidance in order to ensure that I would come out with the best photos possible.

I highly recommend the Beaupix Studio and Ryuji as a photographer who is both "top notch" technically and very much a "people person". You'll experience his high touch methods from the very first exchange and even through smaller things, such as the comprehensive confirmation email message with complete instructions and follow-up to ensure that all of your questions have been answered in preparation for your arrival at the studio. I look forward to working with him again when I need to refresh my headshots and for other type of photos that I'll need.
– Gilouse V
I needed a high quality head shot for my business profile and I'm glad I went with Ryuji ! I was impressed with his professionalism and guidance during the photo session. He creates a fun, friendly working environment and is very efficient. I'm pleased with the final product and would happily recommend his service to anyone.
– Mike C.
It was a great experience working with Ryuji on my headshots.

I'm a marketing and business development professional and I was looking to update my pictures on LinkedIn and other website. I went to Ryuji well designed website and signed up for a consultation through the online form (…). We then scheduled a photo session and when I got there we got right to work. Ryuji provided good advice on what would work best for me, took a bunch of pictures and finalized them right then a there. It was efficient and I am very happy with the final photos.
– Joen J
My experience with Ryuji and Beaupix Studio was A+! When I was searching for photographers to get my head shots done, I didn't get a good feeling from the other photographers who either A) Didn't even answer my email/call, or B) Didn't sound professional. Ryuji answered the phone every time I called, AND made me feel confident in his skills. My instincts never lie, and I'm GLAD I made the right decision to go to Ryuji. I will definitely be using his services again! He is diligent, talented - and a nice, easy person to work with.

He captures exactly what you like, and what he feels appropriate for what you're trying to do. No two headshots and people are the same. It's custom, and he makes sure to get it done right for you. He won't just shoot but also help people choose the right photo to be most marketable. That component, most other headshot photographers do not offer. I am VERY pleased with my headshots from Beaupix, and HIGHLY recommend them to any other professional looking for their picture to look...PROFESSIONAL!
– Solon Z.
I'm Jess, an actor looking to move into the big apple in a month, and I needed my headshots to be redone; I knew I needed really professional looking shots for New York or I wouldn't be taken seriously.

I'm so happy with Ryuji's work. I now have two professional looking headshots that meet my needs as an actor. Before the shoot I was worried about the dynamic between me and my photographer--if he/she would be relaxed and patient with me, or even make me laugh. Ryuji did all of these things. He let me put some music and made me laugh throughout the shoot which really put me at ease and let me get the great shots I needed. He even suggested doing a third and final round of shots to really capture what I wanted, after much consultation and learning from the shots already taken, which got me one of the shots I'll be using at auditions.

I feel so much more prepared in my move now than I had before!
– Jess E.
I couldn't be more pleased with my experience working with Ryuji and the final product! Like other reviewers, I researched multiple Boston area photographers online, but was immediately drawn to the Beauxpix Studio's website because it has many sample headshots as well as detailed information about what the session will be like. I needed a headshot right away and the turnaround between requesting a phone consult, talking with Ryuji over the phone, and getting a desired final product was only a matter of hours! He was very approachable and friendly, a real pleasure to work with. After he took enough shots, we went through all of them together to pick the one I liked the best and that he, the professional photographer, agreed would serve its purpose. I would definitely recommend using Beaupix Studio with Ryuji for professional headshots!
– Dan L
I am an actor who needed to get professional headshots taken for upcoming auditions and graduate school applications. I researched multiple Boston-area photographers online, looking for someone who took clean images that would make my features stand out and for a studio that is easily accessible by the T. I was pleased with the work I saw featured on the Beaupix Studio website and the studio is a short walk from the Broadway Station on the Red Line, so I decided to book a session with Ryuji.

The photo-shoot was extremely successful! Ryuji was very friendly and the atmosphere in his spacious studio was very relaxed. Before the shoot, we sat down and discussed more in-depth what I wanted and he gave me a helpful overview of how the day would proceed. We took hundreds of shots in three different outfits, and throughout the shoot Ryuji gave small tips on how to improve my position and also asked me questions that prompted responses leading to more natural looking facial expressions. We immediately looked through all the photos together and it was very difficult to narrow it down to three photos because many of the shots were quite beautiful and expressive. After we chose the final images, Ryuji immediately retouched them and saved them on a USB drive I provided so I could send them to be printed right away.

Rose did my hair and makeup, and she did a wonderful job accentuating my features in a way that still looked natural. She is also very friendly and stuck around during the shoot to make any necessary minor adjustments to my hair and makeup.

Overall, I was very pleased with the final results and I highly recommend Beaupix Studio to anyone in the Boston area who is looking to get wonderful new headshots taken at a reasonable price!
– Christine M.
I just got my pictures from Ryuji and I absolutely loved them! I am a doctor, interested in expanding my career into the corporate, political and possibly media worlds. I needed some headshots for my resume and LinkedIn page.

Ryuji created the perfect headshots for me, with a balance of professional pictures with a fun and young feel. He was very fun to work with, and kept me entertained the entire time he was shooting my pictures!

I enjoyed working with him very much. I also loved sitting with him and actually selecting the final images with him, until we both agreed on the best pictures.

I would definitely recommend Beaupix Studio to anyone looking for a great photographer!
– Paula H.
Whether you are new to this process of getting "actor headshots" or an old pro, Ryuji gives you the certainty and confidence that he will get you that photo that will get you seen- even before you set foot in his studio! He maintains a laid-back-honesty to his work ethic and a thoroughness in his process. Even after my session I had some questions that he was gracious enough to answer with a unexpected phone call! Ryuji's sincerity and effort means a lot and is much appreciated!
– Sean "SWM" M.
Having never had headshots taken before, I was expecting a big, intimidating studio. To my surprise, Ryuji was very nice and down-to-earth, and I quickly felt at home in his cozy, little studio. I had considered getting only one look for my headshot, but Ryuji strongly advised against this. The second time around, I was much more relaxed and it showed in the photos. Ryuji created some really spontaneous emotional moments by chatting with me while snapping the photos. I enjoyed talking with him while he retouched my photos, which he did very thoroughly. It was an enjoyable experience, and by the end there was one headshot that really stood out from the rest.
– Roger L.
Ryuji was great to work with. Professional, took care of my request quickly and walked me through the whole process. Very friendly guy as well, I enjoyed chatting with him whie we chose the right photo for my headshot. Plus he has these strange task chairs that were the most comfortable things I have ever sat in! I'm actually buying one for myself.

Overall a very pleasant experience. Great guy to work with!
– John J.
I am an opera singer and contacted Beaupix studios for some updated headshots for the upcoming audition season. I go to NYC frequently for lessons and coachings and could have easily booked a session for a photoshoot in NY. I decided to try a local Boston photographer that was more accesible and convenient for me so I wouldn't interrupt my musical studies with my limited 2 days per week in NYC. After some careful research and reviews on Ryuji, I decided to to give him a shot. I was completely astounded by his vast knowledge in the art, and his passion for what he does. There is a meticulous and methodical approach to his work even right up to the selection of the best photographs. He is also extremely encouraging and coaches well to help you shoot the best. He gave me so many pointers on improvement for an even more successful and efficient future shoot. For someone like me who did not have much of a clue about photographs, I was well informed to give me the confidence to have an excellent shoot. I will most definitely recommend anyone to Ryuji, especially if headshots are needed. You will not regret it and enjoy shooting pics more than ever!
– Joel E.
I am an actress and recently needed my first set of professional headshots done. I was a little nervous, and not sure what to expect. The shoot went great. Ryuji did a great job at making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. He took about 400 shots and together we narrowed it down to 4 which was very difficult since he took such great shots. The make-up artist Rose did an amazing job as well. She did my make-up in a way that highlighted my features, but was very natural looking at the same time. I was very pleased with the way I really looked like myself in the shots, which is exactly what I was looking for. My whole experience working with Ryuji in the studio was really great.
– Jessica A.
I had my headshot with Ryuji 2 days ago.He is extermely knowledgeable,very passionate about photography and helpful to make sure ones get his/her life time best possible experience.

Ryuji gives you space to get comfortable and relax between the shots during the shots.
He will go over with you on each picture to give you best selection.
I enjoyed my experience with Beaupix.

I love my pictures and will be going when need new ones.

Highly Recommended.
– Chavi G.
I thought for awhile about how to sum up the hours that I worked with a few words...and all I could think of to say was, 'simply amazing'! Ryuji is a master at his craft, a true artist! The studio atmosphere is professional, exciting and stimulating. I was overly impressed with his dedication to the time he spent with me, he made the hours seem like minutes and the end results (my photos) are wonderful! I will work with Ryuji again and look forward to my next session just as much. I was also extremely pleased with my stylist 'Rose', she made me feel beautiful with just a few strokes of her brushes, thank you Rose! I encourage anyone who needs professional photos to experience Beaupix!
– Kathleen W
I am a professional musician and have very little experience with getting headshots. I was worried about feeling uncomfortable, but my experience with Ryuji was great!

Ryuji is a real pro but also a genuine, intelligent, and funny guy. He put me at ease right away, and the whole shoot was not only painless but fun. He has a great eye and will help you decide which photos are best for you.

I recommend Beaupix highly. You will get exactly what you need: great photos and trustworthy advice.
– Kevin L.
I found out that I needed a professional headshot for a news article within 3 days, so I was in a big rush and didn't think I'd be able to find a quality photographer. I found Ryuji on Google, emailed him, and heard back from him that same night. He made time for me in the studio the next day.

Not only was he amazing for accommodating my needs in such a short time, but his work was great and very reasonably-priced. He took a full set of pictures (and did an excellent job of keeping me relaxed and acting/looking natural), then sat down with me to pick out the best one. And while I waited, he applied pro-level edits to the picture to get rid of stray hairs, blemishes, etc. I got the file later that night.

Less than 24 hours for an ideal headshot? I don't think it gets better than this. Ryuji is friendly, easy to talk to, and had a good understanding of what I was looking for. I highly, highly recommend him and Beaupix Studio.
– Sarah D.
I'm a financial services professional who needed a headshot for my LinkedIn profile. I'm often uncomfortable having my picture taken and Ryuji took the time to listen to my concerns and getting me to relax and smile naturally. He is very knowledgeable and provided great advice to help me select the best picture. I'm very happy with the result! My experience with Ryuji was outstanding and I would strongly recommend him to anyone else who needs professional pictures.

Thank you Ryuji!

Kerry M.
– Kerry M.
I decided it was time to update my real estate picture so I called Ryuji. He took the time to have a conversation with me, asked questions and figured out exactly what look I was aiming for. One of the shoot locations was outdoors and he kept an eye on the weather and even called me and suggested we move the shoot because of the unexpected poor weather. He was very personal and the pictures came out great now I am ready to sell more real estate!
-Chris Holiday-
– Chris Holiday
I recently started a job search and needed a corporate headshot to put on my LinkedIN profile. I went to Ryuji after reading a couple of reviews on Yelp, booked a session, and went in for the photo that day. Ryuji was extremely nice and professional, and made sure that I left with a great looking picture.
– David A.
I had a headshot taken at Beaupix Studio for my college graduation and it turned out great! I sometimes have trouble smiling naturally when I'm getting my picture taken, but Ryuji did a great job of getting me to laugh and relax. He was very knowledgeable about lighting and used natural light to achieve the softer look I was going for. The editing was also superb! I would highly recommend Beaupix studios-Ryuji was easy to work with and helpful and I was very pleased with the final product!
– Ellie C.
My experience with Ryuji with just outstanding. I needed a professional head shot for my current job.
He was very professional, provided great background choices and recommendations when picking the picture.
His product was just fantastic.

I would highly recommend him!
– Dorina H
I recently went to have my headshots taken, and took my girlfriend along with me. Ryuji was in a positive demeanor and definitely had a welcoming attitude about himself; even though he was battling the flu. He accomodated my girl friend and myself very well ask if we wanted water, tea, coffee, etc. The shoot took a total of about 3 hours and went by extremely fast. He is knowledgeable man who maintains complete honesty throughout the shoot which I appreciated most. Before we even began he asked me to stand in the light and analyzed my facial structure, hair length, and skin tone before suggesting how the shoot should progress. He continually made the shoot for more and more natural; it was my first shoot ever as I am starting out as an actor. He was patient and encouraging while at the same time did not hestitate to voice his honest opinion but leaving the ultimate decisions up to me. Overall I enjoyed the shoot and am pleased with the 3 shots I came away with; my advice to anyone who has not worked with him before is to come prepared and be professional as he does the same.

Thank you Ryuji
– Thomas R.
I recently had photos taken by Ryuji at Baupix Studio. It was a great experience and I would recommend him to anyone. I went in with the delicate task of getting a good shot for dating websites... I was pretty embarrassed. Ryuji made me feel very comfortable and he knew just what I was after - a shot that made me look my best but not too polished! He was also very patient while I went through the grueling exercise of choosing my favorite shot. Brilliant idea, why not put your best face out there!

Everything I read in the reviews was absolutely true. Ryuji is professional, interested and a master photographer. Not sure how easy it is to make a first time subject (me) relax and look good, but he pulled off the impossible. I was uncomfortable and embarrassed upon going, but I began to relax and actually enjoy myself (I got to play movie star for the day). We took great care choosing the photos I came home with, he was so patient as I hemmed and hawed about which I liked best. Then he touched them up perfectly - they look good, but not overly polished. It was such a nice afternoon, and I came home with some great shots. Thank you Ryuji!
– Lolita M.
Somerville, MA. 3/4/2012
Also on google+ review.
I needed a corporate head shot for a new job that I was starting. So I googled "Head shot Photography Boston" and Ryuji was one of the first results.

I looked at a number of different options but eventually settled on Beaupix. I was impressed with how much information his website contained on head shot photography. He had tons of sample head shot pictures and even a video with background information. He seemed to really care about his craft and I got the impression that he had a deep knowledge of his subject matter.

Meeting him in person reinforced this feeling. I asked a simple question about lighting and I got an encyclopedia of knowledge in response. I had no idea that so much thought went into lighting a picture. He could talk you about the different purposes of each light and how certain lighting combinations could emphasis particular emotional states like coming across as smart or friendly!
– Janak S.
A business group asked me for a portrait and all I had on hand were snapshots and random candids. So after searching online and reading reviews I chose Beaupix. Unlike other places I researched, Ryuji's website was very detailed and had helpful tips so I felt well-prepared for the session. At my request he booked a makeup artist (Rose) who met me at the studio and she stayed throughout the shoot and adjusted my hair and makeup as needed. I felt like a celebrity!

Then he took plenty of shots in each of my outfits (Ryuji, Rose and I even discussed the pros and cons of my outfits before getting started) and afterwards we selected the best proofs. Watching him touch up the final proofs was amazing but ultimately it was the undivided attention, careful detail, and friendly but professional atmosphere that inspired this review.

Of course the pictures are excellent - these portraits will be useful for a long time, but when it's time to update my look it'll definitely be at Beaupix.
– Rita B.
This was my firs time getting head shots for auditions and I couldn't of picked a better place. Ryuji's studio kept popping up in the search engine, so I figured I'd check him out. After a very courteous phone call where we worked out the details, he gave me a fair estimate and I scheduled an appointment. I easily found the place and worked my way up to his studio. Ryuji was very welcoming and helped me settle in since I was a bit unsure of the process.
The shoot went extremely well. I think that just natural conversation always brings out people and he did just that. As we looked through to find the proper photo for me I noticed an amazing progression. From the first few photos to the one that I picked, I saw just how comfortable I was and how natural the photo came out. I haven't had any experience with a photographer prior to this, but I can definitely say that it was fast, easy and affordable.

I saw Ryuji's passions behind the lens and how he caters to each specific client. He really makes you feel right at home in his studio. It was a pleasure to work with him and I will be visiting him next time I need to update.
– Max G.
I recently had a fotoshooting at Beaupix Studio. I went there for two headshots one for business purposes and the other one for private purposes. Ryuji created a relaxed and professional atmosphere, grasped my wants quickly and made pictures I am very happy with.
– Kassio H
Had a great experience working with Ryuji on headshots (Corporate & Casual). He creates a very relaxed and easy environment to work in and shooting the photos was a pleasure. He listens closely to what the client says s/he wants and is very knowledgeable about how to create that effect. He is very thoughtful and careful and takes the extra time to get a great finished product - whether in setting up the shot or in retouching it. I am thrilled with the photos that were taken and would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.
– Rachel N.
Maybe you are like me and shy away from the camera. I decided to treat myself for my birthday, and finally capture myself in a better light and get over this fear of the camera. Ryuji was exactly what I needed. Setting up the appointment was very fast, I contacted him on Friday and had an appointment by Sunday afternoon. When I arrived, he instantly made me feel relaxed, serving me calming jasmine tea and putting on soothing music. Even though I had no idea what I wanted, Ryuji patiently listened to my indecisiveness and deciphered exactly what I was looking for. Ryuji was very generous with his time, as we carefully weeded through the shots to pick out the best images. Its very hard to judge images of yourself, but Ryuji was very helpful adding insight and perspective that only comes with experience. Thanks Beaupix, I can't wait to come back in the spring for some outdoor shots.
– Katherine B.
It was a great pleasure having Ryuji taking my headshot that I am now able to use for various reasons (like online networking sites). He made it a simple process to shoot and I was really comfortable the whole time (my first photo shoot). He was helpful in deciding which shots were better than others and then was able to make the appropriate touch-ups to make the final look very high quality. I definitely will use his services again not only for headshots but for events if the opportunity comes again soon.
– Tina K.
I am a local business leader in the Education sector. After researching multiple photographers and reviewing their websites, profiles and background I made the choice to use Beaupix studio for the headshots and portfolio photos I was looking to create. I chose Ryuji because of his depth and understanding of all the intricacies it takes to create a spectacular photo. His understanding and use of lighting, position, and intuitive feel for the end result was invaluable. Going into the process, I explained to Ryuji that I had two very different looks to create from the session. Ryuji took the time on several occasions to help me walk through what I wanted to end outcome to be and how we were going to accomplish this under his guidance and direction. In addition, during the photo session, he was thorough with his questions and provided feedback along the way that helped me to feel comfortable with the entire process.

The outcome of the photos was more than I expected. I appreciated the time Ryuji took to make sure I had the specific feel and vibe I was looking to create with my photos. I would highly recommend Ryuji and his studio to anyone looking for a quality, rich and thorough photo experience.
– Jodi A.
Great Pix, Great Experience

I needed a portrait for business purposes so after searching online for a portrait studio I chose Beaupix and was glad I did. First, Rose, the makeup artist, met me there as scheduled and she even stayed throughout the shoot to adjust my hair and makeup as needed. I felt like a celebrity!

Ryuji and I discussed the kind of 'message' my portrait should convey then he took plenty of shots to ensure a good variety and together we chose the final proofs. Then he immediately set about working his Photoshop magic. He really gives you undivided attention and wants you to enjoy the process. The retouching went very well, resulting in two excellent photographs (I wanted to be in two different suits) in formats suitable for framed portraits, press releases and the web.

Thank you, Beaupix, for a great session and the excellent pix --- hope to see you again!
– Ruby C.
Ryuji Suzuki is the kind of photographer you want to work with: impeccably skilled and professional, yet friendly, low-pressure and flexible. He'll put you at ease so that the photo shows you to full advantage. Ryuji will go the extra mile: in my business suit shot, he photoshopped my white shirt blue so I have a no-glare webshot version -- at a fraction of the price of a new sitting! He's got my business!
– Jeffrey P.
Working with Ryuji was a real pleasure. I did not anticipate having this much fun taking a business headshot! From the start he was incredibly friendly. It was easy to schedule an appointment (I called and he had time the following day) and when I arrived at his studio (which has very easy parking nearby) he immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He helped me pick out the outfit that would look best and then gave me tips on how much make-up to apply so that it showed up best in the photos. And then he made me laugh for the photos, which helped me relax and take more genuine shots. After we were done shooting he spent considerable time fine-tuning the photo (including taking out all the lines on my face and red spots). The experience was far more enjoyable than I ever would have expected. I really cannot say more positive things about him!
– Tiffany C.
Consummate professional!!!

I am so thrilled with the headshots I had taken for my professional marketing and website. Throughout the process Ryuji made me feel at ease and he was so professional and guided me through the entire shoot. He took same amazing photos and then spent over an hour with me picking the best photos and retouching the pictures. I would recommend him incredibly highly! He was a consummate professional and my photos came about absolutely beautiful!
– Emily T.
I got a corporate headshot done with Ryuji and I am completely satisfied with the outcome. This was the first time I took headshots and I was kind of nervous because I am shy in front of the camera which usually reflects in bad and unnatural pictures. Ryuji was great. We had interesting conversations from the beginning and through the whole session. Due to the ongoing lively talking the session was very relaxed and consequently the pictures looked natural. We picked the best picture together and Ryuji took the time to edit the picture right away. I could see what he did in photoshop and cold point out things that I wished to be edited. I booked one outfit headshot and Ryuji took plenty of time. There was no rush at all. I greatly appreciated working with Ryuji. If I ever need a photographer again, I will absolutely contact Ryuji.
– Private
I'm an aspiring actress and needed a headshot ASAP for an upcoming audition, got Ryuji's contact info from a friend, and was able to set up an appointment immediately. The shoot was very laid-back and I immediately felt relaxed, and Ryuji definitely knows what he's doing. And it's SO much more affordable than most other places, especially with the retouching! Great experience, would recommend to anyone!
– Emily H.
I would happily work with Ryuji again and recommend his work. I contacted him for casual photography (2 photos) plus a corporate headshot, and am very happy with both the end products and the process. For both categories, I was impressed with Ryuji's depth and range of experience (CEOs to dating site shots). I hadn't previously worked with a professional photographer outside of corporate functions, and liked Ryuji's grasp of both the technical elements but also - and more importantly - how he made the process/experience really positive, given the importance of mood and comfort on the end result. He provided helpful insights from lighting to posing to the selection of final photos from the many that were taken. He suggested to bring several outfits if I wasn't sure which one to use, and we could decide based on lighting, and his perspective on coloring, understanding my field of work, etc. I also really appreciated his advice when for both posing and reviewing photos to focus "on the big things" like being comfortable, eye contact, and expression. Ryuji strikes a great balance of hearing your needs and providing his own perspective for consideration. In general I found his instinct and judgment to be really good. I also liked the area that his studio is in and what it affords in terms of backdrop for casual photography, and a general atmosphere of creative businesses.
– M. Elizabeth H.
As a dancer, I contacted Ryuji for some headshots that I needed right away for audition season. Without hesitation he helped me get my prints the same day I left the studio. His professionalism and skill were top notch. I would definitely recommend Beaupix to anyone looking for some great photography!
– Ashley R.
Awesome Photographer

I am a new faculty member at a local college and needed a set of head shots around campus for publicity purposes and for my academic website. Ryuji was a great help throughout the process. He was willing to travel a considerable distance in order to do the shoot on my home campus, which made the pictures more meaningful. Throughout Ryuji was patient and kind--he was never satisfied until I was satisfied. In the end he offered me a reasonable price for excellent work. The pictures arrived electronically in both high-resolution and low-resolution (online) formatting. He did a wonderful job touching them up in photoshop--just enough, not too much!
Overall I would highly recommend Beaupix Studios. Highly professional work at a very reasonable price.
– Daniel D.
As an actor, I contacted Ryuji to get some headshots done, and I couldn't be happier with the results! I usually don't like getting my picture taken, but Ryuji is very professional, efficient, easy to talk to, and provides support and guidance throughout the entire shoot. What's great is that he really takes the time to make sure you're getting what you want, while still interjecting with his honest opinions of what works and what doesn't. I even got to sit down with him as he retouched the pictures. Brilliant. Highly recommended.
– Ashley N
Chicago, IL on Dec 22, 2011
The original review was on google+.
Working with Ryuji was one of the best and stress free experiences I've ever had. He made sure he took the best shot of me for my LinkedIn. Very professional. I highly recommend his services.
– Namz N.
hello there , i was so delighted with my headshots that i had gotten done by Ryuji that i just had to come in here and tell people about it .... i am new to the area and decided that i wanted to join a date / meeting site for single people . having looked on the internet to see who was in the photography business , i saw that this guy Ryuji was in business ..... .. so i called him up , we chatted a while and discussed what my thoughts were and what i was looking for and more importantly hoping to achieve ... so right from the off Ryuki was super professional , he listened which was even more important as i wanted this to help me achieve my goal( really nice headshots which i didnt have ) i set an appointment and went to his studio, which was so so easy to find . loads of parking around ... very convenient ...... entered his studio and was made feel at ease ... so professional as i said and what a place , a true photography studio... every thing you expected to see in a studio ...... so we sat and chatted again and talked about the kinda look i was looking for , the type of person i was looking for ( i thought ... why does he want to know that ) but to my surprise it all became clear as to why he asked me that question . " well mike , the kind of person you want to attract , you have to protray that style and the only way i know what style we need is by asking you .. so within a few minutes we had agreed what way we were going to take the photo shots , what type of shirt i would wear . well he had told me to come prepared for a wardrobe change and boy was i glad . this guy( Ryuji ) had more ideas than i thought was even possible .... after what seemed like a good hour or so of taking pictures , and just when i thought we were done , he said ..ok.... grab your coat and lets get out on the street and take some more pic's .. on the street , down by the water , but you know what , it was amazing the whole experience , he helped me feel comfortable about the whole thing ... once this was complete we went back to the studio and began editing the pictures ..... and boy did we take some pictures.....his imput on the editing was invaluable ..... photo's that i thought were good , he would ask ya but what is the pic telling you or saying , its this and its that , and you know what , and i hate to say it , he was right .... again ... so when we had whittled down the shots to a few , i was looking at them and thought , well i actually said it out loud , i honestly did not know that i could make such a good photo.....and i'm not being big headed ... this guy is an absolute genius.... my expectations we supersieded. i was blown away with the results ... and before you say any thing ,,, no i am not a payed actor .... the whole experience was like nothing i have experienced before , Ryuji was so prefessional , friendly , but above all he knew what photo i was looking for and how to get it ..... and as a testiment to his work , within hours of my posting the photo on line , i had females clicking on my profile and leaving comments like , you look like an actor or a film star.... and i can tell you one thing i am far from it , but Ryuji knew how to get those super photos that i wanted and if i ever need to get more done ,i know where to go , .... and if anyone who is considering getting head shots or full length photo's or full wedding pictures , i would highly recommend this guy ( Ryuji ) each and every time ....... oh and one last thing , his prices are pretty good also . very reasonable for such a professional job done .... mike ... Cambridge MA
– Mike
Cambridge, MA on Dec 13, 2011
Original review was posted on Google+ profile.
Excellent photographer

I'm a research scientist who needed a simple headshot for press releases and editorial articles. I was looking for something simple, yet professional. I contacted Ryuji through the website, and he promptly returned my inquiry the following day. We discussed what I was looking for and decided on a package. Since I don't typically use make-up, he also booked a make-up artist for that day. The day of the shoot was efficient, I had my make-up done, Ryuji shot several images and we reviewed them together. He put thought into what I would be using the photos for and provided opinions on why one photo may be better than another. Ryuji is engaging and great to work with. I'm very pleased with the final product and would highly recommend Ryuji if you need a professional head shot.
– K. L.
Dec 03, 2011 Chestnut Hill, MA
Great experience

I sought out Beaupix Studios on the recommendation from a friend. I am a software salesperson who was seeking a professional headshot that would make a great impression during my job hunt. I ended up getting both the headshot and a second casual picture taken. I am very pleased with the results. The photographer is a talented and experienced professional who makes the effort to understand his client's objectives. I would most certainly recommend him to others.
– Jennifer Q.
I am violinist who was in need of a good photo for fliers and programs for the upcoming recital I am going to have. I was very fortunate to find Ryuji Suzuki in Boston. Mr. Suzuki Strives to give the best photo and finishing touches result for his clients. He was very easy going and had set a fun environment for the photo shoot. He accepted my wishes for the pose I wanted to have with my violin and also suggested ideas of his own. What was unique about the process was that he payed a good amount of attention to detail, even detail I was unfamiliar with. Suzuki was a great person to work with. Suzuki will be the first person recommend to anyone who is looking for a professional head shot/photo to have a good start for their publicity, job application, etc.

Thank you Ryuji!
– Eric M.
Excellent Photographer!

As I was in need of updated headshots and full body shots for my modeling portfolio, I contacted Ryuji of Beaupix Studio. It was a pleasure to have worked with him. Ryuji’s many years of experience in the world of photography, coupled with his dedication to perfection and his innate ability to capture the perfect shot, produces the very highest quality end result. I highly recommend Beaupix Studio for any and all of your photography needs. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Ryuji, for a great photo session, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!
– Donna F
I am searching for a job, and realized at the last minute that I didn't have a professional looking headshot. I filled out Ryuji's form online, late on a Saturday evening, and received a phone call to schedule the appointment within 10 minutes. We had a time set up for the following afternoon, just before my deadlines. The shoot itself was easy and straightforward, and Ryuji's artistic choices were excellent. At first I wasn't sure about his lighting choices, but the results proved him exactly right. So not only would I heartily recommend using his services, I also encourage you to follow his expert artistic advice.

Excellent services, well worth the extremely reasonable price!
– Ammianus "A" M.
I am an aspiring actor and model and just moved to the Boston area looking for professional headshots and a few full body photos as well. I found Ryuji online and filled out the necessary info to get myself started then had a great phone conversation with him to go over details of the shoot. During the shoot Ryuji took plenty of time to explain his experiences, the how the industry works, and the best ways he's found to gain the most success. He listened to my thoughts and the level I was at as well as my goals and was able to make very helpful suggestions for the shoot which made everything run smooth. The photos came out great, I will definitely be contacting Ryuji in the future when I need more photos!
– Joe C.
I am a model and was looking to get some new headshots. Ryuji is very friendly and warm and is very easy to work with! I shot with him earlier this year and had such a great experience!

We shot with a make-up artist and I got some really great headshots! I would recommend BeauPix studio for anyone looking for great photos from a friendly face!
– Ciara C.
Working with Beaupix was definitely a great experience. I worked with him on an outdoor shoot and I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time. The pictures were beautiful and delivered in a timely fashion and the photographer himself was an absolute joy to work with. I would definitely work with him again.
– Abby H.
I needed a professional photo for my webpage as an academic. I highly recommend Beaupix Studio for anyone with similar needs. Ryuji is extremely professional and has a great eye for what will look good, and he is very sensitive to the end-goal for the picture. In my case, it was not only important to have a nice-looking picture, it was also important that it look professional. Unlike many photographers who are so focused on getting a certain look that they forget the context, Ryuji was very helpful in making sure that the picture looked professional as well as good. He did amazing touch-up work, too. My wife was very impressed with the results. And aside from all that, he is a real pleasure to work with. He knows a ton about everything and is very friendly. I definitely recommend Beaupix Studio!
– Lee L.
8pm and I needed to send a head shot that evening. Yikes! I called Photographer, Ryuji Suzuki at Beaupix and he squeezed me in. Got there at 8:30, he very quickly got some nice pics. We then sat at his computer picked the best few and he expertly tweaked and touched up the shot. He was more than willing to take my input on post production and with his expertise I had a great head shot ready to email by the end of the evening. Great guy and a real pro. You can't go wrong with Beaupix!
– Mike Benjamin
facebook wall post - October 30 at 7:16am
I’m a singer and worked on my headshot for auditions with Ryuji Suzuki. I found him on the Internet and I could see his good reputation so I made an appointment with him. He is a very professional photographer and he showed me the examples to share what I really want and how he is going to work for the shoot. I really like the quality of the photo. He is nice and out-going person so I could felt comfortable all the time. We had lots of conversation during shooting so that he pulled out my natural smiles and good outfits. While we chose one of the best photos from lots of shots, he respected my opinion and helped me out to choose the best one. He made the photo clearer and better after selecting the photo which I really loved!!!!! I deeply appreciate Ryuji. It was fantastic to work with him!! I would recommend him if you need your great photos!!
– Ji Eun Park
facebook September 5 at 10:47am
I have worked with Beaupix Studio Several times, and each time it was an excellent result in the end. The photos come out absolutely great.
I am a model, and I have worked with many photographers over a period of several years, and I must say that the photos done by Ryuji are among some of the best and most useful ones. Ryuju can shoot variety of looks and styles, so this range of skills helps to keep photos fresh and diverse, and not monotonous. He takes great care in choosing the right location and light, and has great input during the shoot since he has a lot of experience, so his advise is very useful and valuable, and it all results in fantastic images!
It was helpful to be able to check out some locations and take the time before the shoot to talk about possible ideas, places, outfits and looks. I know quite a few photographers who are 'too buzy' or don't feel like doing that extra step, which is actually so essential for communicating and understanding each other's expectations for the shoot.
All in all-Very professional and highly recommended!
– Iana U.
facebook June 28, 2010 at 4:06pm
I had an amazing time with Ryuji! Last minute I call to take what I had dreaded- graduation photos my mother insisted I have. He gave me an extremely decent quoted price because I was a student and even though I changed the date/time twice he was more than patient! At such a discounted rate I didnt think he would take much time on me-- but we had a 2.5 hour shoot with like six different mini shoots in between! I also got the most amazing alternative grad, headshots, model pics that I am so happy with!! He said he had never taken graduation photos and he took what could have been extremely cheesy photo shoot into something really different and something to be proud of-- and I am not that photogenic folks! We definitely had a creative process going on that was to his credit as an open minded and creative photographer! Thanks Ryuji!! SO worth it!!
– Adriana Marie
I needed new head shots for my website and my friends had recommended several photographers in town. I wasn't really convinced by the styles of their pictures, so when Ryuji explained his concepts to me, it was clear that it would work with what I had in mind. I am extremely satisfied with my pictures. It was very difficult to choose which ones I wanted to use. They were all great. Ruyji is very professional and made it a very comfortable experience. Thank you for sharing your talent and for taking such beautiful pictures!
– Jennifer D
I am a classical singer living in Boston. My good friend (also a vocalist) had photos taken with Ryuji and highly recommended his work. I did so much research and looked at hundreds of headshots. However, nothing I saw captured the artist quite like Ryuji’s photos did. I arrived at his studio yesterday, and also worked with Rose, one of his professional makeup artists. Her level of skill, personality, and kind attitude made the whole experience amazing. She made me look beautiful, and used just the right colors and amount of makeup I had in mind. Ryuji was so easy to talk to. He listened to everything I wanted my picture to capture: class, elegance, a happy face, confidence, etc. He has such an incredible eye for detail. He is calm and supportive, plays music you like to listen to, and offers his opinion (I found this very helpful, after taking that many shots) as you decide on the best photos. Also, he touches up your photo while you wait. This editing procedure is typically tedious, but he swiftly gets rid of any stray hair, extra shine, and makes the balance of colors perfect. I couldn’t be happier with my headshot. It is exactly what I wanted and if you need a professional photo- this is the gentleman you want to work with! He has the tools and desire to make you look your best. Thanks Ryuji!
– Rebecca P
I had such fun with Ryuji and Christina doing a BoHo shoot in the Boston area a few weeks ago! We trekked out to a beautiful spot near the water and everything was very relaxed and fun, but also very professional. Turnaround on seeing the results of the shoot was lightning fast and the pictures came out beautifully! I’m excited to hopefully have the chance to work with them again, and I’d recommend Ryuji to anyone looking to expand their portfolio or get headshots taken.
– Lesley D.
MUAH – Ryuji took headshots for my niece, who is an aspiring actress/singer, for her application to Boston Arts Academy. This was her first time in a professional photography setting so naturally she was a bit nervous. But not for long.. I was amazing by how personable & friendly he is. He captured great emotion & even went through each image with her. Quite an enjoyable learning experience. I HIGHLY suggest working with Beaupix – satisfaction guaranteed.
– Erica I.
Hi my name is Allysha Pierre and I’m a young commercial print model. I got the most beautiful, amazing headshot photos taken.
My experience with Ryuji (photographer) and Chrissy (make-up artist/hair) was truly remarkable. They made my time their great. They were both very professional and they really know what they are doing. My father was very pleased with their work and experience and their passion for their job. I was able to look at my pictures right after they were taken to see if I approved. Ryuji went through a step by step process with me to choose the best pictures with the help of Chrissy and my dad of course. I would continue to do business with Beaupix as long as I can. I really recommend this studio for anything you desire. It was truly the best I have been to.
– Allysha P.
I am beginning my modeling career and needed a few head shots done. I came across Beaupix Studios and when meeting with Ryuji, he was very welcoming. He made my first photo shoot experience extremely fun and comfortable, has a great sense of humor and allowed for me to loosen up very easily. The photos taken came out to be amazing, and he guided me through out the whole process! I would highly recommend Beaupix Studios for your event!
– Migdalia J.
First and foremost, Ryuji's photos were more flattering than i could have imagined... aided by the make-up artist who was available as an option (and well worth it!) I felt very comfortable, and now have the perfect head shot for my website, linked-in and other biz applications. Go Ryuji!

FABULOUS COMMERCIAL HEADSHOT!—Linked-in and Facebook here I come...I'm 50-something , I'm not a former model, and i hate having my picture taken. Well, Ryuji nailed it. And now that it is posted online, the photo has recevied unsolicited rave reviews from numerous friends and collleagues, including folks I've haven't heard from in years.

I opted to use Ryuji's make-up artist, who clearly knows how to make you up for a shoot so you look natural (if that's what you want), yet your best. And although Ryuji took 80+ shots over the course of the hour, I knew I was in the right place within minutes. He showed me the first few shots through his camera's viewfinder and I thought, wow!
– Diane R
Beautiful Headshots!---I had a great experience working with Ryuji. He made me feel very comfortable, and he was very nice, professional, and easy to work with. The studio is really nice and large, and the location was good. I got head shots done, and they turned out beautifully! The colors and light were exquisite, definitely my favorite head shots I've done in my life. There were so many great shots, and I am still in awe at how great they turned out! I He really captured my personality and essence into the photos, and I am truly thankful in working with him. I would highly recommend the Beaupix Studio any day.
– Krista P.
I had my first headshots with Ryuji and it was awesome! He was so much fun to work with and the pictures came out great. I so glad I found him :-)

Remember, If you're are looking for a fun and relaxing place to get your head shots, go see Ryuji with beaupix! He takes amazing pictures and helps you in any way you need it!( you won't regret it!) ;-)
– Mimi A.
I recently decided to get a professional headshot made  for LinkedIn and other professional networking purposes.  I located BeauPix Studios following an internet search for headshot photographers, and was immediately impressed by Ryuji Suzuki's approach:  informative and putting you at ease so that your personality and objectives come thru in the end result.   There are numerous styles of headshots, each with a purpose. ??I made an appointment easily and found him to be flexible in rescheduling due to an unforeseen conflict that arose.  He was also readily available, if necessary, to do the shoot on very short notice.??My husband and I had our headshot session this week, and are both extremely pleased with the results.  Ryuji spent a lot of time with us, making each of us at ease during the shoot and then offering insightful advice as we each selected our final headshot from the 100+ pictures that he took of each of us.  Mine is more corporate in personality, due to my profession, while my husband employed a more creative approach due to the nature of his work.  Retouching services were offered but not necessary due to the quality of his work and set up preparation.??I would highly recommend BeauPix Studios for your next headshot, publicity or art photo and Ryuji Suzuki's work will not disappoint.
– Carolyn C.
My name is Yuliya, I’m a professional model and actress. I’m just moved from Russia and needed to shoot a new set of portfolio to market in the USA. And I’m so happy to work with Ryuji. I like my new pictures and finally I’m found an agency. Thank you!
– Yuliya Tremaskina
Beaupix studios-fun experience, great results!---I'm a masters student studying opera, and I recently had a head shots session with Ryuji at Beaupix studios. What an awesome and fun experience. I felt completely at ease, and his results are fabulous. He certainly has an eye for his art. He takes his time to make sure lighting is exact, and that every detail of the photo is in order. I needed my session done last minute, and Ryuji completely accommodated our schedules, and made it happen.

I also must note that I hired 'Rose' (hair and makeup) through Ryuji's recommendation. She was excellent as well! Fun to talk to, and well skilled at her craft. Everything she did accented perfectly what I asked, and ended up looking natural and flawless on film.

Beau-pix photography studio comes with my highest recommendations!
– Marisa D. on September 7, 2010.
I'm a freelance musician, and I am trying to pick up more work. In order to get noticed and look more professional, I needed creative headshots. Something professional, but still something that looked like myself. And I needed them sort of quickly. So I searched online for a photographer in the Cambridge/Boston area and found Ryuji at Beaupix Studio. His photography looked amazing, so I decided to give him a call.

I was really impressed with how professional Ryuji was on the phone. He answered all of my questions and concerns, and he really made me feel comfortable about this whole headshot business. I had never gotten a headshot taken before, so I was a little nervous. In any case, I decided to go for it and scheduled an appointment. I was so happy to find out that Ryuji is willing to work with you on scheduling - I have a hectic schedule, and so he was willing to work with me and we picked an odd time for the shoot - but it was awesome for me.

When I arrived at the Beaupix Studio, Ryuji was completely ready for my photoshoot. I felt like he was totally focused on making sure that I got exactly what I wanted out of the session. After a few minutes, I was actually really comfortable and really enjoying the experience. Ryuji was definitely a seasoned professional; he knew how to anticipate my needs before I even verbalized them. For example, I kept smoothing my long hair down, and Ryuji noticed this and immediately brought out a hair smoothing spray that made my hair look instantly shiny and smooth. He asked me questions throughout the photoshoot, showed me the digital camera shots, and really listened to my feedback and made alterations based on it. He seemed to really know what he was doing; at several points I told him different things I was looking for and he immediately changed the lighting and the resulting photographs were exactly what I was looking for. He told me a bit about lighting techniques, and how they will result in different looks; it was obvious that he was very well versed in photography techniques.

Once we had taken about an hour of pictures, we wrapped up. I couldn't believe an hour had gone by, I had had so much fun with the whole experience. I got my proofs within a day or two after the shoot, and I wanted to jump for joy - they were exactly what I was looking for. With only a very few questions, Ryuji had figured out exactly what I wanted from my photoshoot. My concerns with his price points were immediately gone - Beaupix Studio is definitely not the cheapest service around, but there's a reason that cheap services are cheap - they don't give you these kinds of results. Beaupix Studio gives you amazing results, professional service, and peace of mind. It's definitely worth a trip to Central Square, without a doubt.

Update: I just got my edited final selections from Beaupix Studio and I couldn't be happier with the results! Ryuji truly listened to my concerns about the untouched images and made sure that he took care to edit them so they turned out exactly the way I had envisioned.

Once again, Beaupix Studio exceeded my expectations and delivered amazing headshots.
– SD J
I found Ryuji on the web when I was looking for someone to take a business portrait (head shot). I saw his rave reviews and sent him an e-mail. He replied promptly and we scheduled a shoot at his convenient Central Square Cambridge location. He offered tips on which hair gel looks best when photographed (shiny). During the shoot, he helped me change my smile to get a variety of looks to choose from. This was especially helpful for someone like me who has never done this before. He has more than a decade of experience so I was not surprised when the proofs looked fantastic and the final edited version looked even better. Ryuji was helpful and professional throughout. I highly recommend his services and plan on hiring him in the future myself.
– Tom C
I'm so glad I found Ryuji. I was looking for someone to get my first acting headshots and came to yelp, I found Beaupix and was impressed with all of e great reviews so I made up my mind to go to Beaupix to get them done. When I got there I was greeted with a very friendly Ryuji getting the equipment ready. We sat and talked more about what I wanted and then he took thetime to go through the clothes I brought with me for the shoot. He is very knowledgable about his work and knows what works best in every situation it seems. He kept it casual and fun which helps bring out great pictures. I love my pictures and I plan on going back when I need new ones. Highly recommended.
– Sotiri T.
I am an actor in the Boston Area and just a couple days ago, I got my head shots taken here. Ryuji is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and on top of that, extremely friendly and eager to help to make sure that one gets the best experience possible and outstanding results. I would absolutely recommend him to any actors looking to get head shots done in the Boston area.

A shoot with Ryuji is efficient and comfortable. He let's you work at your own pace. He is really great about giving you time to prepare between looks or between shots to make sure you are ready and satisfied with what you're doing from your end. He is constantly aware of the backdrop and lighting, making fine adjustments with his equipment to make you look your best on film.

A great place for professional photography needs! Five Stars!
– Tony M.
Easy going, affordable and Wonderful!---I had a big audition coming up and needed a new head shot ASAP. I found Ryuji/Beaupix with google and immediately e-mailed him after seeing some photos on his website. He was extremely nice and we set up an hour to take some pictures. He was basically doing me a favor and a very affordable favor at that.
He truly captured my attitude. I felt like my photo came out looking like me and not a school portrait. Ryuji immediately puts you at ease for a comfortable, fun environment which is what we need as Actors to get great shots!
I highly recommend Beaupix Studios for anyone needing photos done.
– caralyne f.
My name is Miho Sato. I am a business owner of Urban Realty Group and an opera singer.
Within the same session, Ryuji and Rose, a makeup artist transformed me from a business person to a musician. Natural make up to a dramatic one, straight hair to glamorous hair. His magical final touch by Photoshop was awesome. His artistic vision and technological skill makes him very unique. It was a fun and amazing experience.
– Miho S.
I met with Ryuji earlier today, who generously accommodated me in his schedule last second, for a business headshot. I get overly critical and nervous taking pictures, however, Ryuji made me feel comfortable and I absolutely loved the experience! He is very professional, helpful and the shots looked amazing. I highly recommend his service for anyone looking for superb shoots that stand out.
Look no further you will thank me later!

– Athina M.
I am a corporate finance professional and I needed a head shot to be used for an upcoming speaking engagement, as well as for things such as my LinkedIn profile. Beaupix was recommended to me, and after checking out the reviews and exploring the website, I made an appointment.

Every aspect of the experience was smooth and easy. The photographer, Ryuji, sent me a very detailed list of information to know before arriving, and confirmed our appointment the day before. The shoot itself was easy, with Ryuji putting me at ease with casual conversation while he photographed. After viewing the photos together and deciding which one was the best, he then utilized his amazing editing skills to take a good photo and made it great.

I can highly recommend Beaupix, and our firm will definitely be using the studio for additional head shots for my colleagues. The professionalism, ease of the experience, and quality of the photos make this one a no brainer.
– Stefanie D.
I am an aspiring actress that several months ago received my first set of headshots from Beaupix Studio. At the time I decided to go to Beaupix Studio, I had no knowledge regarding photo shoots. I didn't know what to wear, what to expect, or what my headshots should look like. Ryuji Suzuki made my life infinitely easier by guiding me through the process. He gave me just enough instruction that I knew what to expect, and still gave me plenty of space to express myself in my photos. It was my first photo shoot since I was twelve, and I could not decide on a good one – there were too many! So I bought twice as many as I had originally intended. Mr. Suzuki is an excellent photographer that brings out the best in you.
– Susana
May 16, 2011
Original review from Google+.
Great headshot pictures!---Today we had pictures / Headshots taken by Ryuji for Acting auditions. We were tight for time and he was very kind to fit us in at short notice. We have never had professional photographs taken before so we can away from it with a very good experience. Ryuji was very professional, kind and efficient. We were able to view the pictures right away which was nice. I would highly recommend him.
The pictures were excellent and really captured the image we were looking for. The location of his studio is easy to find and the parking was right out in front.
– ann h.
May 21, 2011
Wonderful to work with---I am an aspiring actor, and Beaupix did my headshots. I am extremely pleased with the results; I look great! I have never gotten headshots before, so I didnt know exactly what to expect, but Ryuji was kind, quick with a joke and more than able to put me at ease so that I could be fully present and comfortable for the shoot. I had a wonderful experience with Beaupix and would recommend them highly to anyone who asked me about headshots in the Boston area.
– noah b.
May 24, 2011
This is the first time that I went to a photographer that I really liked. I felt very natural and comfortable, the studio was great, Ryuji was very personable. I highly recommend him for portrait work. I have not seen his other work, but my business head shot was done the right way.
– Alex H.
I went to Beaupix for an actor headshot, and also for a couple of photos I could use for my music website (I am also a singer). I chose to have my pictures done with Ryuji because he seemed to have it all figured out. First of all, the photos on his website spoke for themselves... but the reviews were also very good and pointed to a few other key things I was looking for: not only a skilled photographer, but also someone who was down to earth, could accomodate me quickly, had a makeup artist, and would take my project seriously. All of these things were true and it made a big difference. The makeup artist was also very nice and talented. In addition, Ryuji's studio is conveniently located next to "Shag" hair salon which is top-notch (and very reasonably priced). Going through all of the photos at the end of the session was also extremely helpful for me and I don't think I could ever have done that on my own! I am very happy with how my photos came out!
– C. F.
Framingham, MA on

Boston is lucky to have Ryuji--he is top shelf technically and artistically. I had an excellent experience getting my headshots done today. Ryuji is very easy to talk to; if this is your first headshot he will explain everything. We took hundreds of photos and used a computer to go through all of them to find the best ones--it was a surprisingly fun and easy process. Highly recommended.

Here is an example of one of the shots he took of me:
– Sam K.
I had headshots taken for a webpage at Beaupix recently, and it was absolutely everything I wanted. Ryuji was very professional and patient, he listened to exactly what I needed and in the end the results were perfect. He set up the studio to be tailored precisely to the shot I was looking for, and didn't try to put me in any kind of "canned" pose or style. He was great about going through the shots afterwards to pick the right one, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to get a perfect headshot for any event. In short - five stars!
– Moira S.
I went to Beaupix as a professional musician looking for publicity photos. From his website to his photos, Ryugi's work is extremely organized and professional, detail-oriented, genuine and creative. I opted for two photos--a half-length shot and a headshot. The two photos complimented each other, and both expressed strong statements branding who I am as an artist. Ryuji listened openly to what I was looking for and was able to experiment within visual frameworks typical to classical music. I was glad nothing felt rushed because then I could relax enough to show the character and emotion necessary for these high-quality photos.
– Diana G.
I'm an actor, and I went to Ryuji for my first set of proper headshots. The whole process was way less awkward than I imagined someone pointing a camera at me for hours would be, and I came away with some really great pictures! I'd highly recommend him to any other actors out there!
– Nicole K.
Cambridge, MA on
As an upcoming Actor I understand that your headshots are one of the most effective and important tools you must acquire to become noticed by directors or anyone in the entertainment field. When I first met Ryuji in 2011 I quickly noticed his passion for photography and his clients. I was new to acting so of course I was filled with a lot of questions and concerns about my shoot. Ryuji was very kind and took the time to answer all my questions before he took any pictures, which helped me relax a great deal. Not once did I ever feel rushed or uncomfortable with Ryuji and as time went by I notice myself enjoying the shoot more and more. Also unlike many photographers, Ryuji went over every photo that was taken of me at our shoot. He explains in great detail the importance of different images. He also cropped and edited my headshot and if I didn't like anything we would talk about it and make a decision together.

My experience with Ryuji was an all round amazing one and I will continue to work along side of him as my career grows. Since completing my photo shoot with Ryuji I've landed multiple jobs ranging from movie extras to lead roles in musical theater. Ryuji is one of a kind photographer who could really assist your career! I look forward to our next shoot and the success it will bring.
– Billy N.
My neice had her first headshots taken for a trip to florida to meet agents and casting directors. They are awesome. My brother and his wife bought the package with the 2 re-touched photos. I surprised them and purchased the dvd with all 355 pictures. They are all amazing. I highly recommend Beaupix Studio
– Diane D.
Cambridge, MA on
Ryuji is a hard-working, talented perfectionist - and he's a nice person, which makes it a lot easier to relax, be yourself, and get a photo that really
represents your personality.

Ryuji does all of his own post-production work as part of your session. So not only do you get to have the rather surreal experience of watching minor imperfections or stray hairs disappear from your face, but you get input into the process and leave the studio with great pictures that are already ready for printing.

I'm delighted with my headshots from Beaupix.
– Jenny G.
Somerville, MA on

Thank you Ryuji!

I was in need of a new headshot for my web page which for me is very important as that is how people identify with me. The one I had was sorely lacking. I had asked friends, got some names, checked out their sites but didn't see the type of headshot that appealed to me. For literary months I searched the web checking out countless photographers. Not many specialize in headshots and what was left was either lacking or just plain no. Then to my delight the universe stepped in and I found Beaupix.

I was amazed to see all the different headshots. I had stumbled upon what I feel was a godsend. Then it got even better when I started reading that I would be able to get professional makeup and hair done right at Beaupix prior to the shoot. No trying to coordinate with multiple people or having to run around was a definite plus for me. And getting the right makeup makes all the difference. The best part, Ryuji handled everything!

The shoot was amazing. Ryuji helped me every step of the way. From picking out outfits, to making sure my hair and makeup were just right and finally to taking the time to get the right shot. It's not about just taking a picture with him; it's about what you want to say. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and Ryuji defiantly gets that.

He works with you to understand what it is you want to portray and takes the time to do it. He's no diva. He's professional, down to earth, and just a wonderful human being helping you through the process. It was more than I expected and it was a fabulous experience.

The finished product...excellent. I am delighted with my photos and can honestly say I will have more done by him in the future.

If you are looking for a true professional to capture what it is you want to say with a look, Ryuji is the photographer for you.
– Diane l.
Great Place to get Head Shots---As an aspiring actress and model, I went to Beaupix Studio to get head shots done for my portfolio. The location in South Boston was great and easy to get to and as soon as I met Ryuji (the photographer) I felt at ease. The make up artist he uses, Rose, made me look SO beautiful and it also looked like I wasn't even wearing any makeup. The natural look looked amazing. Then we starting shooting. Ryuji told me how to stand through great suggestions, not by TELLING me what to do. He made me feel really great by complimenting my best looks and asked for feedback the whole time, showing me the pictures he had taken and asking for suggestions. The whole experience was really special. Ryuji was professional and kind, but not uptight, and you definitely knew right away that he wasn't after your money. If I ever need any other modeling or acting work done, I will definitely be going to Beaupix. It was a great experience.
– Kristina C.
on Insider Pages on 16 May 2010
First-rate photographer!---I've told my actor friends this, and I'll say it again - Beaupix is fantastic. Ryuji makes all the difference, he is so skilled and nice and understanding. That's a pleasure, when you're going into do headshots. It can be nervewracking when you're going to a headshot shoot, but I felt very comfortable working with Ryuji. And the results were awesome. I would definitely recommend booking with Beaupix!
– Nancy K.
on Insider Pages on 1/11/2010
Beaupix Studio (Photographer) is Great!---When I went to take head shots with Ryuji I was both pleased and surprised with his passion and knowledge for photography and because he made me feel so comfortable with the entire experience the time flew by so quickly. Not only does he provide an enjoyable atmosphere within the studio but he also takes amazing pictures that left me both satisfied and thankful that I went to him for my head shots.
– Duilio G.
on Insider Pages on 07/19/2009":
I have to say, Beaupix was a breath of fresh air! I'm an actress, and Ryuji did my headshots. I really think he must be a rare combination in a photographer: an extremely skilled PLUS friendly and patient and thorough. Also it seems like he's getting more & more recognition and going places, and I think I'm really lucky to have found him when I did. I would definitely recommend Beaupix, and I would absolutely work with Ryuji again. 5 stars!
– Lisa N
I took headshots with Ryuji today. They are perfect. I got to his studio, we spoke for a while and went over outfits. then I met with the makeup artist and got into my first outfit. I sat down on the window sill as he finished adjusting the lights. He took a picture. He said... "okay, you're done," clearly joking. Then he showed me the camera. Wow... it was stunning, and on the first try. It usually takes me a few minutes to get comfortable with a photographer but Ryuji was just great. He takes photos with the intention of bringing out the subjects personality, not his own. I have had some bad experiences with photographers in the area where the pictures look nothing like me, because the photographer is trying to show themselves in the picture, and not me. Ryuji is completely different, he puts on some music of your taste and makes really insightful suggestions about a pose or hair or makeup and you end up with a fantastic set of photos. His studio is also great for backgrounds because there are a lot of fantastic doors and walls and colors and window views. My experience with Ryuji was fantastic and I would recommend him for any occasion. His photos really speak for themselves, though.

Above: original yelp review on 4/12/2009

UPDATE on 1/27/2011

Yesterday, I took headshots with Ryuji for the third time in three years. I am very loyal to him and I have seen him getting more successful as a photographer, and adding innovations to his studio over the last three years.

Six months ago I moved to New York City to continue pursuing my career and I still bussed all the way back to Boston for his headshots. He is always very willing to go the extra mile for his clients. He puts on your favorite music and lets you get into your personality before taking BEAUTIFUL photos.

His goal to bring out YOUR personality in his photos, not his own, like many NYC photographers like to do. This guy has real talent.

After the shoot, we selected the best shots together in the studio, which made the process very easy and fast. Most other photographers don't give this option and you are stuck with hundreds of proof images and frustration. Not with Ryuji. In fact, reviewing images on computer screen while taking small breaks was very helpful.

I didn't even need my photos retouched by him because he lights everything so well and puts so much effort into detail so that you look the best you can look when he takes your picture. But a very light retouching made my headshot look just perfect.

I'll always have my headshots taken by Ryuji and I will always recommend him to anyone who asks.
– Linnea S.