Boston photographer for musician portraits and creative headshots

Musician Portraits

Portraits for your musician/DJ promo, press & cover artwork.

Publicity photography for musicians is an instant visual representation of your music and performance. A powerful image can push your brand image higher and capture more fans.

One challenge of music photo is the vast range of creative styles that can be used. You probably want to do some research. If you retain BEAUPIX, the photographer will be happy to help you with the practical advice, so that your creative ambition, budget, and feasibility are in check.


If you are an individual musician looking for a publicity headshot, and other creative type or media oriented headshot, the photography fee is usually 600–2000 range. The cost typically increases with the complexity of the work, so it is helpful if you send adequate information (style, sample images, inspiration board, etc.) when inquiring. Booking a shoot requires advance payment.

Sample Work Gallery

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We received so many reviews from former clients; please visit a separate testimonials page for full list. Here’s one randomly chosen testimonial:

Ryuji was awesome! Because his residency application was coming up, my fiance tasked me with this very important task of booking a headshot session. I did extensive research, reviewed almost the portfolio of every photographer in Boston before reaching out to Ryuji. I appreciated the detail, the lighting, and the life that comes so naturally out of his photos. What really encouraged me to pick up the phone to call him was that a fellow Yelper mentioned that while he/she is not one who acts naturally in front of the camera, Ryuji talked to him/her during the session to help him/her relax while staying engaged and focused on his/her needs. This is exactly what my fiance needs, as he is not one to smile naturally in front of the camera. Because I called on a Saturday, I did not really expect him to call me back until Monday, but Ryuji called me back the next day and we were able to ask him some questions about the session, what to bring, what we should prepare, etc. He answered our questions with patience and professionalism, and he was super accommodating with the time frame that we had asked for. We immediately felt that we had made the right decision to go to him and that it was going to be a great session.

On the day of the shoot, we were 10 mins late because of traffic. Ryuji did not act impatient or annoyed, and greeted us with a big smile. Lacking experience, we were not sure which tie to pick so we brought like 8. Ryuji listened carefully to our selections. He helped us pick one and explained that it matched the suit and had just enough interesting patterns to bring out the life of the person being photographed, while preserving the traditional elements. It turned out to be so right! Neither of us expected it to look so professional and good on the finished photo.

During the shoot, Ryuji adjusted the lighting and equipment several times and played with several settings and ambiance, while engaging in conversation with us throughout for my fiance to become more relaxed. Ryuji continued to talk to us throughout the shoot and shared many stories with us throughout -- he's such an interesting person!

After taking photos for about 30 mins, we sat down to pick photos. Ryuji listened carefully to our preferences and helped us narrow them down to 2. Then he gave us his expert opinions for which photo to use for what purpose. We finally settled on one and Ryuji did a retouching on it to make the photo look natural and professional.

The whole process was such a breeze, and we thoroughly enjoyed the session. We left feeling like the money was well spent and we would highly recommend anyone to book a session with Ryuji for a professional headshot! I know I will! :)

Thanks Ryuji!
– Sofia Z.

Add-on options

Magazine-quality retouching is very common for a publicity photo, as it can significantly improve your impression. It removes temporary skin blemishes, lightening under eye circles and wrinkles. The price starts at 60/image. We usually perform retouching while you watch, a very detailed work that you won’t get bored watching. Since BEAUPIX does a lot of demanding fashion and beauty photography with in-house retouching, we have the level of skills that very few headshot photographers have. If you are particularly conscious about your facial features, a heavier retouching, such as facial contour correction (e.g., slimming face or fixing double chin) is also available.

For female professionals, good natural look makeup is essential. If you are comfortable doing makeup yourself, it is usually sufficient, but otherwise, the studio can arrange an experienced makeup artist for your session at an additional cost, starting at 150.

It is possible to take your headshot in the studio, and swap the backdrop with another picture, for example, a scenic image. There are pros and cons of this approach, so if you think this is your route, please make sure to discuss this option with the photographer in advance.

Retouching to Perfection

Retouching to Perfection

Magazine-like retouching makes your headshot flawless, while maintaining natural skin and realistic finish.

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Professional Makeup in Studio

Professional Makeup in Studio

A professional makeup artist enhances your experience & the photographic outcome. The difference will show for years.

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Backdrop Composite

Backdrop Composite

Studio headshots get organic backdrops through image-composite techniques. It can eliminate weather and logistical issues.

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