Documentary photography makes the difference to capture the excitement of your events
Documentary photographer for corporate events in Boston

Event Photo (Documentary Style)

Photojournalistic approach to capture the decisive moments and excitement of your event.

Event Photography in Boston (corporate/trade event)
BostonECO 2012 Event at WorkBar in Boston, MA

Eco-minded professionals who are passionate about healthy, sustainable living got together at WorkBar Boston by South Station to enjoy a taste of summer, food and beverages from local producers.

This event had many exhibiting vendors and attendees in a relatively small event space on a lower level, a condition known to be challenging for documentary style photography, such as limited working distances and non-ideal lighting. The ceiling fluorescent light tubes mixed with window light produced an uneven lighting with harsh shadow, necessitating post-production work to reproduce crisp images in a pleasing color palette. It takes extra effort, but we prefer to capture the excitement of the participants without using flash at all to preserve the natural, candid nature of photojournalistic style, as seen in the sample images.

To learn more about what happened at the event, visit PescoVegetarian Times article and the event details, including the sponsorship info.