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Hero Shots

Editorial-style portraits rich in details telling your story in the environment. Usually on location. Requires extra planning.

When you are featured on a magazine article, or if you have a website featuring your professional solo-practice, the editorial portrait is most likely putting yourself as the centerpiece. Your portrait may have much to do with your professional life, but it is primarily about you, your world view, and your attitude toward your role. Hero shots are contrary to typical corporate photography because the latter reduces your story to a generic image of your role or position in the company hierarchy (headshots) or visual cliché of what might happen in a company. Imagine a young woman operating a pipette in a biomedical company, or a young man sitting at a trading desk, or a few lawyers sitting at a conference table in front of a big bookcase. Those are not a very good hero shot unless there’s a unique story about it.

Hero shots are photographed in a way that maximally relates to the editorial story. So, it is usually photographed on site, or location, in a place that relates to the story. If it’s about your career, you might photograph at where you started it, where you are, or perhaps where you want to be at the end. It is rather uncommon to shoot it in the studio or unrelated location unless you want a very clean-cut, simple image.

In this age, many high-level professionals perform the majority of their work on computers, mobile devices, meeting rooms, and most generic or uninteresting situations. How often did you see a photograph of MacBook next to a mug cup of coffee in a cute office desk? Boring! Hero shots should not look like a stock photo. No one said that, but that’s an obvious point. You need to organize your thoughts and provide an abridged version of your story so that we can think through this process together.

Typically, hero portraits are used as an editorial material or a design base on which text and other graphics may be laid. Therefore, these images are often composed with about one-half of the space unoccupied by the main subject. If the picture is meant to fill a magazine spread, the photo is usually taken horizontally, avoiding the face around the midline, and with an empty space in one side. If the picture is used in one full page or 1/4 page, it’s usually vertical.

If you are using the pictures on your website, it’s best to do the rough design first to identify the spaces and sizes you have for photos. Then think about what kind of pictures would work well for each of those spaces.

Service & Pricing

Don’t expect this shoot to be the same as standard corporate headshot work. This is for people who really know themselves and communicate about it.

Please inquire about pricing, etc. There are many variables.

Talk to the photographer and book your session now.

Editorial portraits can be arranged by an individual professional, an editor, or an agency. The price varies depending on the location, logistics, the scope of the work, any additional components like retouching work and professional makeup artist. The cost typically increases with the complexity of the work, so it is helpful if you send adequate information when inquiring. Booking a shoot requires advance payment.

If your work requires copyright buyout or work for hire contract, we are willing to consider that requirement, but the price will be adjusted accordingly. Please be upfront about it at the time of inquiry.

RETOUCHING: for all headshot packages, natural look retouching is charged per image, depending on the work needed. You can decide the retouching option after reviewing the pictures.

MAKEUP: professional makeup is available. The makeup artist will provide custom natural look makeup and light, finishing hair styling. If you need elaborate hair styling, we recommend you go to your regular hair stylist first; if the hair gets messed during your travel, the makeup artist can finish the hair. If the session takes longer, you have an option to pay for the extra time or release the makeup artist.

Talk to the photographer and book your session now.

Sample Work Gallery

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Add-on options

Magazine-quality retouching is very common for a publicity photo, as it can significantly improve your impression. It removes temporary skin blemishes, lightening under eye circles and wrinkles. The price starts at 60/image. We usually perform retouching while you watch, a very detailed work that you won’t get bored watching. Since BEAUPIX does a lot of demanding fashion and beauty photography with in-house retouching, we have the level of skills that very few headshot photographers have. If you are particularly conscious about your facial features, a heavier retouching, such as facial contour correction (e.g., slimming face or fixing double chin) is also available.

For female professionals, good natural look makeup is essential. If you are comfortable doing makeup yourself, it is usually sufficient, but otherwise, the studio can arrange an experienced makeup artist for your session at an additional cost, starting at 150.

It is possible to take your headshot in the studio, and swap the backdrop with another picture, for example, a scenic image. There are pros and cons of this approach, so if you think this is your route, please make sure to discuss this option with the photographer in advance.

Retouching to Perfection

Retouching to Perfection

Magazine-like retouching makes your headshot flawless, while maintaining natural skin and realistic finish.

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Professional Makeup in Studio

Professional Makeup in Studio

A professional makeup artist enhances your experience & the photographic outcome. The difference will show for years.

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We received so many reviews from former clients; please visit a separate testimonials page for full list. Here’re some:

I'm Jess, an actor looking to move into the big apple in a month, and I needed my headshots to be redone; I knew I needed really professional looking shots for New York or I wouldn't be taken seriously.

I'm so happy with Ryuji's work. I now have two professional looking headshots that meet my needs as an actor. Before the shoot I was worried about the dynamic between me and my photographer--if he/she would be relaxed and patient with me, or even make me laugh. Ryuji did all of these things. He let me put some music and made me laugh throughout the shoot which really put me at ease and let me get the great shots I needed. He even suggested doing a third and final round of shots to really capture what I wanted, after much consultation and learning from the shots already taken, which got me one of the shots I'll be using at auditions.

I feel so much more prepared in my move now than I had before!
– Jess E.
I am a corporate finance professional and I needed a head shot to be used for an upcoming speaking engagement, as well as for things such as my LinkedIn profile. Beaupix was recommended to me, and after checking out the reviews and exploring the website, I made an appointment.

Every aspect of the experience was smooth and easy. The photographer, Ryuji, sent me a very detailed list of information to know before arriving, and confirmed our appointment the day before. The shoot itself was easy, with Ryuji putting me at ease with casual conversation while he photographed. After viewing the photos together and deciding which one was the best, he then utilized his amazing editing skills to take a good photo and made it great.

I can highly recommend Beaupix, and our firm will definitely be using the studio for additional head shots for my colleagues. The professionalism, ease of the experience, and quality of the photos make this one a no brainer.
– Stefanie D.
Ryuji's passion and dedication to his craft shines through his photographs like no other I've seen. Ryuji is, from my experience, the best headshot photographer you can find in the area, with an eye quality that exceeds his price-range. He's also a great guy to boot! Fun to talk to and great at making you feel really relaxed.

From working with Ryuji, as well as looking at his past work, it's clear he has an amazing ability to really capture the personality of his subjects, showing each individual in their own unique way. Ryuji's process also involves going through each photograph he took with you and picking out the pictures that you like the best, guaranteeing that you will be happy with your end product. There's no waiting involved, no stress, just a quick process that you oversee yourself.

For any anyone looking for amazing quality headshots and a great experience I would highly recommend Ryuji.
– Adam Q.