Boston photographer by appointment only, often available for urgent, last-minute portrait sessions.
BEAUPIX Creative photographer Ryuji Suzuki for commercial work in Boston

Availability—Apr 2019

Boston photographer available for the studio and on-site work with short notice.

Current update for last-minute individual sessions — Last updated on 4/23/2019

Same or next day last minute appointments are available for plain vanilla headshot/portrait sessions on most days.

All sessions by appointment only. An advance payment is required to secure your appointment.

The first step is to fill out the inquiry form. If urgent, choose “today” or “tomorrow” option. You’ll receive a call from the photographer directly, after the ongoing session or at the end of the day. Without the form first, we can’t help you well.

Headshots and studio portraits (studio session):

Available within a day or two if you are flexible about the starting time; can accommodate most common scheduling requests within a week. After hours and weekends also available.

At least some of the images are finished up and delivered as you leave the session, so you can use them on right away.

Natural light portraits

Window light perfect for soft and youthful look is only available mid-day to early afternoon. This won’t work for people who need an evening session, and the booking may need a bit longer lead time.

Editorial photography

We’ll try our best to accommodate the subject’s schedule and deadline. Please contact the studio with your photo brief and timeline.

Corporate accounts

If you are booking as a corporate project (rather than an individual one), please choose the corprate option on the inquiry form. Headshots, executive portraits and group shots are booked per project, and usually on-site. Please include your available dates and turnaround requirement.

Personality portraits and other outdoor portraits in Boston Fort Point (Seaport) district:

Limited Availability in Winter

Outdoor portraits (personality portrait, spotlight portrait, etc.) are always done in the late afternoon, and we can work with only one shoot per day, at most. It is also weather-dependent, and we avoid windy, rainy and very cold days. The best time for this type of work is April through June, and then late August to October. (Guideline: “feel like” temperature between 9 °C and 27 °C, wind and wind gust below 20 km/h, precipitation chance less than 40%.) Forecast changes and is unreliable more than a day or two away; expect some frustration when coordinating with the weather, and we recommend you wait until spring unless your work schedule is so flexible that you can drop all else when good weather and availability happen together.