Studio Headshot with outdoor backgrounds in post production composite work

Composite Headshots

Studio headshots get organic backdrops through image composite techniques. No need to worry about weather and logistics.

If you want to stay in the studio but want to have a backdrop a bit more interesting than a solid color, consider a composite headshot. We can shoot your headshot in the studio and swap the background with another image.

Shooting headshots on location can be a significant challenge. Between November and May, the wind is strong (and often cold), making people look annoyed and blink too much. June through August gets unpredictable thunderstorms, high humidity and intense sunlight that makes people squint except for a brief window of time around sunset. If all you need is simple corporate style or publicity headshot, composite headshot might be a perfect solution.

Swapping backdrop in headshots requires three things: (1) an image suitable as the background, (2) shooting your headshot in the studio with the lighting matched to that in the background context, (3) replacing the background using software made for this purpose. These requirements are usually so significant that only advertising photography projects can afford this approach. However, BEAUPIX brings this technique for headshots audience in a highly efficient at a reasonable cost.

Background images

Examples shown in the gallery were made with images available in the studio. Some people want an image that relates to them, and they may bring their images or buy one from a stock agency.

The background image can also be your handwritten notes, artwork, or other items related to your creative field.


The background swap work is usually 100/image, which includes facial retouching, and this is recommended. These prices are in addition to the studio headshot prices (base package price), and they are for headshots (half length or chest and up) only.

We do not recommend background swap for online dating profile photography.

Sample Work Gallery

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