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Fashion Photography

From polished advertising photography to rough, real-life content marketing photography for the fashion industry.

Fashion photography to match the style

Fashion photography is more than a display of the clothing style. The future of fashion photography will be expanded by conceptual dynamism, intense emotion, compelling story.

Location work in editorial style fashion photography needs a mentally simplifying vision to transform a potentially busy scene into a visual poem. Our work tends to add somewhat surreal feel which concentrates the visual impact of the clothing and the styling. Studio work naturally emphasizes the details and nuances, but we are not afraid to use bold emotions that match the underlying tone of the styles depicted in the image. In particular, emotional expression is very striking for the eyewear photography and jewelry photography. Our fashion photography style has been naturally developed from the photographer’s background in fine art photography and headshot experience.

We don’t have a capacity to shoot model photography for their portfolios. If you are signed with an agency and need to shoot for your comp cards or portfolio photography for your book, please indicate details in your initial contact. We don’t give advice to individuals about modeling agencies.

Magazine editors and advertising people: please refer to portfolio website for fashion and other creative commercial photography.

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Fashion photography, street style in New York, Boston and Providence

Boston Fashion Photographer for high fashion and street fashion editorial / e-commerce

Street style fashion photography captures clothing on model in natural, relaxed and candid look to create a context. This type of work is widespread for magazine editorials but increasingly used by blogs and social media outlets of fashion designer brands as well as independent stylists. Some fashion catalogs also use street or candid style fashion photography.

Since street fashion photography is usually shot with a small team with a minimum set of equipment (to avoid disruption of general public and issues with the city), a good team of people with experience and agility is essential. Careful planning is also a key in successful production.

Content Marketing for Fashion: authentic, believable images.

Fashion photographer in Boston for style bloggers

The most effective marketing strategy is to publish many articles, providing useful information that keeps consumers interested. Fashion stylist and blogger Renata Certo-Ware, Kristen Uekermann and jeweler Sophie Hughes joined forces to create a project that would provide engaging content for a leading fashion blog and showcase local Boston fashion. BEAUPIX fashion photographer Ryuji Suzuki shot this assignment. He worked efficiently in this quick project in one afternoon on location at Towne Stove and Spirits by the Prudential Center in Boston. The results were a captivating fashion shoot which got picked up by leading fashion blog Racked where you can read the full story and see seven photographs.

Behind the scene stories and images:
behind the scenes piece on Scorpion Disco, Valentine’s Date Outfit: Part One on Boston Fashionista and Valentine’s Date Outfit: Part Two, again on Boston Fashionista