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Executive Portraits on Location

Leadership style and emotional intelligence are required ingredients of modern corporate executive portraits.

Case Study: Executive Personality Portraits on location

Cybereason is a fast-growing technology startup with offices in Boston, Tel Aviv and Tokyo, and only a few execs are available at any given city or day. They also wanted their portraits to have a narrative of the executive personality, job function, and the company vision, so that the company website helps them market their products and attract young talents to join the company. Through a consultation, we decided to photograph each exec through individual appointments at different locations. This approach is rather expensive and takes time, but produces much richer visual experience to the audience. This approach is also very flexible when new people are promoted or hired.

Majority of the execs also consulted Emmi Sorokin, a fashion stylist specializing in men’s business casual style, who helped them with the wardrobe choices, and photography styling on set.

During the shoot, we had a system to review the images with each individual, the art director, and Emmi (the fashion stylist) so that we knew when we had enough candidates of good images. Those images were marked to guide the editing process back in the studio for further editing and enhancement. Finished image files were forwarded to the client’s marketing department electronically.

You can see the results on Cybereason website.

Pros and cons of location personality portraits

+ Unique, authentic and individual style
+ Rich visual experience
+ May be photographed in any city
+ Variety of scenes in a consistent style
+ Progressive approach to create corporate image
+ Strong, lasting impression of the company and the leadership

– Cost on high side
– Takes time to complete the project
– Difficult to shoot during winter and summer

If you have good budget and reasonable project time line, this is a very good option to consider. However, if you have challenge in either of both of these aspects, discuss other option through consultation with the photographer.