Boston Photographer Ryuji Suzuki for headshots and portraits: contacting BEAUPIX studio

Contacting the Studio

Streamlined inquiry is the beginning of quality, personalized service.

Thank you for considering BEAUPIX for your photographic project!

I hope you find this website informative. We care about providing information about the types of photography in our area of expertise, so that you can understand the services you need, and what to expect, especially for the packaged services.

Please help the studio provide custom and personalized service by following the simple steps in one of the sections below.

We have to understand your situation and goals in sufficient details before a solution can be proposed. Fill out the inquiry form first, which will create a communication profile in our system to keep track of our conversation. We use both telephone and email before booking your session.

You’re welcome to send an email with personalized introduction or supplemental information, but please use the form and make a phone appointment first, which keep the studio organized, and focus our attention on the service you get.


If you need headshot service, please look under the Headshot section for general information, package details and pricing. Most common ones:

Dating profile portraits, personality portraits

Personality portrait products differ use the same inquiry/consultation process as the headshot products, although the actual work and results are different.

Please read the Personality Portraits page for general information, sample images, package details and pricing.

Corporate work

We prefer to communicate directly with the decision maker. Please use inquiry form and describe your project as much as possible. Our price is generally mid-range in the commercial photography market.

If you are from a creative department or agency, please email your project brief/spec.

Advertising, editorial and other creative commercial photography

Check out Ryuji Suzuki’s creative portfolio site. Please note that that website is for agencies and photo editors.

All other types of work

We rather prefer to have your initial email with detailed information, not just introduction; there’s no need to make your first email politely short, but be mindful about the size of attached files (better to include download links). Useful contents include: background information about you, your company and your project, any spec, style, quantity and quality of photography you expect, location, backdrops, etc. Feel free to attach some pictures or other documents as reference in the conversation. We’d rather be able to understand your project and answer your question.


You’re welcome to call the studio if you have any question. However, if you have questions related to the above categories, you’ll be asked to fill out the form online or send me the info anyway, so please do that first. If you don’t have complete info upfront, that’s ok, please provide the info the best you can and we will discuss from there.

When there is a shoot or meeting in the studio, we don’t take calls. Sorry!

The studio phone does not receive SMS/text messages.

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