Beaupix is a full-time photo studio, with up-to-date style and techniques.

Ryuji is very easy to talk to; if this is your first headshot he will explain everything. – Sam K.

I have never gotten headshots before, so I didnt know exactly what to expect, but Ryuji was kind, quick with a joke and more than able to put me at ease so that I could be fully present and comfortable for the shoot. – noah b.

Chat first

Let’s figure out what you need through a 10-minute phone call. We’ll figure out what’s right for you, and you buy exactly that. Don’t buy extra stuff unless you want to.

Ryuji was very professional and patient, he listened to exactly what I needed and in the end the results were perfect. He set up the studio to be tailored precisely to the shot I was looking for, and didn’t try to put me in any kind of “canned” pose or style. – Moira S.

Great experience

The whole experience was really special. Ryuji was professional and kind, but not uptight, and you definitely knew right away that he wasn’t after your money. If I ever need any other modeling or acting work done, I will definitely be going to Beaupix. It was a great experience. – Kristina C.

I came across Beaupix Studios and when meeting with Ryuji, he was very welcoming. He made my first photo shoot experience extremely fun and comfortable, has a great sense of humor and allowed for me to loosen up very easily. The photos taken came out to be amazing, and he guided me through out the whole process! – Migdalia J.

Amazing editing

After viewing the photos together and deciding which one was the best, he then utilized his amazing editing skills to take a good photo and made it great. […] The professionalism, ease of the experience, and quality of the photos make this one a no brainer. – Stefanie D.

After the shoot, we selected the best shots together in the studio, which made the process very easy and fast. Most other photographers don’t give this option and you are stuck with hundreds of proof images and frustration. Not with Ryuji. In fact, reviewing images on computer screen while taking small breaks was very helpful. – Linnea S.

“Magazine” look

Detailed manual retouching work gives perfect look to your headshot. Your wrinkles will be erased line by line, skin blemishes lightened dot by dot, for most natural and realistic results. Double chins and under eye bags are also taken care of.

[…] he touches up your photo while you wait. This editing procedure is typically tedious, but he swiftly gets rid of any stray hair, extra shine, and makes the balance of colors perfect. I couldn’t be happier with my headshot. […] He has the tools and desire to make you look your best. – Rebecca P

In-studio makeup & hair

I also must note that I hired ‘Rose’ (hair and makeup) through Ryuji’s recommendation. She was excellent as well! Fun to talk to, and well skilled at her craft. Everything she did accented perfectly what I asked, and ended up looking natural and flawless on film. – Marisa D.

I arrived at his studio yesterday, and also worked with Rose, one of his professional makeup artists. Her level of skill, personality, and kind attitude made the whole experience amazing. She made me look beautiful, and used just the right colors and amount of makeup I had in mind. – Rebecca P

Flexible schedule

You need to book your session after-hours or in a short notice? No problem! Please indicate your deadline in the inquiry form, email or voice mail when contacting us.

We were tight for time and he was very kind to fit us in at short notice. […] Ryuji was very professional, kind and efficient. We were able to view the pictures right away which was nice. – ann h.

I needed my session done last minute, and Ryuji completely accommodated our schedules, and made it happen. – Marisa D.

Unbeatable value.

Quality work at a reasonable price is possible through efficient, streamlined operation.

My concerns with his price points were immediately gone – Beaupix Studio is definitely not the cheapest service around, but there’s a reason that cheap services are cheap – they don’t give you these kinds of results. Beaupix Studio gives you amazing results, professional service, and peace of mind. […] Once again, Beaupix Studio exceeded my expectations and delivered amazing headshots. – SD J

Don’t take my word for it…

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