Social Law Member Advantage

BEAUPIX has teamed with the Social Law Library to provide professional photography service for your website. Social Law Library offers a website design and hosting solution for small to medium scale law firms. If you already have excellent photographs that represent your brand and match the website design, they can work with your photographs. In many cases, however, the photos you have may not be of sufficient professional quality, or they may not accurately convey your personality and professional image.

The best option is to have a professional headshot and other marketing photo taken by a professional photographer. With a headshot by BEAUPIX, you can convey the intangible qualities of your professional persona which make you stand from the crowd.

Member Advantage

BEAUPIX can provide the following services in collaboration with the Social Law web designer:

  • We will review your website design draft from the Social Law team to make sure that your photographs will match the site design and your brand.
  • We will handle all the technical requirements like image size, resolution, file format and color space. The finished photographs will be electronically forwarded to the web designer. You’ll also have your copy of the images.
  • If you hire BEAUPIX for photography consultation and website photography, a part or the whole of the consultation fee is applied as a credit toward the photography fee.
  • Your website photography can be shot at our studio in Boston, in your office, or at the Social Law Library.


BEAUPIX photographer Ryuji Suzuki is not your typical photographer.

  • He photographed many attorneys of various practice areas.
  • That is, he photographs many real people of all ages not just actors and models.
  • He has many personal lawyer friends and find lawyer jokes funny.
  • Both of his brothers graduated from law schools but they work in creative fields.
  • He only has a PhD.

For general information on why BEAUPIX is your best choice, please check out this page.

Pricing Examples


If photography is taken at multiple locations to capture images for a number of different marketing purposes, the price is typically $2000 and up. A consultation session ($250 value) is fully applied toward your photography fee.

Single location

Photographed at a single location of your choice (your office, Social Law Library, our studio or another Boston location), with a few variations in outfits and background photographed. The price is typically $800-1200. A consultation session ($250 value) is fully applied toward your photography fee.

Simple website

Photographed at our studio or adjacent streets. With a limited number of background options and up to two outfits. The price is in the $500–1000 range. An abbreviated telephone consultation session is included at no charge, or full consultation session can be held with 50% of the value applied as credit toward the photography fee.

Basic headshot only

When you only need a basic photograph, such as a studio headshot, we have an option starting at $200.

Studio sessions include image review and editing with the photographer. Photos shot on location will be edited through proof images, or followed by an editing session with the photographer. Professional hair and makeup and retouching are available for an additional charge.