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Headshot tailored for job seekers. After hours appointments available.

A job search needs a quality headshot to succeed, because the hiring side will check your LinkedIn presence, and the rest of the process is just like online dating under professional codes. You can bet that the hiring managers are somewhat judgmental under all the time pressure to find a perfect candidate, inherently relying on their quick judgment. What they do professionally in a formalized way is not dissimilar to what you know about how the mind works from an online dating site or a hookup app.

A jobsearch headshot must prove a few things to the prospective employers. First, it should demonstrate that you do what they expect you to do (and look). If you are trying to get a job at a traditional corporation or a tech startup, your picture should look you already do. Second, it needs to show that you care to get an A, not just complacent with a B. Corporate people always say they want the best people, and they want to talk to an A candidate first. The picture should stand out with a lasting impression. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the buzz word among the HR people, and they love over analyzing headshots. The facial expression needs to represent confidence, calm and approachable.

However, depending on whether you are an operations guy, a finance person, or a marketing director, different kind of expression might work best. That is also a part of capturing a headshot at BEAUPIX Studio.

If you are on a secret job search, and cannot communicate during regular business hours, please tell us so, and we’ll accommodate your situations.

After hours and limited weekend appointments available.

Service & Pricing

Shooting a job search headshot at BEAUPIX is easy and painless. We designed unique and interactive workshop style photo sessions, which keeps you engaged and informed with the right amount of visual feedback. We routinely work with people who emphatically tell us, as their way of greeting, they hate having their pictures taken. With many years of experience working with such clients, this workflow was devised and shooting a studio headshot is now easier than shopping for a pair of shoes.

Job search package is for people who need one picture for their LinkedIn bio and CV, photographing one outfit look with a gray or white background in studio. We’ll take a couple of dozen photographs, with a quick image review to give you visual feedback and make sure we are on the right track. We’ll choose one the best image from the session, and enhance it with color correction, exposure/contrast adjustments. You’ll get the selected image in a high-resolution JPEG, as well as a second copy in low resolution for online uses, all without watermark. This session is quick, less than one hour. The session fee is $200, of which $100 is paid at the time of booking your session, and the balance at the time of the shooting. (If the headshot helps you get the job you want one day sooner, you already made a good return on the investment.)

If you are shooting your headshots for multiple purposes, please look at other pages, as well.

Talk to the photographer and book your session now.

Boston photographer for job seekers, LinkedIn bio headshots


More sample images

There are hundreds of sample images on this website. For those in a traditional, conservative corporate world and those in skilled professional fields like technology and design.


By far the best photo session I have had and strongly recommend him to anyone looking to obtain professional and/or casual portraits. Ryuji is very professional and efficient and at the same time very skilled at making you feel very relaxed to bring out the most natural expression. He takes the time to ensure that you are happy with the photos and through conversations you will readily appreciate the profound passion and knowledge Ryuji has in the art and science of photography.– Keita O.

Ryuji is a highly courteous and competent photographer. I needed a small professional headshot for my social media profiles. Despite the scale of the request, the results exceeded my expectations.– Benjamin B

Ryuji did an excellent job taking some headshot pictures that I needed for my Linkedin profile and Bio. He was really engaging during the duration of the session and I really liked the fact that we were able to go through all the pictures on the spot selecting the best shots. I would certainly recommend his service.– Fernando C.

Boston photographer for job seekers, LinkedIn bio headshots

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