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Headshot Giveaway at Events

A mini studio at your event to provide headshots as a benefit to your participants.

A headshot booth at a conference has become increasingly common. The organizer or a sponsor pays for the operation, and their guests can have their headshots taken at no cost to them.

Headshots at events are different from executive headshots shot on-site in many ways:

  • There is no hard limit on the number of people photographed, but definitive start and end times.
  • Event organizer pays a fixed price for a project regardless of the actual count of people utilizing the service.
  • Abbreviated processes while photographing and editing work.
  • Overall quality may vary over the course of the day, depending on how long the queue is.
  • The style, lighting, posing and facial expressions vary widely, and there is little effort made to produce a consistent set of images.
  • Requires careful logistics to distribute finished image files to the guests.

This arrangement works very well for the event organizer, and as a membership benefit. The most common downside is that a significantly larger percentage of people who get free pictures are unhappy with the results and end up not using them. This is well known in the photographic industry, but most vendors avoid talking about it. When shooting executive headshots with more comfortable time allocation and fuller effort, there are several techniques we can use to maximize the satisfaction level with the resulting photographs, but in the event setting, where the speed is the priority, options are limited, so the result is less consistent. Another reason is that many organizers make their decisions based on the cost, which leads to hiring inexperienced photographers. Very often, photography vendor “company” brand hides the experience level and quality of the photographer. That does not happen with BEAUPIX, and we are experienced in getting the best outcome from many scenarios.

If you are photographing employees of your company, this option is not recommended, unless your usage is strictly for internal purposes (such as the internal directory in Outlook). For example, when you make a website or print material that introduces your leadership team or sales groups, you will want them to look like a cohesive team. Such a goal requires a consistent stylistic vision on all images and therefore a session with better time allocation and closer attention.

The images are typically distributed through an online gallery. At the shoot, each participant receives the access information. They look through the images to find and download theirs at a later date. However, if you are using headshot service as a way to increase contacts with your prospective clients, another typical approach is to furnish image files in one batch to you, and you will individually deliver the images. We will photograph each person’s event badge to cross-reference with the event registry or have an assistant take their information. (The event registry is a better approach, as a few percents of people provide incorrect email addresses.)

Please contact the studio with your event dates/time and other details, for more information.