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Boston Photographer for Actor Actress Audition Headshots

How to Print 8x10s

Actor audition headshots are printed in 8x10. Here are some Boston local and Internet-based printing options.

Actor Audition headshots

Audition headshots are printed on 8×10 paper, with your name placed on the bottom center or bottom right. Your short one-page resume should be pasted on the back of the print. Please be careful that regular office paper size is 8.5 by 11 inches, so you will have to adjust the page margin appropriately in your word processor, and then trim the paper neatly.

When printing 8×10 prints for auditions, we recommend a medium to heavy weight paper stock (165 gsm or heavier) and semi-matte or matte surface. Glossy surface looks good when framed, but they will show fingerprints and scratches more easily. Our headshot sample and portfolio prints are printed on 235 or 270 gsm paper stock of matte or luster surface. If you are printing headshots by yourself, Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte (165gsm or 44lb) produces good results. It is readily available, inexpensive and it comes in 8×10 size.

There are some debates about white borders. Many people are strongly inclined to have white borders and have the name printed on the border. Some others prefer borderless prints for a more modern look.

Ordering 8×10 prints

After shooting your headshot at Beaupix, you will get print-resolution JPEG files. You can use these files to print 8×10 yourself if you have a photo quality printer, or you can order prints from one of many photofinishers. Please note that Beaupix Studio currently does not sell prints.

If you are starting small, and printing a few pieces of prints at a time, printing yourself makes sense. However, if you are printing many copies at a time, this option rarely makes sense, because premium paper and ink will cost more than ordering prints from some labs, although you do have the control to finish your prints in the quality you want.

Small quantities

If you are printing less than 10 copies at a time, it makes sense to order prints from shutterfly.com, Adoramapix or other similar online photofinishers.

If you prefer to work with professional photo labs, Colortek by South Station (Boston, MA) is a good option.

50 or 100 copies of 8x10

If you go to many auditions, it makes more sense to print 100 copies of 8x10 to take advantage of the best price.

Colortek is a full-service professional photofinishing lab, located right in front of the bus terminal building of South Station (Boston, MA) and they offer 100 copies of 8x10 prints for $150. The best way to order prints from them is to upload your print quality JPEG file on their website and call them to arrange payment. They can ship prints, or you can pick up in person.

Reproductions in New York

Reproductions offers competitive pricing on 8x10 prints.

There are also other printers that provide bulk pricing of 8x10 prints. Many of them are located in Florida or California, however. When comparing the services, please be careful whether you are ordering photographic paper or lesser quality printing. The latter can be cheaper, but the quality is only about the same as consumer magazine printing.

8x10 resume paper

Actor Paper sells regular office paper pre-cut to 8x10. As of this writing, their price is $8.69 for 100 sheets, plus shipping.

If you shoot your actor headshots at BEAUPIX, you are welcome to bring 100 sheets of 8.5x11 office paper, and we'll trim it to 8x10 for you.